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Caprock High School “Miracle on 34 th Street” Amarillo Independent School District Amarillo, Texas.

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1 Caprock High School “Miracle on 34 th Street” Amarillo Independent School District Amarillo, Texas

2 Caprock High School Amarillo, Texas Prepared by International Center for Leadership in Education A Model of Personalization 9th Grade Initiative Use of Data to Drive Instruction Academic Interventions Principal Leadership Focused Professional Development ELL and Special Education Integration By the Numbers 1,814 students 64% Hispanic 32% White 4.4% African American 58% Ec. Disadvantaged 77% At Risk 14% special education 8% English language learners 23% mobility rate 93% daily attendance rate 90% on-time graduation rate

3 Caprock High School … will serve as the center of learning where the students will be provided the opportunity and encouragement to reach their maximum potential. … will not allow background to be an excuse for failure, but a reason for intervention.

4 Uncompromising high expectations – recommended diploma graduates up by 12% from 56% to 68% Rigorous/relevant curriculum driven by intensive use of assessment data Dedicated to students being successful after high school – students average 22 to 24 college hours credit in dual credit; career and technical articulation with local college. ACE scholarship program Integration of all students with disabilities into all programs – LEP and special education students in regular classes Mission focused ACE: 80 average and 95% attendance and appropriate behavior 1200 of 1550 current 9-11 grade students have pledged 182 of 307 2006 graduates graduated ACE eligible K-8 transition College connection - Early College Entry Program Ninth grade success program Caprock High School

5 ACE Inspired $2,711,803 of Scholarship 3/4 th of senior class Dual Credit Leadership Training

6 Personalization Unity of FocusRigor/Relevance Relationship

7 Culture Students learn because of teachers Universal belief that students can and will learn Strong mutual respect Culture of continuous improvement among staff – Teacher Academy Culture of celebrations Early & ongoing academic interventions Parent Involvement POSSE Parent Conferences Teacher Top of the Rock Top 2% banquet Faculty talent show Longhorn Legends Helping Hands Student Academic recognition Recognition for passing all subjects TAKS play days Passing of the spirit stick On campus Senior day Parent Nights

8 Academic Pep Rally We are the Longhorns! Legends Top of the Rock TAKS Fish Fair Parent Night Freshman Lunch Commons

9 Unity of Focus Excellence

10 Unity of Focus Core Academic Learning Achievement driven by required six week formative assessments in core subjects TAKS commended Percentage of students who achieved Commended status between 2004 and 2005 English Language Arts from 4% to 8% Math from 5% to 6% Science from 1% to 3% Social studies from 12% to 18% CTE and elective teachers develop “D” level lessons 9 th goal is to academically graduate to 10 th 2% retained in 2005 90% graduation rate TAKS special education passing rate increased English Language Arts from 20% to 76% Math from 22% to 58% Science from 50% to 63% Social studies from 79% to 81% Senior TAKS passing strategies Student Academic Support System Credit recovery Math and Science TAKS interventions Mandatory Tutorials Extended day, extended year Community mentors Individual graduation plans Freshman flex days Success contracts

11 Academic Pep Rally We are the Longhorns! Legends Top of the Rock TAKS Fish Fair Parent Night Freshman Lunch Commons


13 Rigor/Relevance

14 Academic Interventions Mandatory tutorials Eligibility tutor Extended day/year Saturday school Trailer courses CSI Caprock Community Mentors If the student is not successful – We identify, modify, re-mediate, and evaluate Personal Graduation Plan Adult Tutors One-on-One Credit Recovery TAKS remediation


16 Spoken Word Meals on Wheels Student Panels for Model Schools Visits Project Design The Great Fair (Jaime Varela) High School Student by Day- Symphony Musician by Night By: Heather Sechrist CHS Bloggers Visual Arts ASL Longhorn Amigos

17 School wide understanding of need for ninth grade program School wide agreement that a better student comes to them because of the ninth grade program. Teacher Developed program On–going campus overview of program On-going review of data for building leadership team and campus We respond early when students are not learning Focus on ALL students learning at high levels Climate of mutual respect Work to change instruction, not the structure Focus on one student at a time Model of high expectations and personalization of education CAPROCK’S COMMITMENT TO NINTH GRADE SUCCESS

18 Designated ninth grade Counselor and Assistant Principal Academic support specialist Teacher teams - four core subjects, 80 -100 students Ratio of ready to needy in math and science Housed in parts of buildings to isolate as much as possible Separate lunch – closed campus for freshman only Class size - 20 -22 to a class Pro active approach to discipline and academics Weekly team meetings : Principal, counselor, and academic specialist attend weekly to ensure consistency Focus on student issues Weekly specific agenda Address programmatic problems in a systematic way. –On going review and re focus CSI Caprock NINTH GRADE PROGRAM COMPONENTS

