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A Short Portrait of Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf.

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2 A Short Portrait of Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf

3 Impressions of HHU 3

4 Oeconomicum of the Faculty of Business and Economics 4

5 Students Total27.527 Foreign students3.031 Academic Studies Faculties5 Study programs69 University staff Professors260 Staff members3.000 University Hospital Patients each year200.000 Staff members5.700 Heinrich Heine University at a Glance 5 Numbers of winter term 2013/14

6 The City of Düsseldorf 6 Ghery Building with Rhine Tower

7 HHU in the Heart of Europe  The international headquarters of many industries and service companies  An international aiport  An open-minded and tolerant atmosphere of the city  A vital art and fashion scene  A broad range of educational and leisure activities  The largest Japanese Community on continental Europe  Many sights, shopping opportunities and cultural events 7 HHU is located in the dynamic city of Düsseldorf

8 Key research areas Life sciences: Medicine, Biotechnology, Structural Biology, Cell Biology, Psychology Natural sciences: Plasma Physics, Soft Matter, Chemistry Humanities, cultural studies and social sciences: Practical Philosophy, Linguistics, Media Science and Social Sciences Law and economics with links to Düsseldorf 8 The four key fields of research

9 Outstanding Research Centers  HHU has an established tradition of inventions, patent applications and technology transfer  Successful spin-off companies based on HHU research  High international reputation of the University Hospital and the Faculty of Medicine  Strong partners:  Forschungszentrum Jülich  German Diabetes Center  Leibniz Research Institute 9 Life Science, Physics, Chemistry, Language and Social Sciences

10 Research and Innovation 10 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer in Jülich

11 Excellence Initiative 11 With the project CEPLAS HHU has succeeded in the national competition of the Excellence Initiative by the German federal state government. CEPLAS – Cluster of Excellence on Plant Sciences

12 What is CEPLAS? CEPLAS is a joint effort of HHU, University of Cologne, Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research and Forschungszentrum Jülich.  The goals are inventive strategies for sustainable plant production.  CEPLAS focuses on Cutting edge, interdisciplinary science Promotion of young researchers 12 From complex traits to synthetic modules

13 Collaborative Research Centres (DFG)  Kommunikation und Systemrelevanz bei Leberschädigung und Regeneration (CRC 974)  The Structure of Representations in Language, Cognition, and Science (CRC 991)  Relativistic Laser Plasma Dynamics (TRR 18)  Physics of Colloidal Dispersions in External Fields (TRR 6) 7 CRCs with HHU participation 13 CRCs coordinated at HHU

14 Research Units (DFG)  Hepatobiliary Transport and Liver Diseases (CRU 217)  Antiinfectious Effector Programs: Signals and Mediators (RU 729)  Political Communication Online (RU 1381)  Multi-Port Bone Surgery using the Lateral Skull Base as an Example (MUKNO) (RU 1585) 7 research units with HHU participation 22 EU framework research programmes 14 RUs coordinated at HHU

15 Research Training Groups (DFG)  Molecular Targets of the Ageing Process and Strategies for the Prevention of Ageing (RTG 1033)  Dynamics of Hot Plasmas (RTG 1203)  The Dynamic Response of Plants to a Changing Environment (iRTG 1525)  Molecular Targets of the Ageing Process and Strategies for the Prevention of Ageing (RTG 1033) 15 RTGs coordinated at HHU

16 Studying at HHU 16  Students may choose among 69 different study programs  German studies, History, Law, Biology and Medicine are the most popular Undergraduate and Graduate Study Programs (2013)

17 17 Faculty of Law Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Medical Faculty Faculty of Business Administration and Economics Faculty of Arts and Humanities Heinrich Heine University has 5 Faculties

18 Medical Faculty The Faculty of Medicine comprises 31 institutes 30 clinics 2 central facilities - an animal experiment facility - a biomedical research center It offers the following study courses: Medicine and Dentistry as well as the postgraduate Master of Science in Public Health, Toxicology and Endodontology. 18

19 Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences  The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (MNF) employs more than 800 scientists in seven departments: Biology, Chemistry, Computer Sciences, Mathematics, Pharmacy, Physics and Psychology.  Among the wide-ranging research areas covered by the faculty, several cooperative programmes put specific emphasis on Life Sciences and Physics 19

