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Parent Newsletter Fort Scott High School Winter 2014-2015.

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2 Parent Newsletter Fort Scott High School Winter 2014-2015

3 Principal’s Corner …………....Mr. Shawn Thomas Upcoming Events December 1 – Red/White Basketball Scrimmage December 6 – District Music December 10 – Early Release Day December 13 – ACT Test December 22-January 2 Christmas Break January 12 – Inservice – No School for Students January 15 – Financial Aid Meeting, 7:00 PM January 19 – Inservice – No School for Students January 30 – Winter Homecoming February 4 - Early Release Day February 7 – ACT Test February 9 & 11 – Parent-Teacher Conferences, 4:30-8:00PM February 16 – Inservice – No School for Students 2 It is truly hard to believe that it is already November and that the holiday season is upon us! It has been a great school year so far and the students at Fort Scott High School have found success in several different venues. First of all, our students are experiencing great things in the classroom. Our staff is dedicated to researching, learning and implementing research-proven strategies that maximize the opportunity to learn. Currently, our staff is working within a program known as “Literacy First” which stresses the importance of using effective reading and comprehension strategies across the curriculum, as well as effective planning for academic success. While this program is a focal point right now, it is only a part of the overall plan for our school’s continued growth and improvement! The other area of success this fall came in the realm of extracurricular activities. Our sports teams all had great seasons with several student athletes earning the right to compete in post-season events. The debate team is doing extremely well and the fall play is always a big event. We have several awesome students involved and some of the best coaches and sponsors around. Their dedication and commitment are evident and we are extremely proud of all of them. When we start thinking about extracurricular activities and student involvement, we want to stress the positives that come from students taking part. Research tells us that students who participate in extracurricular activities typically benefit academically from that experience. In fact, the average GPA for involved students is around a half point higher on a 4.0 scale. There are many opportunities to get involved with all of our clubs and activities and surely your student can find something that will interest them. We all look forward to the successes of this fall continuing throughout this winter and spring! It is great to be a Fort Scott Tiger!!

4 3 Important Information for Seniors Thank you to all who helped make the Chili Feed a success. Seniors earned about $1800.00 in profit and around 75 parents and seniors worked in the four-hour span. A couple of pans that were not picked up are in Ms. Lewis’ room. If anyone is missing a cake pan, please have your senior check. Seniors need to remember to check the bulletin board outside the counselors’ office for scholarship opportunities. Students can also go to and click on the counseling office to find out more information. Some deadlines will be here before you know it. Most have early spring deadlines. Graduation invitations and cap & gown orders should already be turned Seniors are working on getting designs for the senior t-shirt. Proceeds from this year’s Chili Feed will help pay for t-shirts for those seniors and their parents that worked. Senior trip will be Tuesday and Wednesday May 19-20. The deadline to sign up will be announced in the Student Bulletin. The deadline will be sometime around the 1st of February. The class has not yet set a destination. The cost is usually around $180.00 to $ 250.00 per person depending on the number of people going. Please contact Ms. Lewis if you have any questions. Ms. Bert Lewis, Sponsor The FSHS Library Media Center is changing and expanding for our students and staff. The LMC has now converted to using the Follett Destiny catalog system. This new powerful program allows for access to our collection and additional resources through any internet connection at school, home or mobile device. Access is easy and the system can be used by a guest or a log-on patron. Guest users can browse our collection while patron access allows for more features. The site is accessible through the USD website ( Users and guests log in by going to Fort Scott High School, Academics, Media Center and links. The Destiny and Universal Search sites are then available. Logged in users can view the sites, find items with summaries, availability, reserve materials, do research, view and build resource lists, see what they have checked out and when materials are due. Ebooks can be read directly through the Destiny/Universal Search sites and includes ebooks in our TumbleBookCloud subscription. The Kansas State Library Online Databases page has been attached to the Home Page to make access easier for our Ms. Monta Saker, Library Media Specialist FSHS Library Media Center

