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Welcome to Eighth Grade Parent Night January 29, 2014.

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1 Welcome to Eighth Grade Parent Night January 29, 2014

2 Welcome to Westwood High School zMs. Kathryn Ricard, Dean of Students yWelcome

3 Ninth Grade Programs & Services zNinth Grade Handbook yMailed in the summer zFirst Day of School yStudy Skills zPTO Ninth Grade Parent Night yPanel of high school teachers & administrators zNinth Grade Seminars yTaught by Guidance Counselors

4 9 th Grade Course Selection zMs. Lynne Medsker, Director of Guidance zCourse Selection xHigh School Guidance Counselors will meet with middle school students on February 7 th to distribute course selection sheets (green) Due back on February 12 th Students choose electives only xNinth Grade Course Options Focus for tonight is ninth grade

5 9 th Grade Courses zEnglish zSocial Studies zMath zScience zForeign Language zWellness I zElective yLearning Center for some students

6 High School Schedule zEight-Day Rotating Schedule Total of 8 Blocks 7 Blocks meet each day 1 Block drops out

7 WESTWOOD HIGH SCHOOL BELL SCHEDULE 12345678 7:25- 7:30 HR 734- 8:21 AHGFEDCB 8:25- 9:12 BAHGFEDC 9:16- 10:03 CBAHGFED 10:07- 10:54 DCBAHGFE 10:54- 12:19 (Lunch) EDCBAHGF 12:23- 1:10 FEDCBAHG 1:14- 2:02 GFEDCBAH DropHGFEDCBA

8 Sample of 9 th Grade Courses 1.Freshman Comp. & Lit. 2.World Civilizations 3.Biology 4.Biology Lab/R & R 5.Algebra I 6.Spanish II 7.Chorus 8.Wellness

9 12345678 7:25- 7:30 HR 7:34- 8:21 A Algebra I H English G Spanish II F R & R E Biology D Chorus C Wellness I B World Civ. 8:25- 9:12 B World Civ. A Algebra I H English G Spanish II F Biology Lab E Biology D Chorus C Wellness I 9:16- 10:03 C Wellness I B World Civ. A Algebra I H English G Spanish II F R & R E Biology D Chorus 10:07- 10:54 D Chorus C Wellness I B World Civ. A Algebra I H English G Spanish II F Biology Lab E Biology 10:54- 12:19 (Lunch) E Biology D Chorus C Wellness I B World Civ. A Algebra I H English G Spanish II F R & R 12:23- 1:10 F R & R E Biology D Chorus C Wellness I B World Civ. A Algebra I H English G Spanish II 1:14- 2:02 G Spanish II F Biology Lab E Biology D Chorus C Wellness I B World Civ A Algebra I H English DropHGFEDCBA

10 Recommendation Process zH.S. Department Chairs collaborate with middle school teachers in course selection process for incoming ninth grade students y8 th grade performance yplacement test results zDetermine appropriate levels zHonors (level 1) or College Prep (level 2 or 3)

11 Recommendation Process zAdditional Criteria: yOrganizational and study skills yAbility to work independently yHomework completion yReading comprehension yWriting ability yMotivation

12 Recommendation Process zSpecific Criteria for Math and Science: yNumber sense and Algebra skills yAbility to process new information yProblem-solving skills yAbility to draw conclusions and make deductions yAbstract thinking capability

13 Math Recommendation zMost ninth grade students are recommended for Algebra I (70%) zNinth grade students recommended for Geometry have demonstrated a solid foundation in Algebra, one that will prepare them for success in all future math courses

14 Science Recommendation zMost ninth grade students are recommended for Physical Science (65%) zNinth grade students recommended for Biology have demonstrated the skills necessary for success in upper level science courses (unit conversions, basic chemistry & physics concepts, and the ability to independently manage many aspects of learning)

15 French II and Spanish II zMost middle school students have completed a two-year sequence of foreign language in 7 th & 8 th grade (equivalent of one year of high school foreign language) zTheir ninth grade foreign language will be: ySpanish II yFrench II

16 First Year of Foreign Language zFor students who want to change languages, or for those who did not successfully complete 7 th & 8 th grade French or Spanish, their options are: ySpanish I yMandarin I

17 Mandarin zOffered Mandarin I in 2013-2014 school year zWill offer Mandarin I and II in 2014-2015 school year zHope is to have Mandarin grow into a four-year program zMandarin will satisfy foreign language graduation requirement

18 Foreign Language Elective Options zMandarin can be taken as an elective course in addition to French or Spanish zLatin is an elective option, can be taken in addition to French, Spanish or Mandarin zBoth would be a sixth academic class

19 Please Remember... zCollaborative recommendation process zCall H.S. Dept. Head w/ placement questions zCourse confirmation letters mailed March 31 st yMust contact department heads by April 11 th with concerns regarding academic placements xOverrides should be made with caution yLists your child’s top three elective choices xNot guaranteed to get those electives

20 Elective Courses zFine & Performing Arts yArt xStudio Art I, Ceramics I, 3-D Design yTheater xDrama I: Intro to Theater yMusic xChorus, Concert Band, Orchestra, Music Theory

21 Special Education Department zLearning Center yLearning Center is a class taken in addition to all other courses yLearning Center teachers serve as liaisons, consult with regular education teachers zEvaluations

22 Athletic Department zAll available sports are listed on website zRegistration & fees required for each sport yOnline process zStudents must have an up to date physical for the entire season to participate yWill be ineligible if it expires during the season zFall sports begin third week of August

23 Co-curricular Activities zAll co-curricular activities are listed on h.s. website yAcademic Clubs xMathematics Team, Science Team, Academic Decathlon, Robotics Club yShared Interest Clubs xChess Club, Debate Club, Photography Club yStudent Government xLegislative Council, Student Council yService/Activist Organizations xKey Club, Amnesty International yHonor Societies xNational Honor Society yPerforming Arts xDrama Club, Jazz Band, Passing Notes

24 1:1 Computing zGoogle Chromebooks are provided to all high school students free of charge yRecommend purchasing insurance for $30 zStudents can use them in school, at home zLaptops will be distributed end of August

25 1:1 Computing - Benefits zCollege and Career Readiness yShift from teacher-centered to student-centered yProductivity and organization ySpontaneity yAuthentic learning experiences yPersonalized learning yStandardized assessments going online

26 What ’ s Next zSpring & Summer y8 th grade students visit high school in June ySummer Mailings xNinth Grade Handbook xCourse Schedule National Honor Society students will offer high school tours after schedules are mailed home yFirst Day of School xNinth grade students begin before upperclassmen

27 Additional Information yClick on Westwood High School zTo view course descriptions  Click on “ Curriculum ” then “ Program of Studies ” zFor questions regarding course placement  Click on “ Our Staff ” then “ Faculty ” xContact appropriate department head

28 Contact Information zContact info for Sean Bevan: y(781) 326-7500 x3355 zStay updated on WHS news and events: yTwitter: @WestwoodHS yFacebook:

29 zAlthough it may be hard to believe your child will be starting high school in September....


31 June 3, 2018 will be here before you know it...

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