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High School 101 Class of 2018. PRINCIPAL Claire Hafets.

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1 High School 101 Class of 2018

2 PRINCIPAL Claire Hafets



5 What are the graduation requirements for the class of 2018? Question 1

6 High School Assessments Service Learning Credit Requirements Career Preparation

7 English4 creditsHealth1/2 credit Social Studies3 creditsFine Arts1 credit Mathematics*3 creditsTechnology Ed.1 credit Science3 creditsProgram Choice2 - 4 credits Lifetime Fitness1/2 creditElectives1 - 3 credits Credit Requirements

8 2 credits Career & Technology Completer 4 credits 2 credits World Language or Program Choices Advanced Technology


10 What are the Career Academy options? Question 2

11 Mr. Andrew Cockley Principal ARL

12 Accounting Allied Health Architectural Automotive Technology Biotechnology Business Management Career Research and Development Certified Nursing Assistant Child Development Computer Programming Construction Management Culinary Science Cybersecurity Networking Emergency Medical Technician Finance Career Academies Government, Law and Public Administration Health Professions Homeland Security and Emergency Management Hotel and Restaurant Management Marketing Pre-Engineering – Project Lead the Way* Systems and Project Engineering Teacher Academy Visual Communications *PLTW Academy – only academy available for 9 th graders

13 ARL Information Nights January 9 th at the ARL January 23 rd at the Miller Branch Library


15 How does my child select classes? Question 3

16 Middle School Teacher makes course recommendation Student takes course request form home Parent reviews, signs and returns course request form to Middle School Counselor Middle School Counselor reviews request form and forwards form to High School The Course Selection Process



19 What is my role in the course selection process? Question 4

20 1.Talk with your child about goals for the next four years. 3.Take the most rigorous courses possible while enjoying other aspects of high school. 2.Review course recommendations with your child and make the best decision for your child.

21 What is a typical academic schedule for a ninth grade student? Question 5

22 A Typical 9th Grade Schedule English 9 United States History Mathematics Science Health/ Lifetime Fitness World Language (Program Choice) Fine Arts

23 What does the high school schedule look like? Question 6

24 StartEndClass Time Period 17:258:1550 minutes Period 28:209:1050 minutes Period 39:1510:0550 minutes Period 4A and 4B 10:1012:25 Includes a 30 minute lunch Period 512:251:1550 minutes Period 61:202:1050 minutes

25 What are weighted and unweighted grade point averages? Question 7

26  Both weighted and unweighted GPA’s are reported on the transcript. See page 12 in Catalog.  Starting this year both weighted and unweighted GPA will be reported. See Policy 8020. Weighted and Unweighted Grade Point Average (GPA)

27 What is the attendance policy for high school students? Question 8

28  All students are expected to attend regularly in accordance with public school laws.  Any student with unlawful absences of more than 5% of the course may be considered for denial of credit.

29 What is academic eligibility? Question 9

30  Governs participation in all voluntary extracurricular activities.  Must maintain a 2.0 grade point average and no more than one failing grade for the marking period prior to the start of the activity.  All incoming 9th graders are academically eligible for fall extracurricular activities.  See Policy 9070.

31 What are some other important aspects of high school? Question 10

32 Athletic Teams School Clubs Cheerleading/ Dance/ Poms Service Clubs School Plays/ Musicals Class Boards Extracurricular Activities

33  February 3 rd – Course Request Forms Sent to High Schools  February 21 th – Last day for CPR  May/June – Registered Courses Sent Home  June 5 th – Middle School Visit to CHS  August – Schedules Mailed Home  August 21 st – New Student Orientation Important Dates:

34 Questions? Break-Out Sessions Counselors – Student Services Music - 703 Dance – Dance Studio Theater Arts - 801 Humanities Remain in Auditorium All Others in Cafeteria!

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