5 Absences documented by doctor notes are not subject to the ten-day cap. After a student misses 10 days in any class, he/she must make up the missed time. Example: If a student misses a full class period on absence #11, the student will need to log one hour of time, etc. Students may log make-up time in detention or should see Mr. DeLaTorre to make other arrangements. 4 Inclement Weather When inclement weather is predicted, the district will test the safety of roads within the district boundaries. Pending input from certain district personnel concerning the condition of the roads, the superintendent will evaluate the facts and formulate a plan of action. If school is to be held, an announcement will NOT be made. If a decision to dismiss school is made, it will be announced at 6:00 a.m. via media listed in this article. Patrons will also be notified via Textcaster. Buses may run one hour later on some days. This Buses may bring students broadcast the information parents before the buses until 6:00 a.m. Phone calls local stations will be the Radio: KMDO-KOMB 1600 AM/103.9 FM – Initial outlet to release information. KKOW FM 96.9 KNEM AM 1240 (Nevada) Television: KOAM – Channel 7 KSN – Channel 10 Scholars’ Bowl This year’s team has 16 students practicing for competition. They have competed at four varsity tournaments and two JV tournaments so far. December will find them traveling to three tournaments. The pace picks up in January with six tournaments scheduled. FSHS will host its own invitational on January 12, as well as the KSHSAA Regional competition on February 5. Ms. Bert Lewis, Sponsor information will be given at the same time as school closings. home early if a storm hits during the day. The radio stations will as soon as possible. Students may not have a chance to call leave. NOTE: The decision to close school will not be made to school officials will not be of much help to you. Tuning in to the quickest way to get information. L to R: Cire' Miller, Maddy Martin, Sebastian Loyd, Tyler Parker, and Tim Higgins in the final scene of “Anything Goes.”

6 5 Sign-Up for Driver Education Students who are at least age 14 by April 1, 2015 (and going into the ninth grade) may sign up for driver education from February 19, 2015 through March 12, 2015 with Mrs. Madison in the high school office Monday through Friday between the hours of 7:15 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. A fee of $2.00 will be collected when a student registers for the course. An additional $110 ($130 for out-of-district students) will be due by May 1, 2015. There will be no refunds after May 1, 2015. Congratulations to the following juniors and seniors inducted into the National Honor Society on October 21: Karleigh Arndt, Makenna Berger, Bailie Brown, Ashley Cook, Sydney Cullison, Kaleb DeLaTorre, Abigail Denton, Hannah Dunn, Hannah Geneva, Clare Gorman, Katie Gorman, Jennifer Harrison, Olivia Houston, Charlotte Hutchison, Madeline McCoy, Maggie McDonald, Emmah Reeves, Trenton Sinn, Garrett Tatro, Anthony Tirri, Wyatt Tourtillott, Grace Willis, Carter Young, Lily Zimmerman Mrs. Karen Curran, Sponsor New Members Inducted into National Honor Society Future Educators of America Twenty-one students have joined FEA this year. They attended the 25 th Annual FEA Conference and contest at Pittsburg State University in October. Students were given an opportunity to tour the Tech Center, Skype with students from another classroom, and compete with other students. Members are also participating in shadowing of teachers in and outside of the District. Ms. Bert Lewis, Sponsor

7 6 Students graduating in 2015, 2014, 2013, and 2012 may pick up applications for the Peterson Scholarship in the high school office beginning January 5, 2015. Applications are due back by April 15, 2015. Mrs. Madison, FSHS Treasurer This has started out as a wonderful year. The Fort Scott Key Club has 22 members. As this giving time of the year approaches, the group has been very active. They have helped with the American Red Cross Blood Mobile, student needs, Pioneer Kiwanis Chili Feed, and Key Club Family Week. They will be helping with the Kiwanis Pancake Feed and Student Council Christmas Beacon Donation. Watch for your chance to help out with some key projects this fall. We would like to give a big THANK YOU to the Kiwanis and Pioneer Kiwanis for their help and support this year. Ms. Bert Lewis, Sponsor Peterson Scholarship Each February, the American Dental Association (ADA) sponsors National Children's Dental Health Month to raise awareness about the importance of oral health. Developing good habits at an early age and scheduling regular dental visits helps children get a good start on a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums. Key Club News

