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Golden Horseshoe Review 13 the growing of both apples and peaches takes place most in which region of West Virginia? Potomac Section.

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2 Golden Horseshoe Review 13

3 the growing of both apples and peaches takes place most in which region of West Virginia? Potomac Section

4 In 2005, the Division of Tourism created this ninth tourism region to showcase the southern coalfields. Hatfield- McCoy Mountains

5 Some explanations for very erratic weather in West Virginia in the last several years 1. EI Nino 2. Global warming 3. La Nina

6 This son of former United States Senator Jennings Randolph was inducted into the Texas Radio Hall of Fame in 2004. Jennings "Jay" Randolph, Jr. (Sportscaster)

7 The number of caves in West Virginia makes it a perfect haven for what type of recreation enthusiasts? spelunkers

8 These two men were shot and killed on the McDowell County courthouse steps by Baldwin-Felts detectives on August 1, 1921. Sid Hatfield and Ed Chambers

9 What phrase can be found on the signs welcoming travelers into West Virginia? Open for Business

10 This county has more state and federally owned land than any other county inWest Virginia. Pocahontas

11 Teays Valley, one of West Virginia's two unique geographical areas, was believed to have once been covered by a: river

12 This company, which was West Virginia's largest employer for years, produced chemicals that were used in consumer products such as, Prestone antifreeze, Eveready batteries, and the insecticide called Sevin. Union Carbide

13 The first West Virginia chapter of the Congress of Racial Equality was established in this city in 1958. Charleston

14 What is the state insect? honeybee

15 On April 14, 1875, Hallie Davis, the daughter of U.S. Senator Henry Gassaway Davis, married this man in Baltimore, Maryland. Stephen B. Elkins

16 The longest interstate highway system in West Virginia is: 1-77

17 In West Virginia a person must be eighteen years of age to: Vote, Buy tobacco products

18 Opponents to this industry cite the possibility of toxic chemicals from the mills polluting the surrounding waterways. pulp

19 One of the two areas of West Virginia containing flora that are actually foreign to the state is: Dolly Sods Cranberry Glades

20 What recreation area became a civil rights battleground because it remained racially segregated even after the 1964 Civil Rights Act outlawed discrimination in places of public accommodation? Rock Lake Pool

21 In 2000, West Virginia ranked ninth in the production of this natural resource, for which the state had been the leading producer until 1917. natural gas

22 The West Virginia Legislature passed the Safe Schools Law in 1995 in an effort to prevent: guns from being brought into schools

23 This popular song by John Denver is not an official state song: "Take Me Home, Country Roads"

24 This former WVU football coach was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 2005 and is the 17th winningest coach in college football history. Don Nehlen

25 In 1918, 25 percent of all reported deaths in West Virginia were due to: influenza

26 The state tree, which is found in every region of the state, is the: sugar maple

27 Which famous West Virginian recently had a portion of highway on Corridor G named for him? Chuck Yeager

28 Which of the following qualifications is not necessary for a West Virginian to register to vote? a. United States citizen b. Resident of West Virginia and of the county and municipality in which the person is voting c. Possess no criminal record d. At least 18 years of age or will be 18 years old before the next general election c. Possess no criminal record

29 This woman became poet laureate of West Virginia in 1978. Louise McNeill Pease

30 Who is considered the "Father of St. Albans" for being the first to bring his family from eastern Virginia to settle here in 1816? Philip Rootes Thompson

31 Which West Virginia festival is held in Clarksburg every Labor Day weekend? Italian Festival

32 In order to be randomly selected for jury duty in West Virginia, a citizen must be: a registered voter

33 This state college founded in 1901 began serving as a regional campus for West Virginia University in 1951. Potomac State College

34 The Lost River, which disappears underground near Wardensville in Hardy County, reappears two miles away as the headwaters of this river. Cacapon River

35 In the movie "We Are Marshall", actor Matthew McConaughey portrays which football coach who took on the challenge of rebuilding Marshall University's football team after the 1970 plane crash? Jack Lengyel

36 This member of the Board of Public Works is not an elected official. State Superintendent of Schools

37 The Grave Creek Mound at Moundsville is a product of this prehistoric culture. Adena Culture

38 The worst mining disaster in decades occurred on January 2, 2006 when an explosion killed 12 miners at this coal mine. Sago

