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Welcome to Riverwood Middle School.

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1 Welcome to Riverwood Middle School

2 RMS Administrative Team
Mr. Bodron – Principal Mrs. Brod – Assistant Principal Mrs. Weatherford – Assistant Principal New Counselor-6th Grade Counselor Mrs. Jacobs - 7th Grade Counselor Mrs. Stetson – 8th Grade Counselor-please contact if you have questions. Mrs. Josey- Current 8th Grade Counselor

3 Academic Lead Teachers
Mathematics – Brady Flores Reading/English Language Arts –Donna Bridger Science – Deb-b Callaway Social Studies – Christie Jordan Special Education – Daniel Young Physical Education – Wednesday Burke

4 Selecting Courses Next Year
Cards went home Friday. Elementary teachers have made placement recommendations on the back side of the card. You will select your child’s elective on the front side of the card by checking the desired course. Cards are due back to the elementary school on Friday, February 27th and the RMS counselors will be going to meet with your child the first week of March to review selections.

5 A Few Major Differences between Elementary and MS
We are on a 7 period day. Mon, Tue, Wed, and Friday classes are 55 minutes long for all 7 periods. Students are tardy to their first class at 8:35 am. (RELA is a two period block) On Thursday, we have late arrival for students for staff development. Classes are about 39 minutes long on this day. Students are tardy to their first class at 10:15 am. Lunches are 30 minutes long and we rotate the grades every 12 weeks (Ex. 1st lunch 6th grade, 2nd lunch 7th grade, 3rd lunch 8th grade)

6 Major differences continued…
In 6th Grade we have weighted grade distribution Formative Assignments (homework, classwork, etc.) 40% Summative Assessments (ex. Tests, Projects, Essays) 60% *generally 3-4 tests per 9 weeks Students have a locker to keep books and other items in during the day. *For students can carry a string bag with them to class. All middle school and high school students are required to wear an ID badge We have a 5 minute passing period between classes. There is a warning bell 1 minute before the tardy bell so that students arrive in class on time.

7 Major differences continued…
Attendance matters!! Per Texas state law Sec students may not miss 10% or more of class time in order to receive credit for a class in a semester. This means: if you miss 8 or more days in the first semester you must meet the Texas State requirements for attendance by completing a plan outlined by your school. At Riverwood MS, that would mean you would have to make up for missing school by attending what we call “seat time.” This simply means that you are fulfilling the State of Texas requirement . Seat time is a recovery class held on Thursday Mornings before school or on Saturday mornings.

8 Points to ponder. Don’t Worry!! We are going to work with all the incoming 6th graders the first few weeks of school to ensure they are comfortable with their new location at RMS! Make informed decisions for your students regarding course selection. Consider Pre-Ap, Level, and other extracurricular demands both at school and outside of school. Talk to our counselors and teachers tonight if you have questions. They are all here to help you make the right selections for your student! Expect a transition period for your student. It is normal for most students to need some time to adjust to their new routine and expectations.

9 RMS Annual Fund Formerly the RMS STEP campaign
This is our annual campus fundraiser. In our campaign was able to raise $48,620 just short of our goal of $50,000. Riverwood MS was able to purchase 40 IPADs and locking charging stations for classroom use with monies raised from the campaign. We are currently developing a phased approach to renovating our library to make it more of a 21st century work space for students. We plan on using remaining funds from last years campaign to start Phase I of our renovation plan which includes the purchase of new furniture.

10 RMS Annual Fund continued…
Please speak to our RMS Annual Fund representatives to find out how you can help us reach our goal for next year. Some of our targets for next school year include: completing Phase II of our library renovation, replacing our marquee with a modern, digital display to highlight student accomplishments and campus activities, and the purchase of additional IPADs or Google Chromebooks for student use.

