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duPont Manual National Honor Society

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1 duPont Manual National Honor Society

2 Welcome NHS is the most prestigious organization at most any high school in the Nation No exception at Manual NHS members are the best of the best of best of the best

3 What NHS is Looking For Well-rounded, self-motivated students that are committed to academics & service If interested to pad your resume, NHS not the best organization for you Closely evaluate your time commitments (academics, extra curricular, employment, family…) NHS obligations combined with upper level class work can be demanding (25% attrition per year)

4 Got What it Takes? Review the qualities that applicants for duPont Manual’s NHS are expected to possess If you possess these qualities, then you are well on your way to becoming a member of Manual’s NHS Several steps to the application process

5 Selection Process? There is really not a selection process. It is really more of an application process. If: You meet the specified criteria for each area of the application process Complete the application correctly to show you meet the specified criteria Provide all information, signatures, etc., requested by the application Turn the completed application in by the specified deadline with your check attached You will make it to the 2nd round (summer proj)

6 Application Process Watch the rest of the duPont Manual NHS presentation Go to NHS web site on School Center Student Organizations National Honor Society Download the teacher recommendation forms & give to 3 teachers

7 Application Process The next step is to fill out your Personal Information. See the Membership section on the Manual NHS website.

8 Application Process Download & complete the Manual NHS application form (MS Word file) Applications not fully completed will not be reviewed. Applications must be completed electronically.

9 Application Process Verify that all info on application accurately represents you Print out the completed application Print the required sentence “in your own handwriting” where indicated. Attach a $25 check, made out to duPont Manual NHS

10 Application Process Take application to notary public where you & your parent or guardian will sign Turn in the completed, notarized application (Room 206) by 2:30 pm on the last day that school is in session in February. You (or your parents ) CAN NOT just drop off the application. There are 2 forms to sign (NHS & MRF). Applications that are just dropped off WILL NOT be reviewed.

11 Application Process Late applications will not be accepted, even if you have excused absence on the day the applications are due (i.e. field trip, etc.) Turn application in early to assure meeting the deadline By signing application, you are agreeing to allow the NHS officers, sponsor, and faculty council members to review all info provided or that may be needed in the future to verify compliance with NHS membership requirements Signing also signifies you have read the Constitution & Bylaws & had any questions you might have answered.

12 Application Process All decisions regarding students’ acceptance or non-acceptance to NHS are final and there is no appeals process All those with complete and qualifying applications will be informed in late April or Early May that they are official candidates. They maintain their candidate status until: Verification of cumulative GPA or higher after spring term Submitting completed summer project with appropriate documentation by the indicated deadline Induction ceremony in early September

13 Committee Look Fors Scholarship
Cumulative GPA above & explain any semester grades below a “C” Counselor’s office must verify If selected during initial phase, you will be an official candidate until cumulative GPA verified after current semester

14 Committee Look Fors Leadership
MUST show you have been active in the classroom, school or community organizations during your high school years List the names of organizations and any special recognition, awards, or honors (including scholarships) that you may have received Indicate if you hold or have held an office or were a candidate for an office, be sure too include all the specifics on the application

15 Committee Look Fors Service
Service is defined as a positive, non-self-serving contribution to the welfare of others Selection committee looking for record of active school and/or community service during your years at MHS List all service projects completed or involved in since you began 9th grade, include name of the organization, name of project, contact person or phone number & relevant specifics of involvement

16 Committee Look Fors Character
NHS members MUST exemplify good character (Write how you personally best exemplify character) List specifics of any referrals or disciplinary actions (includes excessive tardies, absences, phones In class) Submit 3 Teacher Recommendations (forms found on duPont Manual NHS website) Give your teachers plenty of time before the deadline MUST have 3 recommendations from teachers at Manual who have had you as student or part of an EC activity. Committee is looking for 3 “Very Good” or better recommendations and an exemplary discipline record. Any marks from a single teacher in the shaded area typically results in non-selection.

17 Committee Look Fors Work Experience, Recognition, Awards & EC
List job experiences, honors, or recognitions Include summer jobs, names of the employers & position held, and then any relevant specifics that may be pertinent to the selection committee Working during your high school years is not a requirement for NHS; however, having done so while meeting all the other requirements of membership may help strengthen application List all extracurricular involvement under this heading as well (discussed on next slide)

18 Committee Look Fors Extracurricular Activities
Manual NHS is looking for well-rounded members Committee is looking for involvement in at least two Extracurricular activities, one of which must be a Manual High School activity

19 Good luck & we look forward to having you in our organization.
Thank You. Good luck & we look forward to having you in our organization.

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