19 Decrease the rate of retention in the ninth grade Reduce the gap in retention of subgroups Reduce ninth grade dropouts Increase attendance rates in the ninth grade Support successful performance on the state assessments. Focus on data Establish comprehensive support mechanisms for all students Provide successful transitions for students from middle school to high school To help ninth graders successfully graduate to the tenth grade To teach students to be successful and be self advocates Improve academic skills and understanding. NINTH GRADE GOALS AND OBJECTIVES

20 Fifth grade tours ACE scholarship program –168 seniors in first graduation class –75% of senior class graduated on recommended diploma ACE – K-12 focus Eight grade tours High school counselors on middle school campus to actually enroll students High school/middle school teacher swap Eighth grade parent night Passing of the spirit stick P.O.S.S.E parent organization Summer academy to work on reading skills for ELL students Summer academy to address eighth grade skills not passed on state mandated test. August Fish camp August Parent Fish camp Summer athletic camps offered free to third grade up. Summer academic camps offered free to third grade up CSI Caprock PRE-NINTH GRADE INTERVENTIONS

21 Early identification of students needing individualized plans Caring adults Very focused counselor on Academics Periodic six weeks assessments Early identification of specific weakness in instruction or classroom management Freshman science academy first six weeks On-Going parent conference and communication Academic interventions begin second weeks of school Weekly monitoring by core teams of ALL students including ELL and special education Required agendas for all students Teacher interventions expected to be the first level of academic interventions Student celebrations –Flex days –Student of the week –Parent calls for positive accomplishments CSI Caprock EARLY SCHOOL YEAR INTERVENTIONS

22 Mandatory tutorials –Lunch –During announcements –Before and after school Six week credit recovery in math and science CSI Caprock Parent conference days each semester Lunch Grounding Pre-Semester exam study halls Continuous training on alternative strategies –SIOP- Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol –Differentiate Instruction CSI Caprock MID – LEVEL INTERVENTIONS

23 Mandatory tutorials Academic Contracts In- Team suspensions Credit Recovery – Nova Net Adopt – a – Fish mentor program Second semester repeater classes Second Semester focus shifts to the At- Risk student Starfish mentor program Shark crew Extended year two week program CSI Caprock HIGHER LEVEL INTERVENTIONS

24 Looping of Assistant Principal and Counselor Modified teams Team meetings every two weeks Academic interventions continued Agenda development continued Ready to needy ratio in math and science Celebrations CSI Caprock TRANSITIONS TO TENTH GRADE

25 Amarillo College Science LabWest Texas A&M University Career Center DECA Trip Caprock Mentor Willard R. Daggett National Achievement Award Casey Foster ACE Signing

26 Long term success data – Data driven Ninth grade passing rate has gone from 53% in 1999 to 93% in 2006 Graduation rates have gone from 70% in 1999 to 90% in 2006 For 2006-2007 - 45% increase in students taking PAP and AP courses All freshman take the Recommended Diploma Strong support system for students and teachers Goal is to graduate to the tenth grade - This years Freshman class was 582. 570 graduated to the tenth grade. CSI Caprock SUMMARY

27 CSI Caprock Extended Day Child Care Mentors TAKS Practice NovaNet/Plato Labs

28 Leadership in today’s high schools is not a journey to retirement with the intention of arriving safely, without risk, with all that is now familiar about the American high school in tact, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming – wow – we’ve reinvented 9 th grade – what a ride! Becky Harrison Presented by:

29 Committed to Learning 9 th grade program Class newsletters Student produced work published in books Career and Technology Extracurricular and co- curricular activities Spoken Word Interscholastic academic competitions CSI Caprock Mentors Longhorn Amigos Adopt-a-Fish PALS AmeriCorps Tutorials American Sign Language Safe, civil, orderly campus Leadership training and involvement Community service activities

30 Senior Transitions ACE college support Senior portfolio College tours College credit hours College placement test on campus Princeton Review classes

31 Academic Opportunities Career and technology AP – 45% increase Dual Credit – enrollment has tripled ELL and Inclusion Deaf education American Sign Language Plato lab NovaNet lab CEI lab Eligibility checks Amarillo College Connect EnglishCTEScience

32 Relationships Support Systems Teacher New Teacher buddies 1st time club Technology support Curriculum support Weekly subject level meetings Curriculum focus departmental meetings Freshman parent conferences by teams Teacher Academy Monthly D lessons SIOP [Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol]


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