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Franz Peter Schubert January 31, 1797 – November 19, 1828.

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1 Franz Peter Schubert January 31, 1797 – November 19, 1828

2 In his lifetime, he composed: 600 songs 9 symphonies (±) 15 string quartets several works for violin/piano duo, and some others 2 (complete) piano trios 2 great quintets 1 great octet many works for piano four-hands (including the Grand Duo) perhaps 21 piano sonatas (±) 6 masses and much other liturgical music 1 oratorio 5 (or so) operas, and much incidental music for the stage - who knows what else... (the ‘Deutsch’ catalogue lists 998 items)

3 Childhood: -grew up in a musical family in Vienna - a family string quartet provided occasion for his first several quartets [he played the viola - as did Mozart before him] -- father a schoolmaster and amateur musicians -- he taught Franz violin; his brother Ignaz, piano -- scholarship to state music academy (age 13) - Late teens: -- went to work in his father’s school, as a teacher for 2 years (he hated it and was not very good as a teacher) 1815 - composed 20,000 bars of music -- 140 songs, a symphony, -he was a hard worker, arising early and composing til past midday -developed several lifelong friendships with men who helped him by providing lodging, compostion paper, and later with publication and preservation of his works.

4 Maturity (1820-1828) -a life of composing and partying 1822 - “Unfinished” symphony 1824 - Arpeggione sonata... 1825-6: “Death and the Maiden” quartet Great C Major Symphony (rev. 1828) Last quartet (no. 15) 1827 - Winterreise; Fantasy in C for violin/piano; Impromptus (piano); both piano trios; 1828: last three piano sonatas; Schwanengesang; String Quintet in C Anthony Tommasini: “Schubert’s first few symphonies may be works in progress. But the “Unfinished” and especially the Ninth Symphony are astonishing. The Ninth paves the way for Bruckner and prefigures Mahler.”

5 Death (Nov. 1828) -Apparently of mercury poisoning -mercury was used as a “cure” for syphilis -(a physician said it was typhoid...) -In Sum: - Schubert lived in “poverty” - his income was from publishers. - It wasn’t so tiny, but he was generous to a fault - He never taught once he quit schoolteaching -- He wrote what he pleased -- He did what he pleased! -And mostly, he was pleased to composer music... -To our unending benefit!

6 Course Schedule: I-III: Schubert - early, middle, late April 13: early quartets, symphonies, IV: Berwald V-VI: Bruckner Musical Selections for April 13: Early symphonies Early quartets Trio movement (1812) a few characteristic songs

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