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Making Dynamic Changes for Students Entering the High School Realm Bronwyn Palmer Judy Hubble May 2009.

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1 Making Dynamic Changes for Students Entering the High School Realm Bronwyn Palmer Judy Hubble May 2009

2 Brinkley High School Demographics

3 School Improvement Year 5 America’s Choice Year 3

4 America’s Choice - School Leadership - Classroom Instruction - Professional Learning Communities

5 Students Transitions from Middle School to High School J. Allen Queen

6 Queen’s Twelve Factors for Success “Much of the success individuals have in life can be contributed to how successful they are in transitioning.” J. Allen Queen

7 Factor One The lower students’ grades drop, the higher the probability of dropping out.

8 Brinkley High School Class of 2010 GPA Data Average GPA Subgroups

9 Factor Two Students who fail during transition and drop out experience lifelong difficulties physically, socially, emotionally, and economically.

10 Factor Three The larger the high school, the greater the negative impact of transition on ninth grade students.

11 Factor Four Students, once in school, who experience two or more transitions prior to ninth grade have a greater probability of quitting high school

12 Factor Five High School Drop out rates are higher for middle school students than for students attending K-8 schools.

13 Factor Six Ninth grade students’ adjustments to high school are complicated by their perceptions of a bigger school, different environment, changed class schedule, and smaller classes. “I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to find my classes, but I did.” Mariah Teague

14 Factor Seven Fear of getting lost in the building is by far the number one fear of ninth grade students. Our students’ number one fear: Losing credit “There was just so much pressure on me to do well!” Monica Halliburton “One thing that really scared me was the fact that this year my grades start to matter. Credits start and my grades make a difference. “ Meredith Nowlin “I fear flunking!” Broderick Aldridge

15 Factor 8 Ninth Grade students view high school teachers as less helpful than middle school teachers. “The teachers here are all very different from each other.” Ashley Carroll “ The principal is cool. He listens and understands the students.” T.J. Yarbrough

16 Factor Nine Ninth grade students must have at least one adult in their lives for genuine support in order to become academically and socially successful. “Many of the teachers here offer extra help, tutoring, and experiences I wouldn’t have without them.” Tyler Foster “I love how some high school teachers teach. I learn lots of new things in exciting ways!” Danielle Hicks “We do fun activities and projects! Michael Devine

17 Factor Ten Ninth grade students who have negative experiences during the transitional period have poor attendance, low grades, and fewer friends. They tend to become behavior problems and have greater vulnerability to negative peer influence. “My only bad experience is that my friends get me in trouble here a lot.” Shaquita Rhys

18 Number of Days Absent Subgroups

19 Trouble Keeping Friends Brinkley High School Class of 2010

20 Brinkley High School Class of 2010 Discipline Referrals Number of Referrals Subgroups

21 Factor Eleven Drop out rates increase for poorly transitioned, especially minority students, in schools using high stakes testing.

22 Brinkley High School Graduation and Dropout Rates

23 Factor Twelve Social and economic factors negatively impact graduation rates, especially in large urban areas.

24 Strategies For Success Concerns and needs of highest priority: Clear understanding of graduation requirements Uniform application of classroom expectations and consequences Resources for students, parents, teachers, and social workers Parental Involvement

25 Resources Available Social Worker After School Tutoring Counseling Services Pinnacle Program

26 Resources Needed Parent Center for High School Pinnacle Training for parents at school and in the community. Mandatory orientation for entering ninth grade students attended by a parent/guardian

27 Transition Strategies and Actions Open House/Course Selection Night High School 101 Mentors In School Tutoring Ramp Up to Algebra Double Blocked Classes – Algebra 1 Ramp Up to Advance Literacy

28 Transition Strategies and Actions America’s Choice Navigator – Math and Literacy Rewards for no discipline referrals 25 Book Campaign Special Focus on 9 th grade students

29 Pyramid of Interventions Extended Year 90-Minute Algebra HS 101 Mentors Volunteer Tutoring Peer Tutoring Tutoring By Coaches Mandatory P/T Conference with Counselor ALE

30 High School 101 - All Freshmen - All Classes the Same Period - 9 Week Rotation - Students Earn ½ Elective Credit - Scavenger Hunt - All Student do at Beginning of Year - Location of Necessary Services, etc. - School Rules and Consequences

