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J OURNALISM A UGUST 15 & 18 I can recognize ethical issues in journalism.

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1 J OURNALISM A UGUST 15 & 18 I can recognize ethical issues in journalism.

2 C URRENT E VENTS Discuss What’s going on around you?

3 B ELL R INGER Journal Prompt: Be sure to date your journal. You keep these in a notebook and I will conduct a periodic check. You should be writing a paragraph or more. Free Write Look over your vocabulary words!!! ;)

4 H OMEWORK You were to create a way to memorize the 5 freedoms that are in the First Amendment. Share with the class!

5 F LASHBACK D ISCUSSION What was the penny press? What is the First Amendment? What is yellow journalism? What is muckraking? What format does a newspaper story follow? What is credibility? Why is it important to protect? What are some of the items you listed on your MCHS Code of Ethics?

6 C REDIBILITY C ONTINUED - C REDIBILITY BEYOND THE WRITTEN … When you are a journalist (not matter what kind) you have to practice ethics to create solid credibility. Take a look at some of the following photos… what do you think?

7 E THICAL P HOTOS ? You decide…. history/?currentPage=19

8 G ROUP A CTIVITY The group at your table will be given a scenario and will discuss whether or not the story should run. Your group will take on the role of a newspaper editor/publisher/staff. If you decide to cover it, tell exactly how you would do the research and coverage. All the scenarios are based on events that occurred at high schools with student newspapers.

9 G ROUP D ISCUSSION 1. A female teacher in your school has been placed on administrative leave. Rumor is that she had an affair with a senior boy who is 18. Will you cover this story? If yes, how? 2. A local chapter of Planned Parenthood wants to advertise in your school newspaper. Will you accept the ad? 3. On a language club field trip to a foreign country, two students are caught with alcohol. They, in turn, turn in the names of several others who also drank on the trip. The students involved include a few athletes, members of the band and two newspaper editors. After the school punishes those involved with a five-day suspension from school and a one-month suspension from extracurricular activities, several teens come forward to say that drinking has occurred on field trips in the past as well. They accuse the advisers/chaperons of negligence and question the severity of the suspensions. How are you going to cover this story? 4. A newspaper columnist writes an opinion piece about the unfair member-Selection process of a high school club. She says it is based on popularity and personal connections rather than qualifications. The president of the club writes a letter to the editor saying that the columnist had tried out for the club two years earlier and been rejected, and that her column is just “sour grapes.” 5. A student and a teacher are each arrested for shoplifting in separate incidents. The teacher is accused of taking a lipstick without paying. The student is accused of stealing a leather jacket. Will you cover these incidents? How? 6. A newspaper features editor wants to do a story using the grade card method to “grade” all the teachers in the school from A to F. You’re the editor-in-chief. How would you advise him to do the research for the story OR would you kill the story? Why? 7. An in-depth story on cheating in the school is planned. Several teachers have complained to the administration that they have “heard” that their classes might be mentioned as cheating havens. Other faculty members say the spread will be a how-to-cheat guide for students. The principal calls in the editor and says that the article will make the school look bad in the eyes of the community. How should the topic be covered and what research is needed?

10 H ISTORY P ROJECT ( FROM CHAPTER 1) Choose 1 of the journalist we have discussed in class or a current notable journalist. Research that person (noting history, impact, credibility, etc.). Create 1 of the following about that person: Power point Poster Prezi You must include the following: The journalist's name Brief history about that person and their career Why he/she is important in the journalism field/ What impact did they have? If they were/are credible Why/why not Something unique you learned about the person that you found interesting and want to share with the class. This should be a quick overview of the person.

11 W HEN IS IT D UE AND HOW AM I SCORED It will be due August 21 or 22. You will have some time in class to research, but you may have to finish outside of class. RequirementsDemonstrate knowledge 4Included all requirements Demonstrates vast knowledge of the journalist and their history. 3Included most requirements Demonstrates adequate knowledge of the journalists and their history. 2Included some requirements Demonstrates some knowledge of the journalist and their history. 1Included little requirements Demonstrates little knowledge of the journalist and their history.

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