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The traditional folklore dance /horo/ in the schoolyard realized as an attempt for a Guinness world record.

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4 The traditional folklore dance /horo/ in the schoolyard realized as an attempt for a Guinness world record

5 The beginning: On the 2nd February 1987 144th Secondary School welcomed the first alumni in 20 classes and with 30 people as a teaching staff. The school has been working out traditions and its own profile for 18 years now.


7 There are 1252 students in 55 classes in the144th Secondary School “Narodni Buditeli” now. 108 highly qualified teachers and 9 outside lecturers take care for them. The school is a base for qualification for students from Sofia University “St. Climent Ohridski”, New Bulgarian University and the Specialized Higher Institute of Library Science and Information Technologies. We have been working on UC programmer – “Socrates – Comenius 1, 2, 3” for 4 years. Ours is the only school in Bulgaria, member of The International Dance Council (CID) within the UNESCO headquarters.

8 This is a small part of well-deserved rewards given to our students for their hard work during the years.

9 Some of the students from the most Bulgarian school on the way to their next performance.

10 Always actual! A municipal School of Arts, an alternative version to the state schools of arts within Ministry of Education! A desired place for education! An intellectual centre for extracurricular activities and hobbies!

11 A high level of general and profiled education Competitiveness Guaranteed success for the secondary school and university candidates Wide general knowledge, foreign language fluency, computer skills Practical applicability of the acquired skills and knowledge Alternatives, adaptation, perspectives PERSONALITY – SOCIETY – LABOUR MARKET !

12 The school has at its disposal spacious classrooms, chemistry, biology and physics laboratories, specialized music rooms, arts rooms, three choreography halls and sports facilities, three computer labs, a multimedia lab, a library, a bookshop, a swimming pool, an assembly hall, a buffet and a canteen.

13 The swimming рool is students and teachers’ favorites place for sports activities

14 There is equipment suitable for everybody in the fitness halls – for gymnastics, sauna, and solarium.



17 A piano lesson under the proficient guidance of the teacher


19 Still life pained with a lot of endeavor by a student of ours.





24 Different activities according to students’ interests in Dancing folk ensemble “Medena pitka”, Children’s vocal group “Shturche” /a little cricket/, the school choir, a brass band, a Folklore orchestra, a vocal group for folklore singing, a Sports club “Olympic”, Multimedia English language teaching, foreign languages – German, Spanish, Russian and Persian, Latin-American and competitive dances, Martial Arts, Chess, Aerobics, fitness, swimming and many others comfortable to our students and their parents wishes.


26 The school works on EU projects “Comenius 1, 2, 3” Guests in our school from Greece, Italy and Poland On-stage performance of the students from class 6G On the day of students’ self – government students and teachers change their places.




30 144 th Secondary School “Narodni Buditeli” Bulgaria, Sofia city, district Mladost, t el.:0359 2/77 01 73; 77 40 52; 77 44 57 Fax: 77 01 73; email:; Transport: you can reach the school by buses № 213; 214 passing through “Philip Avramov” Street and buses № 76; 305; 306; 111 passing through “Alexander Malinov” Boulevard. Route taxis №1, 3, 4, and 6,27,29,36


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