11 Pre-AP at Riverwood is aligned with the requirements of the College Board in addition to Humble ISD vertical alignment RMS Pre-AP teachers are certified to teach students identified as Gifted/Talented is an accelerated program; classes move at a faster pace requires students to independently read above grade level has higher expectations for independent work requires students to write above grade level requires students to be intrinsically motivated will require a combination of daily homework and ongoing assignments will not meet the needs of the struggling reader or writer

12 Mathematics 6th Grade Pre-AP Math covers all of the 6th grade state standards (TEKS) and half of 7th grade learning standards. This class moves quickly. 6th Grade Math covers all of the 6th grade state standards. For all math courses, homework is the majority of the formative grade. Students can expect math homework most nights of the week. The formative grade represents 40% of the final nine weeks grade.

13 Reading/English Language Arts
RMS offers two levels of R/ELA – RELA 6 and RELA 6 Pre-AP. Both courses: are double-blocked (two consecutive class periods with same teacher) focus on reading comprehension, analysis and synthesis of text, grammar and usage skills, essay writing, vocabulary building, and independent reading integrate reading, writing and grammar skills are aligned with the state requirements are vertically aligned with 7th and 8th RELA at RMS and with the high school English courses in Humble ISD require ongoing independent reading homework use the Knowsys Vocabulary program – Level 6 require summer reading (one book)

14 Summer Reading Requirement
ALL students entering RMS grades 6,7, and 8 are required to complete a summer reading assignment. Students may choose a book from either the Lone Star List. An annotated version of the list will be available on the RMS Library website. (Look for 2015 Lone Star books at your school’s Book Fair.) During the first three weeks of school, students will complete assignments related to their summer reading choice. Students are expected to adhere to the late work policy for any assignments related to summer reading. If you have any questions regarding summer reading or need assistance obtaining a book for your child, please contact the RELA academic lead teacher or the librarian..

15 Science 6th Pre-AP Science requires strong math skills. Students must be able to do all operations involving decimals, manipulate equations, and solve multi-step mathematical problems. Independent research and projects are required in the Pre-AP course. Both 6th grade Science courses will require weekly homework that will be included in the formative grade.

16 Contemporary World Cultures
Social Studies Stand alone class meeting everyday Covers all 6th grade state standards, which focus on geography and culture with history used to provide context. PreAP will cover the content in greater depth and with more complexity. Social Studies homework is usually finishing assignments started in class or studying for tests. Daily/homework assignments are graded and are part of the their formative class grade. Formative represents 40% of a students 9 week grade Contemporary World Cultures

17 Physical Education Physical education uniforms cost $20.00
Write your child’s name in the box provided on the uniform. Lockers will be provided. It is the student’s responsibility to keep the locker locked to prevent theft. Lockers are small and will hold a pair of athletic shoes, socks, physical education uniform, a brush, and a stick of deodorant.

18 Off Campus Physical Education
Students may obtain PE credit by: Participating in a quality physical education program that has been approved by the district. The program must have a certified instructor. Must meet at least 5 hours a week Monday through Friday. No part of the regular school day can be missed. Completed applications must be turned in to RMS before May 8, 2015.

19 HAC – Home Access Center – please update
Parent Communication Riverwood Web Page Individual Teacher Web pages, and/or Weekly or biweekly s HAC – Home Access Center – please update Follow us on PTA - Marquee

20 VISITORS/PARENTS MUST enter the building from the High Valley entrance
All other entrances are locked during normal school hours (teachers and students are encouraged not to open the doors during school hours). If you want to visit at lunch, a visitor’s pass must be worn for identification. Provide a state identification

21 Student ID Badge Beginning with the school year, all students in MS and HS are required to wear ID badges Students are issued an ID badge at Longhorn Camp If a student forgets a badge, a temporary badge must be obtained from the library. Temporary Badges are $1 Replacement Badges are $5 First Badge is free. Additional Badges may be purchased if you desire.

22 Student Drop-Off/Pick-Up Kingwood Drive Side
Parents: For your child's safety, please do not drop off your child in the faculty parking lot or on the outlying streets.

23 Bikes are parked in the fenced area behind school.
All bikes must be LOCKED to racks. No bikes may be left overnight. Scooters and skateboards may not be ridden on campus and will not fit in lockers. Cameras are located on both sides of the bike racks. Bike racks are not locked at night or on weekends. Bikes are stolen from RMS.