31 High School 101 - Tutoring for Students in Need - Classroom Speakers from Community - Life Skills - Telephone/Internet Etiquette - Character Education - Current Events - Time Management - Conflict Resolution

32 High School 101 -Study Skills - Note Taking - Research Skills - Library Use and Etiquette - Writing Biographies - Calculator Skills - Reading Skills for Content Areas - Search Engines

33 High School 101 - Financial Preparation - Banking (checking/deposits, etc.) - Credit Cards/Loans - Job Search - Job Applications - Job Interviews - Résumés

34 High School 101 - Vocabulary Development - America’s Choice Navigator - Math and Literacy

35 Mentor Program - Each Teacher Assigned 2 – 3 Students - Meet with Students 3 times Per Nine Weeks - Teachers Document - Turn In Log Forms Each Nine Weeks

36 Double Blocked Classes - Ramp Up to Algebra - For 8 th Grade Students Who Scored Below Proficient on Benchmark - Ramp Up to Advance Literacy - For 9 th Grade Students Who Scored Below Proficient on Benchmark

37 Double Blocked Classes - Algebra I - One Period with Classroom Instruction - One Period in I Can Learn Lab



40 Brinkley High School EOC Algebra I Spring 2008




44 Changes in 2008 - 2009 Intervention Classes – Math and Literacy No Zero Policy – All 9 th Graders Remediation Classes During Day Interventions For Those Student With a Grade of 60% or Less First 9 Weeks

45 Data is Key to Intervention Organize Data Before Students Report Be Honest Continuous Data Analysis in Crucial

46 Sample of 9 Weeks Data Student NameEnglish 9Physical ScienceAlgebra 1CivicsOther Albert *60/D59/F57/FAgri. 37/F Brittany *52/F60/D Crystal59/FBand 33/F Dennis55/F47/F53/F Emma59/F Total Number of Freshman Students65 Freshman Students Failing Language Arts2/65 (3%) Freshman Students with “D” in Language Arts2/65 (3%) Freshman Students Failing Algebra 19/65 (14%) Analysis

47 Target List of Students Name8th Grade Language Arts Benchmark Score Nicholas961 Justin 959 Advanced Haley914Proficient Dominique 878Basic Carl 706Below Basic Keith 706 Kendra * 696 Jacob 696 Angel *476 Jeremy 447

48 Interim Assessment Data Name 8th Grade Language Arts Benchmark Score Reading TLI Test 1 Writing TLI Test 1 Reading TLI Test 2 Writing TLI Test 2 Reading TLI Test 3 Writing TLI Test 3 Reading Average Writing Average Literacy AverageTeacher Angela619 60 42606215334545.6666745.33333 Staff Brian789 50667559667063.666676564.33333 Staff Cody 681 25 30596575505348.3333350.66667 Staff Donna 827 38556938758560.6666759.3333360 Staff Eli 13263680554934.6666751.6666743.16667 Staff Frank366 25153059452833.333333433.66667 SE Grace 681 50606570123642.3333355.3333348.83333 Highly Mobile Heather 568 50 65 80257546.6666773.3333360 Staff Ivan 958 5075668979866583.333374.1667 Staff

49 Interventions Planned for 2009 – 2010 School Year Build remediation/Intervention classes into master schedule (9-12) Provide time for teachers to work together to assess open response type questions Double block geometry classes No Zero Policy for grades 9 – 12

50 Interventions Planned for 2009 – 2010 School Year Professional Development William Jenkins “Failure Is Not An Option Ruby Payne Rigor Modifications and Accommodations Authentic Assessment of Student Work Differentiated Instruction

51 Interventions Planned for 2009 – 2010 School Year Transition to Middle School Program (working with elementary teachers i.e.: co/team teaching) (math and literacy) Extend the Instructional Day

52 Interventions Planned for 2009 – 2010 School Year Double Blocking for math and literacy 7 th Grade – Literacy - for students who are not proficient or advanced 8 th Grade – math (not advanced classes) for students who are not proficient or advanced

53 Questions?

54 Contact Information Judy Hubble Brinkley High School 100 Tiger Dr. Brinkley, AR 72021 (870) 734-5196

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