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Professional Portfolio Henry Tam

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1 Professional Portfolio Henry Tam

2 Table of Contents Academic Achievement Honors Program3 Dean’s List4 Scholarship5 NSCS6 Finance Honors7 Skills Writing & Interpersonal8 Writing9 Analytical10 Computer11 Math12 Writing & Analytical13 Teamwork14 Thank You15

3 Academic Achievement After gaining acceptance into DePaul, I was invited to apply for the Honors Program because of my outstanding high school background. -Honors Program

4 I have consistently maintained a spot on the Dean’s List because I study hard to achieve excellent grades. Academic Achievement -Dean’s List

5 My excellent high school academic background as well as extracurricular involvement also earned me a scholarship at DePaul. -Scholarship Academic Achievement

6 With my strong college academic background, I was invited to become a member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars. -NSCS Academic Achievement

7 My hard work at DePaul has recently earned me an invitation to the Finance Honors Program where I will be exposed to challenging courses with an emphasis in teamwork and individual motivation. -Finance Honors Academic Achievement

8 Skills I am a staff writer for the DePaulia because it not only improves my interpersonal skills whenever I interview sources, it is a way to constantly improve my writing skills, and add the perspective of a Commerce student to the news staff. -Writing and Interpersonal

9 I was recommended as an editor for the DePaulia by the faculty advisor after taking my first journalism class with no experience. -Writing Skills

10 My analysis of Wal-Mart’s financial position earned me a grade (7/5) above the maximum in my accounting course. -Analytical Skills

11 I am proficient with many programs including Microsoft Excel, Word,PowerPoint, Internet Explorer, and familiar with Morningstar, ProSeries, and Quickbooks. -Computer Skills

12 My math skills earned my Statement of Cash Flows a perfect score (37/37) in my accounting course. -Math Skills

13 My marketing report provided an excellent summary and key points of a company’s marketing concepts. “Excellent Report…I’d appreciate a copy of your report for my example file.” -Professor Robert O’Keefe -Writing and Analytical Skills

14 I am able to work collaboratively and contribute to group work. My group case study for Management Information Systems earned an “A”. -Teamwork Skills

15 Thank you for your time and consideration!

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