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Up Front with Dr. Terranova Eastchester UFSD Preliminary Budget 2013-14.

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1 Up Front with Dr. Terranova Eastchester UFSD Preliminary Budget 2013-14

2 Elements of Budget Development Educational Programs o Curriculum and Instruction o Special Education and Pupil Personnel o Extra-Curricular and Athletics Staffing Analysis (instructional and classified) Technology Facilities Transportation o Bidding to ensure the best service provider at best price o Consortium for Out of District Transportation Debt Service o Payments for all construction debt and tax certioraris o We maintain AA1 Moody’s Rating – most favorable interest rates on borrowing State and Federal Mandates

3 Instructional Program and Academic Achievement The District offers an instructional program that provides students with a rigorous education and the ability to challenge themselves to the greatest possible extent. The District’s assessment scores, graduation rates, and college acceptances are among the best in Westchester County, New York State, and the United States.

4 The 3-8 NYSED Assessment scores in math, ELA, and science are among the top 5% in New York State. 100% of 8th grade students taking the Algebra and Earth Science Regents Exams achieved proficiency levels New electives in High School Science and Digital Citizenry in the Middle School The 2011-12 Eastchester High School pass rates, the percentage of all students passing their respective courses, was the highest it has been since before 1999. Over 90% of Eastchester High School students taking the Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II and Trigonometry, English, Global History, US History, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics regents exams achieved proficiency levels; the highest percentage since the late 1990’s

5 2012 marked Eastchester High School’s highest percentage of students graduating with a Regents or Advanced Regents Diploma. For the 7 th consecutive year, over 90% of our graduates pursued a college education. Of the 19 different Advanced Placement exams offered at the HS, Eastchester students out-performed the national and state average scores on 14 of those exams Nearly half of all 2012 graduates scored a 3 or higher on at least 1 AP.

6 Extracurricular Activities The District offers dozens of extra-curricular and athletic activities that help students to maximize the school experience. Eastchester’s sports program offers students of all interest and skill levels the opportunity to participate in athletics through intramural and interscholastic sports.

7 Extracurricular Activities Science Olympiads 72 eighth grade students inducted into the National Junior Honor Society - May 2012 Performing Arts Program that includes Players’ Club and Jazz Co. Art, Spanish, Italian, French, Math, Science, Business, and National Honor Societies Participation in Model Congress, Academic Challenge, and National History Bowl Last year we had 15 teams receive scholar athlete recognition (Girls and Boys soccer, volleyball, swimming, Boys X-Country, Girls and Boys indoor track, Gymnastics, Girls Basketball, Golf, Softball, Boys & Girls Lacrosse, Boys & Girls Track) We had a Con Edison award recipient this winter in Boys Varsity Basketball We had numerous teams compete successfully throughout the sectional tournaments – All of our fall athletic teams and coaches volunteered to run Eastchester Youth Sports Day

8 Community Service Students volunteer their time to support worthy charities through student government organizations and other service related clubs. Character education programs such as Rachel’s Challenge, Kindness Follows Caring, and Greenvale Pride are integral in educating the whole child.

9 Community Service Efforts included collecting money and supplies for victims of Hurricane Sandy Eastchester Schools remained open into the evening hours for families in our community who were without power as a result of Hurricane Sandy. Full school implementation of the Dignity for All Students Act Continue to support various service organizations in our district including Habitat for Humanity, the Human Rights Club, and Operation Smile.

10 Instructional Programs Academic Support Co-Curricular Clubs Athletics Arts State & Federal Mandates Facility Needs Tax Levy Limit Class Size Technology 2013-14 Eastchester School District Offerings

11 Challenges Budgetary constraints Federal and State mandates Depleting revenue streams Increased enrollment

12 2013-14 Key Budget Information The maximum allowable tax levy limit is 3.74% This means the District must reduce spending by $684,048 for 2013-14

13 Steps We Have Already Taken to Reduce Spending The Eastchester School District has already reduced spending by over $1,000,000 in 2012-13. The Eastchester School District has eliminated approximately 60 positions district- wide over the last four years and reconfigured contracts and programs to reduce spending.

14 Elementary School Budgets Category12/1313/14 Staffing & benefits $24,710,245 $25,092,118 Equipment 0 0 Contractual 10,060 9,320 Textbooks 92,100 98,250 Library books & software 9,200 13,000 Instructional materials 72,614 63,404 Total $24,894,219 $25,276,092

15 Middle School Budget Category12/1313/14 Staffing & benefits$12,825,741 $13,076,995 Equipment 0 0 Contractual 16,817 Textbooks 32,168 Library books & software 8,364 Instructional materials 42,611 Total$12,925,701$13,176,955

16 High School Budget Category12/1313/14 Staffing & benefits$ 16,390,932 $16,762,276 Equipment 0 0 Contractual 27,072 28,572 Textbooks 29,755 Library books & software 7,000 Instructional materials 68,510 67,010 Total$ 16,523,269$16,894,613

17 Staffing SchoolSections 2012-13 Proposed Sections 2013-14 Waverly2120 Anne Hutchinson 2423 Greenvale2019 Total6562

18 Class Size (* estimate) SchoolGradeProposed Sections 2013- 14 Average Class Size Waverly K10 23.0* 11022.6 Anne Hutchinson 2523.8 3425.0 45 5524.8 Greenvale 2622.6 3523.2 4625.3 5622.3

19 Proposed Reductions 3 Elementary Class Sections (-$281,000) 2 Afternoon (only) buses at the Middle/High School (-$110,000) Additional Reductions $285,048 in reductions remain to be considered.

20 Next Steps District Administration will: continue to evaluate staffing and program needs; explore additional cost saving measures; work towards our goal of delivering a high quality education experience to all of our students in the most efficient way, given the constraints of the tax levy cap.

21 Budget Vote and Trustee Election Date: May 21, 2013 Time: 6:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. Locations: Eastchester High School Gym 235 Garth Road Community Center (Garth Road Residents only)

22 “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit.” - Aristotle

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