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Daniel Love Central Catholic High School Grade 10.

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1 Daniel Love Central Catholic High School Grade 10

2 Do the type of nutrients in your stomach effect the dissolution rate of an Iron supplement?

3  Essential Body Mineral  Used to treat Iron deficiency  Provides Iron to body, especially to the hemoglobin in the bloodstream.

4  To assess the effects of different nutrients on the dissolution rate of iron in the stomach

5 Null Hypothesis- The nutrient broths will have no effect on the dissolution rate of Iron Sulfate in the stomach. Alternate Hypothesis- The nutrient broths will have an effect on the dissolution rate of iron sulfate in the stomach.

6  Ferrous Sulfate tablets  Water  2 molar concentration Hydrochloric acid  YEPD nutrient broth (1% yeast extract, 2% peptone, 2% dextrose, 1.5% agar  LB Nutrient broth (1% Tryptone, 0.5% Yeast extract, 1% NaCl)  Spectrophotometer  5mL Macropipettes  100-1000 microliter Micropipettes  Sixteen 50mL conicles  Olive oil  Filter paper  Scale (in grams)  Drying oven  24 10mL test tubes

7 1. The Ferrous Sulfate tablet was fully dissolved in water to form a 100 ppm stock. 2. 5mL Concentrations from 0-100ppm were created using this stock and a standard curve was generated. The following chart shows the dilutions of the stock ppm0102030405060708090100 Water5mL4.5 mL 4mL3.5 mL 3mL2.5 mL 2mL1.5 mL 1mL0.5 mL 0mL Iron stock 0mL0.5 mL 1mL1.5 mL 2mL2.5 mL 3mL3.5 mL 4mL4.5 mL 5mL Total mL 55555555555

8 1. Concentrations of water, Hydrochloric acid, YEPD nutrient broth, and LB nutrient broth were mixed in 4 50mL conicles for each substance. HCL, YEPD, and LB were brought down to a ph of 2 to represent the stomach. Four tubes were mixed for each concentration. The following chart shows all the concentrations. Olive oil was added to YEPD to simulate a heavier broth. SubstanceWaterHClYEPDLB Water50mL49.5mL0mL Nutrient Broth 0mL 47mL48mL HCL0mL0.5mL2mL Olive oil0mL 1mL0mL

9 2. Iron tablets were simultaneously dropped into each of the 16 conicles. 3. Immediately after the tablet was dropped into the 50mL conicle, 5mLs was pipetted into the test tubes and an absorbance reading was recorded at time 0. The 5mLs was then poured back into the conicle. 4. After five minutes, the conicles were inverted ten times to simulate the movement in the stomach, then 5mLs were pipetted into test tubes. The absorbance was recorded for each test tube. 5. Step 4 was repeated in 5 minute increments for 40 minutes. 6. The average of the four replicates was calculated then compared to the standard curve.

10 1. After the 40 minutes, two tubes were poured through filter paper to determine the final mass of the Iron sulfate tablet from each substance. 2. The filter paper was placed in a drying oven overnight. 3. The filter paper was weighed the next day, and the difference in weight between the original and final filter paper was determined.

11 P-value 0.00378 6124 P-value 1.3813 8E-10 P-value 2.6156 8E-09 P-value 1.9995E -09 P-value 1.4137 9E-09 P-value 7.7942E -13

12 T-crit=3.5 Alpha=0.05 Solution5 minT- valueInterpretation HCl1.791865158Insignificant YEPD with olive oil0.666740524Insignificant LB3.875429295Significant Solution at 10 minT-valueInterpretation HCl14.09064091Significant YEPD with olive oil9.227499359Significant LB8.853411547Significant SolutionT-valueInterpretation HCl16.56507217Significant YEPD with olive oil9.180234272Significant LB0.203252419Insignificant

13 Solution 20 minT-valueInterpretation HCl18.64545306Significant YEPD with olive oil4.336946041Significant LB9.186129802Significant Solution 25 minT-valueInterpretation HCl10.13368813Significant YEPD with olive oil2.180440832Insignificant LB1.965971242Insignificant Solution 30 minT-valueInterpretation HCl11.72193431Significant YEPD with olive oil7.507926527Significant LB4.17720422Significant T-crit=3.5 Alpha=0.05

14 Solution 35 minT-valueInterpretation HCl18.48189016Significant YEPD with olive oil13.90690751Significant LB16.29837571Significant Solution 40 minT-valueInterpretation HCl13.22971839Significant YEPD with olive oil1.345021369Insignificant LB14.2439968Significant T-crit=3.5 Alpha=0.05

15 P-value 0.000216001

16 T-crit=3.5 Alpha=0.5 SolutionT-valueInterpretation HCl1.00877551Insignificant YEPD with olive oil23.02085053Significant LB1.976013204Insignificant

17  Reject the null hypothesis that there will be no variance of in the dissolution rate of Iron.  The two nutrient broths appeared to speed up the dissolution rate of iron when compared to the Hydrochloric acid  YEPD and olive oil broth appeared to aid in the dissolution of Iron more than the LB broth, because YEPD was a more nutrient rich broth.

18  Only 4 replicates were used  Absorbance readings may not have been synchronized  Only two different broths were used  Use different broths an oils to see which one works best  Use separate foods or juices to see if any foods can aid in dissolution  Use a ph of 6 to simulate the ph of the intestines  Test different supplements such as vitamins or calcium

19    Ferrous+Sulfate+Oral.aspx?drugid=4127 Ferrous+Sulfate+Oral.aspx?drugid=4127  275 275 

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