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Project Comenius under the slogan,,Our History our Pride and Strength” began in year 2012. Everyone wondered about whether our project will be accepted.

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2 Project Comenius under the slogan,,Our History our Pride and Strength” began in year 2012. Everyone wondered about whether our project will be accepted by the European Union. Fortunately, we received a chance to cooperate with other countries. In this project participated the best schools in the world…

3 Gimnazjum Numer 3 w Promniku im. H. Sienkiewicza Gimnazjum nr 3 is located in Promnik village in a small commune Strawczyn in Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship. The area is mostly dominated by agriculture and is one of the poorest regions of Poland with a high level of unemployment. There are about 100 teenagers studying in our school at the moment and some of them come from disadvantaged socio-economic families.

4 NEDIM ÖKMEN ANADOLU ÖĞRETMEN LİSESİ The school is situated in Kilis, a small border city in the south east of Turkey. It is a boarding school in which more than 550 students, majority of whom are girls, are educated. The school also has a kindergarten with two classes of 40 students aged 5-6. The boarding students stay at the dormitory of the school and visit their families once in one or two months in order that their success of lessons are not affected negatively.

5 ST PAUL'S CATHOLIC SCHOOL Saint Paul’s Catholic School is placed in a middle-class area. There are only two Catholic secondary schools in Leicester and the children who come to this school are principally from primary schools that are Catholic; not only primary schools in Leicester, but in the neighbouring areas.

6 ESCOLA BÁSICA E SECUNDÁRIA DE VELAS The school is in the town of Velas and it is currently comprised by 699 students from pre-school to the 12th grade, 52 employees and 102 teachers. Besides the classes, there are extracurricular activities, such as sports and clubs, namely music, art, European studies, science, math, chess, foreign languages, reading and entrepreneurship.


8 Promnik,Poland 18-23 November 2012 Our friends came to Poland ! Our school were prepared for a few weeks for this meeting. We were happy that we could meet students and teachers from Turkey and England. We wanted to show them our culture, how we study, how we live and of course our beautiful country. After visitig our school, polish students performed traditional dance called "Krakowiak".Turkish and British sudents showed to us their traditional dance too.We had a wounerful time.

9 During the first Project Meeting in Poland, we have organised the voting on the logo of our project. Each school brought three best works of their pupils and alltogether we have chosen the best of the best :) Its author was one of the Turkish students


11 Leicester, Uk -02-07 March 2013 From 2nd – 7th March 9 teachers and 18 students from Portugal, Poland and Turkey visited the city of Leicester to comply with the second mobility of the Comenius Project ‘Our history – our pride and strength’. During the mobility teachers and students had the o pportunity to visit St. Paul’s Catholic School(the host school of this mobility) and other places of historic interest such as Warwick Castle and Stratford- Upon-Avon (the birthplace of William Shakespeare), Leicester Cathedral and the Guildhall in Leicest er and also the newly discover remains of King Richard III. Our visitors also met the Lord Mayor of Leicester. During their visit teachers and students had the opportu nity to try the international cuisine of multicultural city of Lei cester. Such experiences will remain in their memories forever.


13 KILIS, TURKEY 28 April - 3 May 2013 From 28 th april to 3rd May 2013, 3 teachers and 5 students from Portugal and England visited the city of Kilis to undertake the third mobility of the Comenius Project ‘Our History- Our pride and Strength’ During this mobility, visiting teachers and students had the opportunity to pay a visit to Nedim Okmen Anadolu Ogretmen Lisesi and share with us a little of our school life. They were also received and officially welcomed by the Governorship of Kilis. In addition, Comenius students and teachers of the three participant schools had the opportunity to visit places of local and national historic interest, such as Monument of Sahin Bey, some museums and historical places in Kilis, Gaziantep and Antioch. We also shared meals showing characteristics of our region. But the most important outcome of this mobility was the opportunity to create friendships among students and teachers of different cultures, nationalities and religions, which will provide everybody involved in this project with a better understanding of today’s world and tolerance towards other ways of thinking.


15 Promnik, Poland 2013 On Sunday the 20 of October children and teachers arrived to Poland. On Monday the 21 of October was held a meeting in school in Promnik. There was an official welcome. Each country prepared a wonderful presentation! On Tuesday there was a trip to very famous polish city Cracow and Oświęcim. Next day on Wednesday the guests and hosts went a trip to Kielce followed by farewell dinner and disco! Everyone had a great time ;) On the 25 of October the students and teachers back their countries.


17 LEICESTER UK March 2014 Comenius project on days 08-13.04.14 these was a trip to England. A flight to the islands was plannes on Saturday and went well. All group gathered at 5;30 before H. Sienkiewicza's school in Promnik. Half an hour later we drove to the airport in Cracow. All clearnces were without problems and were on time 8;00 we took to England. At midday from London airport Stansted, people were droven by coach to Leicester city. After a short break the Companile hotel we went to supper. Next day it was a trip to Birmingham United Kingdom. They were mines, shops, pharmacies, old black-whites cinema. All day there was a good weather. After return to the hotel and short rest a group went to the Chinese restaurant. The third day in St. Paul's Catholic School, the students met people from England, Turkey, Portugal. A group was led around school, there was a chemistry lesson experiment, dance show. Later it was a lunch time in the school canteen. After luch each school show a own presentations, Before dinner it was a match poland vs England. Poland lost. After supper we returned to the hotel to have some rest. The fourth day there was a time for tour around Leicester. It is a beautiful town. Students wisited many old antique churches and museums. On the next day we bought lots of souvenirs. In the afternoon we visited Natural History Museum in Leicester. Then we came back to the hotel and rested, we had disco. Last day we went to the airport where we went to Cracow and then to Promnik. We were very excited and happy,

18 The first meeting of the Comenius project 'Our history our pride and strength' took place in Poland (18-24 of November 2012) where pupils of the member states (England and Turkey) presented their traditional folk dances. Turkish students presented traditional dance, which was very warmly weclomed also by students from other countries who joined the dancers, English students prepared several wonderful presentations, dances and also a drama about the birds. Finally, the polish students showed their traditional dance called- Polonez. English pupils presented choreography and a cabaret. Turkish students once again presented their dance and were teaching the technique to the gathered quests. Everyone stood up and wanted to try it! After the tutorial the students were pleased, happy and felt a bond between each other.

19 This year we did song’s exchange. Every country prepared the CDs with their folk songs. All songs were fantastic! This year we also did a sport gallery. Each group prepared some presentations about popular sport disciplines in their country. There were sent afterwards via Internet to the members of the project.

20 Comenius met the expectations of students and teachers from all countries participating in the project, formed the new friendships, found that more unites us than divides us. We met many interesting places in Europe. We were wonderful opportunity to meet turkish, portugies, english and polish culture as well as history and education system. This project also had a tremendous impact on the students taking part in it, children learnt English, learned tolerance and respect for friends. They had the chance to meet lifestyle of partner countries, exchange ideas, break down barriers and dispel national stereotypes and prejudices.

21 By: Natalia Korba Patrycja Świercz Mateusz Mróz Wiktoria Kowalska

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