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KSBA Agenda Item JENKINS HIGH SCHOOL. Our School Council Brian Bentley Teresa Bentley Brenda Braddock David Grimm Susan Rolen Azure Wright.

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2 Our School Council Brian Bentley Teresa Bentley Brenda Braddock David Grimm Susan Rolen Azure Wright

3 About Our School Jenkins Middle High School is located off of US-23 at the base of Jenkins Mountain. The physical structure that now houses the students in seventh through twelfth grade was built in 1971. The faculty and staff of the school strive to ensure that all students receive the finest education to provide them with a firm foundation for future success. All required core classes are offered at the school as well as electives in each discipline. Extracurricular activities include football, basketball, baseball, softball, track, cross- country, cheerleading, golf, and band. There is a wide range of student clubs offered for student participation. We are fortunate to have a Family Resource Youth Service Center (FRYSC) located in our school. The FRYSC offers support to promote success for all students at JMHS. They help to meet student, school, and community needs. With today's changing world, Jenkins Middle High School remains a solid foundation for the future success of our youth

4 How Our School Ensures Educational Equity Measures are in place at Jenkins Middle High School to ensure educational equity for all students regardless of race, gender, socioeconomic status, or disabilities. All teachers incorporate and implement classroom instructional activities differentiated to meet all student learning needs. Students have access to various software designed to remove educational barriers and provide for different learning styles and needs. Data analysis is conducted annually using the results from state mandated testing. This review includes an analysis of gaps among groups and content areas. Gaps are identified and addressed in the Comprehensive School Improvement Plan.

5 School Enrollment (as of May 21, 2007) 273





10 National Norm Referenced Test: The national norm referenced test used in Kentucky, the CTBS, allows us to compare the basic skills of our students with national benchmarks established in 1996. These scores are reported in percentiles, or the percentage of students who fell below a particular score on the test. For example, “60%ile” indicates that the average student in our school scored equal to or better than 60 percent of all students across the nation who took the test. National Norm Reference Test (CTBS)= GRADE 9: –Reading Language ArtsMathematics School51%tile40%tile34%tile State58%tile50%tile51%tile Nation50%tile50%tile50%tile

11 ACT Five Year Trend: The ACT is America’s most widely accepted college entrance exam. It assesses high school students’ general educational development and their ability to complete college-level work. The multiple-choice tests cover four skill areas: English, mathematics, reading, and science. All Kentucky juniors are required to take the ACT, beginning in the 2007- 2008 school year, because of an action of the 2006 Kentucky Legislature. This chart shows our schools progress on the ACT over the past five years.


13 Other Measures: The third component of CATS is our school’s performance in attendance, retention*, dropout rate and, for successful transition to adult life. Data in these tables reflect our performance during the 2005 - 2006 school year. AttendanceRetentionDropoutGraduation Rate 92.39%2.80%0%97.14%

14 CollegeMilitaryWork Voc/TechWork &Not Training PT School Successful 50.00%5.90%29.40%2.90%8.80%2.90%

15 This number looks skewed because of the formula KDE uses to calculate the student resources. Small districts use funds form many different sources that are not part of the formula. Next year, they are going to work with us to make our number more reflective of the actual amount that is being sent at the school.


17 How do our scores compare to local schools/districts? Jenkins High57.1Progressing-Novice Reduction Buckhorn57.8Assistance-Level 3 Letcher Central66Progressing-Novice Reduction Perry Central70.5Progressing- East Ridge73.5Progressing-Dropout Shelby Valley78Meets goal Belfry78.9Meets goal Pikeville Independent91.7Meets goal Pike Central93Meets goal Hazard Ind.93.6Meets goal Phelps94.3Meets goal

18 Parent Involvement

19 Teacher Qualifications These numbers do not include administrators, guidance counselors, or library media specialists. Upon request, our district will provide information about the qualifications of a child’s teachers and teachers’ aides.

20 State Contest Results: During the 2005-2006 school year Jenkins Middle High School students participated in and received recognition and awards at the state level in track and cross-country. One student was a National Wendy’s Heisman Finalist. Several students were named as Academic All-State Athletes and Honorable Mention All-State in Girls’ & Boys’ Basketball.

21 Extracurricular Activities: The JHS sports program includes girls’ & boys’ golf, girls & boys golf, girls & boys cross-country, girls & boys basketball, girls & boys track, cheerleading, football, baseball, & fast-pitch softball. The JMS sports program includes football, cheerleading, and boys & girls basketball, marching band and academic team. JMHS offers approximately 20 clubs including STLP, National & Jr. National Honor Society, Beta & Jr. Beta, FCA, FCCLA, SADD among others.

22 Awards and Recognitions: 2005-2006 Scholarships were Pikeville College Presidential, Pikeville College Academic, Alice Lloyd Presidential, Alice Lloyd Athletic, PSI, Renal Disease Society, Jenkins Masonic Lodge, Kentuckian Wesleyan, Southeast Community College, Letcher County Homemakers, Mountain Heritage Scholarship, Beta Sigma Phi Scholarship, Farm Bureau Scholarship,, Ruby Zidaroff Scholarship, Wal-Mart Scholarship, and Viola Phillips Scholarship.

23 What We are Doing to Improve: JMHS is working towards improving student achievement so that all students will reach proficiency by 2014. School & staff needs are identified through detailed analysis of federal, state, and norm-referenced testing results. That information is used to determine strengths and weaknesses that will inform comprehensive school improvement planning. JMHS is participating in the 21st Century grant to enhance after school programs and the environmental learning setting.

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