39 An example of some government powers that are concurrent are: levying taxes

40 In 1974 Kanawha County was polarized by disagreement over the selection of: school textbooks

41 Which NCAA collegiate sporting event did West Virginia University recently send a team two consecutive years? The Sweet Sixteen basketball tournament

42 In 2003, this man became West Virginia's first historian laureate. Otis Rice

43 According to the census of 2000, this West Virginia county was the most densely populated. Ohio

44 This member of West Virginia's congressional delegation in Washington DC, was elected in 1982 to the seat formerly held by his/her father. Alan B. Mollohan

45 Under a change in the law in 2000, the person who holds this state government position also bears the title of Lieutenant Governor of West Virginia. President of the Senate Earl Ray Tomblin

46 This county is the largest in area in the state of West Virginia. Randolph

47 With one four year break from 1989 - 1993, this Democrat has served as State Commissioner of Agriculture since 1965. Gus Douglas

48 On May 3, 1960, the Diamond Department Store in this city opened its eating facilities to African Americans. Charleston

49 A barter system took place in coal field communities. Instead of cash, the coal companies paid their miners in "scrip". This consisted of: paper money printed by the coal company or Metal tokens

50 Stores found in West Virginia during its Statehood and Industrial periods sold what were known as "dry goods". These included: Flour, sugar, beans, tobacco

51 Economic development in West Virginia has never been exactly the same as national development,because 1.Commercial agriculture did not contribute to the state's economic growth 2.West Virginia's manufacturing industries were not as numerous, as strong,or as diverse as those in other parts of the U.S. 3.West Virginia became more dependent than any other eastern state on extractive industries

52 The opening of the state's vast coal resources depended upon the building of: Railroad

53 West Virginia's backwoods whiskey makers resisted the federal government's excise tax in the late 1800's by: producing moonshine

54 How many times has West Virginia's state constitution been rewritten? one

55 In what part of West Virginia did the first full-scale fight of the Civil War Philippi

56 The proposed fourteenth colony : Vandalia

57 The method used by pioneers to claim land in 18th Century Virginia was referred to as: corn rights

58 The Latin phrase, "Sic jurat transcendere monies" can be found: inscribed on miniature golden horseshoes given to explorers by Alexander Spotswood

59 In 1751, cartographers Peter Jefferson and Joshua Fry published a new map of western Virginia based on information that came from the journal of: John Peter Salley

60 With what religious denomination were the Scots- Irish settlers of West Virginia affiliated? Presbyterian

61 One commodity in short supply on the frontier was: sugar

62 The "Pride of West Virginia" is the: West Virginia University Marching Band

63 During World War I a large munitions powder plant was built leading to the development of which West Virginia town? Nitro

64 In which 20th Century war did West Virginia have the largest number of deaths per 100,000 state residents than any other state in the nation? Vietnam

65 This mathematician, who won the 1994 Nobel Prize in Economics, was born in Bluefield. John F. Nash

66 What is the county seat of Braxton County? Sutton

67 This county was named for a famous early frontiersman who lived in the Kanawha Valley from 1789 - 1795. Boone County

68 As of 2005 the estimated resident population of West Virginia was recorded as: 1,816,856 (1.8 million)

69 This former Huntington resident is known as "the father of Black History". Carter G. Woodson

70 To obtain a marriage license or to file a deed, you would go to the office of: the county clerk

71 West Virginia's first governor was a member of what political party? Constitutional Union

72 Who is the only African- American born in West Virginia to be inducted in a major sports hall of fame? Hal Greer

73 This distinguished educator and civil rights leader served as president of West Virginia State College from 1919 through 1953. John W. Davis

74 Who was the first woman elected to the state Supreme Court of Appeals? Margaret Workman

75 What legendary creature from WV folklore is believed to have been a UFO sighted in Braxton County Flatwoods Monster

76 The current Chief Justice for the West Virginia State Supreme Court of Appeals is: Robin Davis

77 For which U.S. President did a victory in the West Virginia primary serve as a turning point on his road to the White House? John F. Kennedy

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