8 Why the Butterfly Was Killed This is a story attributed to Henry Miller, the writer, about a little boy in India who walks up to an Indian wise man who is sitting looking at something in his hand. The little boy went up to the wise man and looked at the object in his hand. He doesn’t quite understand what it is, so he asks the wise man, "What is that?“ "It's a cocoon," the man tells him. "Inside the cocoon is a butterfly. Soon the cocoon is going to split and the butterfly will come out.“ "Could I have it?" asks the little boy. "Yes," says the wise man, "but you must promise me that when the cocoon splits and the butterfly is trying to get out and is beating its wings to get out of the cocoon, you won't help it. Don’t help the butterfly by breaking the cocoon apart. Let it do it by itself.“ The little boy promised, took the cocoon from the wise man, went home with it, and then sat and watched. Finally, he saw that it began to vibrate and move and quiver, and the cocoon split. Inside was a beautiful, damp butterfly, frantically beating its wings against the cocoon, trying to get out and not seeming to be able to do it. The little boy desperately wanted to help. Finally he gave in and disobeyed the wise man’s orders. He pushed the two halves of the cocoon apart and the butterfly sprang out. But as soon as it got up into the air, it fell down to the ground and was killed. The little boy picked up the dead butterfly and in tears went back to the wise man and showed it to him. "You see, little boy" the wise man said, "you pushed open the cocoon, didn't you?" "Yes,” the little boy replied. “I did.” The wise man said, "You didn't understand. You couldn't see what you were doing. When a butterfly comes out of a cocoon, the only way it can strengthen its wings is by beating them against the cocoon so its muscles will grow. When you helped it the way you did, you prevented it from becoming strong. That is why the butterfly fell to the ground and was killed.“ This is a story that every parent should remember, every teacher should remember, and every administrator should remember. Handing youngsters everything they need or want and fulfilling their every desire tend to weaken the muscles they should be developing on their own. If we as adults continue to do all for them while they are in their formative years, we are not preparing them to make responsible decisions when it comes time for them to think and act on their own. From: Cline/Fay Institute, Inc., 2207 Jackson Street, Golden, CO 80401 7

9 Here are a few tips for staying healthy and maintaining a healthy weight during the holiday season. Mrs. Pam Brown, School Nurse Winter can be a great time to get outside and keep fit — for you and your family. A good way is to get them out into the snow to play! Encourage kids to be active every day. Experts recommend that kids get 60 minutes or more of physical activity on most — preferably all — days of the week. Offer fruits and vegetables at meals and snacks and encourage your child to eat five or more servings a day. Serve appropriate portion sizes. Help your teen make healthy choices when eating out and snacking. Limit sugar-sweetened beverages and offer low-fat milk or water instead. Check food labels for sugar and try to decrease sugar intake by 50%. Limit time spent in front of a screen, including TV and computers, to less than 2 hours a day. Set a good example by eating healthy, being physically active, and limiting the time spent in front of a screen. Seasonal Flu Prevention Tips 1.Do not share drinks or eat after someone else. 2.Practice GOOD HAND HYGIENE by washing your hands after coughing/sneezing, blowing your nose, before eating/food preparation, after tending to the sick, diapering and after using the bathroom. 3.If you have a fever or are ill, stay home until you have recovered. It is recommended that your child be fever free (without medication) for 24 hours before returning to school. 4.A flu shot is recommended for all children ages 6 months to 18 years and adults to minimize contracting the flu and spreading it to others. Plan to get the flu vaccine in October or November, but getting vaccinated in December or later will still be beneficial in most years. Influenza can occur any time from November through May, peaking in January or February. It takes up to 2 weeks for protection to develop after the shot with protection lasting up to a year. Tips to conquer a smoking relapse So you’ve tried to stop smoking before and then you started again. Research shows you’re not alone – 60% of smokers need more than one attempt to kick the habit. Keep these good ideas in mind the next time you try. And please, don’t give up! University of Kansas Be Well E-Newslettergood ideas 1.Understand your relapse. Once you understand why you smoked, you can get back on track. 2.The key to overcoming urges to smoke is to plan ahead and be prepared. Try the 4 D’s: Delay Deep breathe Drink water Do something to take your mind off of smoking The toll-free Kansas Tobacco Quit-line, 1-866-KAN STOP, is an effective tool for tobacco users who are ready to quit. The Quit-line is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Experienced cessation counselors work with callers to prepare for a quit date and help them make personalized quit plans. Quitting smoking is not easy, but it can be done. 8

