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Preston School Board Meeting November 20, 2013 Superintendent Report.

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1 Preston School Board Meeting November 20, 2013 Superintendent Report

2  The Agricultural Mechanics team was made up of Jackson Sharp, Wes Lowe and Heather Wiinn, they placed 10th out of 44 teams at the National competition. Jackson was the 10th high individual and recieved a $400 cash award, the team recieved a gold team plaque and a welder from Lincoln. (all three students are now graduated from High School)   The Food Science Team was made up of Hannah Roberts, Madison Jensen, Kendal May and Katelynn Palmer they placed 18th as a team recieving a silver team award. Katelynn placed 19th and Hannah 21st individually.   The students were honored to represent Preston and Idaho at the events. STUDENT RECOGNITIONS


4  Pioneer- Mrs. Shuman 99.2823%  PJH- Mr. Allred 1st P 98.8235%  PHS- Mr. Lyons 5th P 98.45%  Oakwood - Mrs. Kohler 97.9848% STUDENT RECOGNITIONS ATTENDANCE WINNERS

5  Pioneer - 2012 = 96.66, 2013 = 97.21%  Oakwood – 2012 = 96.68%, 2013 = 96.70%  PJHS 2012 = 97%, 2013 = 97%  PHS 2012 = 97%, 2013 = 94% Attendance Window %

6  Recommendations:  Weigh Scores (Achievement 40%, Growth to Achievement 40%, Growth for subgroups 20%).  Safe Harbor (Achievement OR Growth)  Re-name System  Increase Required Subgroups (n = 35 from n =25)  Extend testing grace period for LEP students  Reduce testing requirements STAR RATING SYSTEM

7  Proposed Education Budget 5.4%  Fund Balances  Governor’s Task Force ISBA UPDATE

8  PRESTON SCHOOL DISTRICT  Snow-Day Procedures for School Bus Transportation  In anticipation of winter weather, the Preston School District is working to prepare schools and patrons for what could possibly be a “snow day.” To keep from having to make up days during Spring Break or extending days into summer vacation, the Preston School District will avoid closing schools for a complete snow day if at all possible. If a large storm does hit our district in the late evening or early morning, bus pick ups and school starting times may be set back exactly TWO hours later than the original times. This delayed start will give adequate time for snowplows to clear roads and ensure traveling is safe for all drivers in and around Preston City.  For example: A school regularly starting at 8:00 a.m. will start at 10:00 a.m. on a Late Start Day. A regular bus pick up at 7:15 a.m. will be at 9:15 a.m. on a Late Start Day.  ALL schools, however, will keep dismissal times as originally scheduled. Students will be released from school at the normally scheduled times they are accustomed to.  If you are unsure of whether or not a storm has warranted a Late Start Day, please check the Preston School District Web site, or tune into KACH Radio or KNVU Radio for updated information regarding the status of the school day. If a notice has not been posted by 6:00 a.m., schools and bus routes will likely operate on the standard schedule.  Please contact your school for more details regarding the emergency closures. Thank you for helping your student to understand these procedures.  Thank you! Late Start Procedure

9  IHSAA Rule 816  Idaho Code 33-203  Home school students cannot be denied the opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities if they live in district boundaries. Full-time students can be given preference on teams that require roster limits. Home School Students & Extracurricular Activities

10  Construction Ongoing FCHS Update

11  198 half-time PHS students involved in SEITec. Our soft skills seminar was wonderful last week! We had over 100 students there and had three great presenters: Fred Titensor, Courtney Dursteller (Hospital) and Larry Stokes. They gave the students some excellent advice. Fred could share some details. Twenty laptops have been ordered for the EMT lab along with access ports for Mrs. King and Mr. Allred's rooms. Alice and Eric have planned field trips to ISU/BYU-I for their students within the next month as well SEI Tech Update

12  Don’t Fail Idaho  ACT Prep Class  Summer Dual Credit Institute  Ed. Foundation: Focus on Dual Credit Classes  Guests: Bonnie Nielsen, Melissa Waddoups re: West Side Dual Credit Program Public Relations:

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