24 Cell Phones and Electronics
Cell phones may be used before and after school only. Students are asked to turn phones off and keep them in their lockers during the school day. Teachers may allow students to use their phones for class room activities through the District Wi-Fi server. Students can also earn cell phone privileges at lunch time with the longhorn pride student incentive program on Fridays. Teachers and staff will confiscate cell phones that are used at lunch or in the hall without permission during the school day and turn them into the Assistant Principal’s office. They will be returned at the end of the day with a warning. If a second offense occurs, the phone will be confiscated, and a $15.00 fine will be assessed. If a student’s phone goes off in class or is used in class without permission, the student will receive a d-hall and a $15.00 fine.

25 Electronic Readers, Tablets, iPads, iPods
Electronic readers are for the sole purpose of reading. Teachers may allow them in class during reading times in place of a book (teacher’s discretion). Students who use them to play games, surf the Web, or in any other non-reading capacity will have their device taken up by the teacher. Students will receive a $15.00 fine, as well as, a discipline referral. Any social media posting (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or similar sites) during school hours will result in a discipline referral.

26 Lockers Students will be issued a pre-assigned locker with a combination lock. Practice using a combination lock. Wooden locker shelves sold by RMS are the best option. May be purchased at Camp Longhorn for $15.00.

27 BACKPACKS The no. 1 cause of locker jams: backpack is too large!
Must be collapsible. New for Students will be allowed to use a string bag to help carry supplies to class.

28 DRESS CODE The purpose of the Humble ISD Dress Code is to create an atmosphere where maximum teaching and learning can occur. Please refer to the student code of conduct in the student handbook.

29 Dress Code Remember that skirts, dresses and shorts shorter than mid-thigh (end of fingertips) are unacceptable.

30 Medications Parents: Please do not send or place any medications in your students bags or lunches. All medications must be brought to the clinic and taken home by a parent. Students are not allowed to carry any medication, whether it is prescription or over-the-counter. All medications must be given in the nurse’s office only. A cough drop may be issued by the nurse if a parent writes a note. Inhalers may be carried by the student only after the proper forms are completed by the parent and physician.

31 RMS offers tutoring for all students before and after school.
Teachers will provide their tutoring schedules at the beginning of the year.

32 Forgotten Items Parents may drop off forgotten items on a shelf outside the front office. Please put the student name and grade on the item. We do not interrupt class to deliver forgotten items. Lunch containers must be labeled with student name and grade level. Lunches not picked up by the end of lunch rotations will be discarded.

33 Attendance Students are required to be in attendance at least 90% of each semester. Please notify the attendance office when your child will be out sick. Please send parent/doctor note when student returns. Make-up work may be requested when a student has been out for 3 consecutive days. Students have 1 day makeup for each day missed. If your student is late to school, please provide a note. Tardies will only be excused with a doctor’s note. If your child misses even one class period, he or she is not eligible for perfect attendance.

34 Checking In/Out of School
Emergency names and numbers MUST be updated in HAC and on emergency card. A parent/guardian must ALWAYS come to the Attendance window to check out a student. Please have your child bring a note to the Attendance window before school starts. Indicate the time your child will be picked up and include the reason on the note. When checking a student back in, the student must advise the Attendance Office. If attending an appointment, a doctor’s note is preferable. 0:33 Play next Play now Live in Your MomentAdby Lincoln Motor Co 766,573 views

35 Camp Longhorn Riverwood Student Registration
Wednesday, August 12: 7th grade (8:30 AM – 11:30 PM) Wednesday, August 12: 8th grade (1:00 PM– 4:00 PM) Thursday, August 13: 6th grade (8:30 AM to 12:00 PM) All student forms will be available on the Riverwood MS website beginning the first week of August. Return your completed forms and receive a locker, textbooks, student identification and student schedule. Parents can help their child organize his/her locker at this time.

36 First Day Facts “Riverwood Roundup”
Students will report to homeroom at the first bell. Homeroom assignments are posted in Commons or students can ask any teacher/administrator Orientation for all RMS students sets school expectations and provides a positive first-day experience with routines and procedures of Riverwood MS.

37 Remember… It's a Great Day to be a LONGHORN!

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