10 Responsibility. Self-confidence. Leadership skills. Foreign Language Club is currently organizing a trip to London and Paris for Spring Break 2016. Students will experience different cultures, try new foods, participate in unique traditions, and acquire valuable life skills as they visit the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower, shop at a Parisian market, travel by Eurostar train to London, check out Trafalgar Square and Piccadilly Circus, visit the Tower of London, ponder the past at Stonehenge, attend a theater performance, and so much more. Whether your child is a senior preparing to go to college or an underclassman with a desire to see history and art come to life, this will be a trip of a lifetime, promised to provide an educational experience like never before. (Well-behaved parents are permitted to travel as well.) For more information or to enroll your child on this exciting trip, log on to and enter tour #1664821VH, GL#1925369. Questions? E-mail Polly Mayberry at or call 620.223.0600 extension #514. Sign up by December 16 for a $200 Ms. Polly Mayberry, Sponsor Give Them Wings to Fly 9 Drama Students Take On a Variety of Performances Drama students in Ms. Bin’s classes finish out the first half of the school year with a performance that exemplifies the skills they have learned this semester. Each student is performing in a Duet Acting scene in which they demonstrate their knowledge of characteriza- tion, plot structure, technical theatre, and script analysis. Students perform their scenes in class with necessary sets, costumes, and props. Drama students have also recently wrapped up their work on the technical aspects of the all-school musical “Anything Goes.” Students served in a variety of support positions, including set construction and painting for the cruise ship on stage, lighting design and operation, prop acquisition, costume alterations and design, make-up and hair design and application, ticket sales and house management, and stage management. Musical cast members also got a chance during show week to tour the community and showcase their talents. Students performed at Winfield Scott, Eugene Ware, Fort Scott Middle School, St. Mary’s, and the Presbyterian Manor. Drama students and Thespian members have also coordinated recently with the Fort Scott National Historic Site writing two walk-by scenes for the Candlelight Tour on December 5-6 that the students will also act in. In addition, students recently served the community by acting as zombies and werewolves for the United Way fundraiser Zombie Chase in October. Ms. Angie Bin, Drama Instructor

11 Speech Students Perfect Oral Interp Skills Students in Ms. Bin’s Speech classes are currently practicing their oral interpretation skills through the performance of a poem from the Poetry Out Loud competition. Poems are selected from the website and are performed in class for a grade. Interested students are also encouraged to enter the school competition on December 8 in which they will perform two selected poems. Students are practicing using their voices to interpret literature in a way that brings it alive for the audience. They are also learning about ways to improve their physical presence in front of an audience through the use of nonverbal communication. Speech students have also recently finished up Informative and demonstration speeches in Ms. Angie Bin, Instructor Information from the Counseling Department There will be a College Financial Aid Seminar on Thursday, January 15 at 7:00 P.M. in the FSHS Auditorium. All parents/guardians of seniors and juniors are encouraged to attend. This seminar is designed to provide information about the many facets of financial aid including grants, scholarships, and student loans. The 2014-2015 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) will be explained. Students and parents may request a pin for applying for federal aid by going to The FAFSA Worksheet is available at A pin number is required for completing the FAFSA. It may be helpful to have the pin number before the College Financial Aid Seminar. Please contact the Counseling Office if you have questions. Please visit the counseling web site at for scholarship and financial aid information, as well as registration for the ACT tests. Also, “LIKE” us on Facebook at: Act Test DatesRegistration Deadline Mrs. Patty Smilie & Mr. Doug Altic, February 7, 2015January 9, 2015 Counselors April 18, 2015March 8, 2015 June 13, 2015May 8, 2015 10

12 L to R: Drama class members Jacob Thurston, Daisy Pearson, and Kye Weekly construct portholes for the ship on stage. PRIDE Members Serve the Community Members of the FSHS PRIDE Club have had a busy fall helping the community in a number of ways. Students assisted with the Downtown Trick or Treat parade as parade leaders and face painters and served food to the children who participated. PRIDE also enjoyed an afternoon of pumpkin decorating with Fort Scott Medicalodge residents. The club recently held a Hat Day fundraiser for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and will hold more fundraisers soon. Upcoming events include helping with the Downtown Christmas Parade and the Fort Scott National Historic Site Candlelight Tour. PRIDE is also purchasing recycling bins for the high school to recycle plastic and aluminum and will be taking the items to the local recycling facility. Ms. Angie Bin, Sponsor PRIDE members paint pumpkins at Medicalodge (L to R): Andrea Barrager, Stormy Lowry, and Jerica Thornton-Roberts. PRIDE members assist at the Downtown Halloween Parade: L to R: Jerica Thornton-Roberts, Daisy Pearson, and Andrea Barrager. 11

13 Fort Scott High School 1005 South Main Fort Scott, KS 66701 620-223-0600 May the joy and peace of this Blessed Season fill your hearts and homes. No matter what the holiday – follow these tips for healthier eating!

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