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______________________________ Connecticut Mastery Test Student Information.

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1 ______________________________ Connecticut Mastery Test Student Information

2 What is the role standardized tests (CMT, CAPT, CAPT, PSAT, SAT/ACT) play in impacting my academic career as a student in the Norwalk Public School System? CMT = Connecticut Mastery Test CAPT = Connecticut Academic Performance Test PSAT = Preliminary Scholastic Assessment Test SAT = Scholastic Assessment Test ACT = American College Test

3 Connecticut Mastery Test Are you going to “Master” this test?

4  Three major areas are assessed on each grade level: READING WRITING MATHEMATICS Science (Grade 8 Students ONLY)

5  Reading has two sections 1. Degrees of Reading Power (DRP) DRP subtest tests your ability to understand what has been read. You will read a nonfiction text with missing words and then choose appropriate words to complete the text/sentences. 2. Reading Comprehension Reading Comprehension subtest tests your understanding of both fiction and nonfiction passages through multiple-choice questions and open-ended questions that require written responses.

6 Writing has two subsets 1. Direct Assessment of Writing (DAW)  DAW subtest requires you to draft a piece of writing in response to a given topic. (Persuasive Writing in Language Arts?????) 2. Editing & Revising  Editing & Revising subtest requires you to answer multiple-choice questions to show how well you can edit and revise a written passage.

7  Math ability is measured through word problems and basic math functions  This test section measures your ability in areas such as calculations, estimation, fractions, word problems, and patterns  Your score is determined from a range of skills and concepts expected to be mastered by the time of testing. The Mathematics test has multiple-choice, open-ended and grid-in questions. On grid-in questions (grades 6 through 8), the student must write the correct numeric answer in boxes and then fill in the matching bubble below each box. Grade 8 Science

8  The science test measures your understanding of important scientific concepts from life, earth and physical science strands, as well as the ability to apply those concepts to real-world issues. In addition, there is a major focus on scientific inquiry and using scientific reasoning to solve problems. The Science test includes a combination of multiple-choice and open- ended questions.

9 Below Basic Score = 1 Basic Score = 2 Proficient Score = 3 Goal Score = 4 Advanced Score = 5

10 I. Follow multiple step direction as presented by your teacher or as written in test booklet II. Accurately shade in an answer bubble III. Write legibly in cursive or manuscript on lines provided in the test booklet for open ended questions IV. Use a calculator and ruler

11 The CMT’s will make you, your parents, school staff and the community aware of the level of learning and achievement at Ponus Ridge Middle School The CMT will show how you have performed locally and statewide Doing well creates opportunities in Middle and High School class placements (Algebra, Honors/AP classes) The CMT will identify your strengths and weaknesses A source of information to begin to think of career choices you may desire.

12 1. Be ready by knowing when (day/date & time) and what test is being given 2. Get a good night sleep 3. Eat a good breakfast 4. Be on time to school 5. Invest effort and time in extracurricular activities that help prepare you for the CMT tests.

13 6. Answer every question to the best of your knowledge (do not leave any blanks) 7. Use your time wisely by not spending too much time on any given question 8. Read every night for at least 30 minutes 9. Do your best!!!!!

14 a) Reading b) Writing c) Mathematics d) Science e) All of the Above

15 a) 7  10 b) 1  4 c) 3  5 d) 2  5

16 a) If I have earned a team bracelet I do not have to take the CMT! b) Doing well on the CMT creates opportunities in Middle and High School class placements! c) CMT is not Important! d) The CMT helps to identify my strengths and weaknesses!


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