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TEACHING AND RESEARCH ON EGOVERNMENT Ali YAZICI Atilim University, Software Engineering Department Incek, 06836 Ankara, Turkey

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1 TEACHING AND RESEARCH ON EGOVERNMENT Ali YAZICI Atilim University, Software Engineering Department Incek, 06836 Ankara, Turkey E-mail:

2 ICEGEG 2010 - Antalya2 Agenda Introduction Need for Formal Training and Education E-Gov Research International Training Practices Local Training Practices Training/Education for all Issues on Curriculum Development Conclusions References

3 ICEGEG 2010 - Antalya3 Introduction eTransformation eGov= f(,,, ) Service Models of eGov G2G, G2C, G2B

4 ICEGEG 2010 - Antalya4 Need for Formal Training and Education High demand for trained staff to implement eGov projects Research on eGov In 1999-2004, 57 research articles in 26 journals Several boooks Periodicals on eGov GIQ (2008 Impact Factor: 1,91) EJEG IJEGR

5 ICEGEG 2010 - Antalya5 International Academic Conferences Name of the MeetingDatePlaceOrganizer(s) 1 International Conference on eGovernment 8-11 Dec 2009Antalya, Turkey UNDP and TODAIE eGovernment Center (eDEM) 2 43 rd Hawaii International Conferences on System Sciences (HICSS), Track on eGovernment 5-8 Jan 2010Koloa, Hawaii University of Hawai'i at Manoa 3 International Conference on eGovernment and eGovernance (ICEGEG 2010) 11-12 Mar 2010Antalya, Turkey TURKSAT International Satellite and Cable Operator, and Social Sciences Research Society (SosRes) 4 e-Government Forum25 May 2010AustraliaCEBIT 5 10th European Conference on eGovernment 17-18 Jun 2010Limerick, Ireland National Centre for Taxation Studies, and University of Limerick

6 ICEGEG 2010 - Antalya6 International Academic Conferences Name of the MeetingDatePlaceOrganizer(s) 6 EEE'10 - The 2010 International Conference on e-Learning, e- Business, Enterprise Information Systems, and e-Government Jul 12-15, 2010Las Vegas, USAIKE & WorldComp 7 ICDGS 2010 : "International Conference on e-Democracy, e- Government and e-Society" 14-16 Jul 2010 London, United Kingdom World Academy of Science 8 5 th. International Conference on e- Government 30 Sep – 1 Oct 2010 Cape Town, South Africa Cape Peninsula University of Technology 9 Ninth International EGOV Conference 2010 29 Aug – 2 Sep 2010 Lausanne, Switzerland The International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP) WG 8.5 10 MIS Asia & Computerworld eGovernment Seminar 2010 5 Feb 2010 10 Feb 2010 Malaysia Singapore MIS Asia

7 ICEGEG 2010 - Antalya7 International Training Practices Public Administration Departments Some IT and MIS Departments First model of formal training is the CIO University consortium organized by the U.S. Federal Services Administration in 2002 [1] and offers MS programs in the fields of Information Management, Technology Management and related fields. Another model is the Washington State Digital Government Applications Academy formed in 1999. The academy is involved in applications development and training related to eGovernment ( Access eGovernment formed by the University of Minnesota in 2002. It is currently aimed at helping governments to make smart choices about planning and implementing eGovernment.

8 ICEGEG 2010 - Antalya8 International Training Practices InstitutionProgram NameDegree Offered 1Walden University, USA Online Master of Public Administration (M.P.A.) MS in eGovernment 2 Walden University, USA Ph.D. in Public Policy & Administration Ph.D in eGovernment 3 University of Illinois at Chicago, USA eGov Online Certificate Program Certificate 4 Univ. Of Antwerp, Belgium, Management School, Major in eGov Major Degree in eGovernment 5 Örebro University SwedenElectronic GovernmentInternational MS Degree 6 University of Trento, ItalyMaster of ScienceMS Degree 7 Dubai School of Government (a research and teaching institution in Dubai) Dubai School of Government (a research and teaching institution in Dubai) with collaboration with Harvard University Executive Program on eGovExecutive Program 8 KOICA (Korea International Cooperation Agency), Korea Master's Degree Program in Global E-policy & E- Government Academic Institution MS Degree

9 ICEGEG 2010 - Antalya9 Local Training Practices Turkish Informatics Society (TBD) eGovernment Centers EDMER (METU) eDEV (TODAİ) Certificate Programs TOBB ETÜ Courses on eGovernment Atılım University (2002, 2009, 2010)

10 ICEGEG 2010 - Antalya10 Training/Education for all In addition to introducing basic computer literacy, concepts and applications of EGovernment should be introduced at the very early stages of education. A study conducted in Finland analyzes the status and challenges of eGovernment childhood education [5]. The analysis indicated that, there is significant development work in progress in the field of early childhood education. EGovernment Concepts EServices for the Children Online application forms Online Passport Inquiry Applying for Driving License Obtaining legal documents for various transactions Online banking Issues on IT security Ethical issues Mobile Applications

11 ICEGEG 2010 - Antalya11 Issues on Curriculum Development Public Administration and Policy IT Management Organizational Information Systems Distributed systems and service interoperability Information Privacy and Security EGovernment Concepts Data Management for e-Government Process Management for e-Government Lifecycle management of e-Government applications Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Business Process Management (BPM) EGovernance Legal Issues and Laws

12 ICEGEG 2010 - Antalya12 Issues on Curriculum Development A model curriculum proposed CEO-Module 1: E-Government Concepts CEO-Module 2: Technology Components CEO-Module 3: Project Management Skills CEO-Module 4: Business Care Metrics CEO-Module 5: Organizational Transformation CEO-Module 6: Digital Civic Engagement This approach claims to support holistic training and can be easily adopted by many institutions. A drawback of the model is the fact that, it requires certain level of learner maturity and seems to be suitable for only CEO’s and CIO’s.

13 ICEGEG 2010 - Antalya13 A proposal To alleviate the problem above, a more generic model is proposed especially geared towards IT professionals (ITP). The implementation of such a curriculum can be at the certificate level or can be in the form of a degree program (MS or Ph.D level). ITP-Module 1: EGovernment Concepts ITP-Module 2: EGovernment Performance Measures ITP-Module 3: Technology behind eGovernment (SOA and BPM) ITP-Module 4: EGovernment Project Management ITP-Module 5: ETransformation/EGovernance ITP-Module 6: Information Privacy and Security ITP-Module 7: Legal Issues and Law ITP-Module 8: Project or Thesis (for degree programs)

14 ICEGEG 2010 - Antalya14 References A. Pavlichev, G.D. Garson, “Digital Government: Principles and Best Practices”, Idea Group Publishing, 2004. A. Arifoğlu, eDönüşüm: “Yol Haritası ve Türkiye”, SAS Bilişim Yayınları, 2004. Ed.: Ali Yazıcı et. al., “eDevlet Yolunda Türkiye”, TBD KamuBib, SAS Bilişim, 2002. D.F. Norris, B.A. Lloyd, “The Scholarly Literature on e- Government: Characterizing a Nascent Field”, International Journal of Electronic Government Research, Vol.2, Issue:4 A. Vahtera, “e-Government in the Finnish Early Childhood Education: An analysis of current status and Challenges”, IFIP International Federation for Information Processing Book Series, Vol.286, Springer Boston, 2008 İ.Akman, A. Yazıcı, A.Mishra, & A.Arifoğlu, “E-Government: A Global View and an Empirical Study of Some Attributes of Citizens’”, Government Information Quarterly, Elsevier Inc, Vol. 22, Issue 2, pp.239-257, 2005.

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