20 The Faculty comprises twelve individual departments English and American Studies 1839 students German Languages and Literatures 2663 students Historical Studies 1887 students Jewish Studies 378 students Classical Studies 9 students Art History 655 students Media- and Culture Studies 566 students Japanese Studies 615 students Philosophy 1043 students Romance Languages and Literatures 1418 students Social Sciences 961 students Linguistics and Information Science 1188 students Faculty of Arts and Humanities 20

21 Interdisciplinary cooperation Due to interdisciplinary cooperation the Faculty of Arts and Humanities established novel programs such as o Linguistics o Information Sciences and Language Technology o Media and Culture Sciences o Media Culture Analysis, Political Communication and Social Sciences. 21

22 Faculty of Law  Apart from a traditional law course, an integrated German-French course of study and a supplementary course in Anglo-American Law are also offered.  In addition, Düsseldorf Law School offers post- graduate further education courses in Intellectual Property Law, Information Rights Law and Medical Law. 22

23 Faculty of Business Administration and Economics  The Faculty of Business Administration and Economics at the Heinrich Heine University Duesseldorf is one of the newest and, in terms of student and teacher numbers, also one of the smallest business administration and economics faculties in Germany.  The Faculty offers Bachelor of Science (BSc) and Master of Science (MSc) degree programs in Business Administration, Economics as well as Business and Chemistry. 23

24 Qualifications for Life  HHU provides qualications for academic and professional careers  Practical experience and transferable skills in all curricula  More than a 100 exchange programs on teaching level  The Student Service Center offers individual councelling and coaching  The Studierendenakademie offers career service  Student assiociations organize tutorials and study groups 24 Academic and professional goals

25 Doctoral Research 25 Graduate academies

26 Heine Research Academies (HeRA) The graduate academies offer and promote  Structured programs  Transferable skills  Networks with leading partners in industry and economy  Support for doctoral researchers 26 iGRAD (Science) philGRAD (Arts) MedRSD (Medicine)

27 International Cooperation 27 More than 250 partnerships

28 Internationalisation of HHU  HHU is involved in 200 cooperative projects  Supports international collaborative research  Facilitates the exchange of knowledge International Students come from more than 110 countries: Europe (48%) Asia (32%) Africa (15%) the Americas (5%) Regions and countries of focus are the European Union, Japan, Israel and the USA 28 Worldwide Connections (2014)

29 University of Nantes (France), since 1973 University of Naples Federico II (Italy), since 1985 Peking University (China), since 1987 University of Alicante (Spain), since 1987 University of Reading (UK), since 1990 University of California Davis (USA), since 1990 Charles University Prague (Czech Republic), since 1998 Keio University, Tokyo (Japan), since 1999 Sapienza University of Rome (Italy), since 2004 Beijing Foreign Studies University BFSU (China), since 2006 Chongqing University (China), since 2007 Aoyama Gakuin University AGU (Japan), since 2010 Doshisha University (Japan), since 2011 Partner Universities 29 Examples for successful partnerships

30 Hamamatsu University School of Medicine (Japan), since 2012 Meji University (Japan), since 2012 Sichuan International Studies University SISU (China), since 2013 Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences (Mongolia), since 2013 Waseda University, Tokyo (Japan), since 2014 Partner Universities 30 Examples for successful partnerships

31 HHU – A Campus University 31

32 Campus Life 32 Social events and leisure activities

33 Extracurricular Activities The Student‘s Union (AStA) organizes a substantial sport und leisure program. 33

34 HHU Orchestra and Choir The University Orchestra and University Choir performed in Japan, Switzerland and many cities in Germany 34

35 Düsseldorf‘s „Green Belt“ HHU campus includes the Botanical Garden, part of the city‘s „green belt“. 35

36 International Services 36 HHU guest house: Manor House Schloss Mickeln

37 Practical Assistance The International Office helps visiting scholars, the International Student Orientation Center (iSOS) students from abroad in  Opening a bank account  Finding accomodation  Registering with the authorities to prepare their life and work in Düsseldorf 37 Solid planning for HHU’s international guests

38 Thank you for your attention. 38

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