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 Beaconhouse School System  Sialkot Campus.

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3  Beaconhouse School System  Sialkot Campus



6  The project of ‘my school in the past’ provides information about the history of our school with a focus on its physical environment and mode of teaching and learning. “Reflections” portrays the theories and methods of the past, shows difficulties surmounted and encourages the teacher of to-day by examples of heroism and consecration on the part of educators whose labors for their fellow-men we discuss. To the teacher this study is a constant help the trials of which are met with the added strength and inspiration from contact with great teachers of the past.


8 Working for reflections 2004 was a great experience for me.It was a great Iqra Zahid honour to work for this prestigious Magazine. There were a lot of ups and downs during the journey, no matter how tiring it was but the experience was really enriching. I would like to thank my principal Sir Razzaq, my class teacher Sir Shahzad and all my team who helped me throughout this journey.

9 This is reflection 2004 and I can Express. My feelings like this was the Wonderful experience to make an e-book for the project ‘My school in the past’. This was not a one man show. My whole team Specially Iqra,Hamna and Maira helped me a lot. Mahin Tahir



12   Q1: How would you describe the responsibilities of teachers in beacon house at the time of its inception?  Ans: When I came in this school, for me responsibilities were quite tough as beacon house is a school that provides education of international standard so teachers also have to be perfect so we gave our best to fulfil those responsibilities.  Q2: Can you provide information about our school infrastructure at the time of it’s inception?  Ans: At the time of school inception, there was only 1 library, one computer lab and even condition of science lab wasn’t as good like now.  Q 3: How did it differ from the rest of the schools?  Ans: I suppose, people were free over here. There was more freedom, more creativity. Above all, they enjoyed being Beaconites.  Q4: Do you think that Beacon house has changed with the passage of time?  Ans: Yes! It has changed. Many new buildings are formed. Condition of everything is just perfect. Beaconhouse is an international standard school and with a couple of time, it’s really been changed.

13 Q1: What views do you have regarding Beaconhouse school system at the time of inception? Ans: It was a quite new thing for me. This name Beaconhouse sounded really interesting for me, so I loved to join Beaconhouse. Q2: How did it differ from the rest of the schools? Ans: It was famous for its qualified staff and effective spoken English skills. Q3: How would you describe the responsibilities of teachers in beacon house at the time of its inception? Ans: It was quite easy and focused. I was even experienced so I found those responsibilities quite easy but if a new teacher will join this school she will find it difficult but with a passage of time he or she will settle. Q4: Can you provide information about our school infrastructure? Ans: Actually when I joined Beacon house, there were very few things but it kept on progressing day by day. Q5: Which teaching strategies were used at that time? Ans: E-tac lesson planning was not so much familiar at that time so simple lesson planning was used.

14  Q:-Did you have teaching experience when you joined BSS?  Ans:-Yes, i had a good teaching experience.  Q:-What was the strength of students and teachers at that time?  Ans:-The strength of students was about 40 to 50 while there were about 8 teachers.  Q: How did you plan your lessons?  Ans: We used to follow the SOS and came up with different  activities to maintain the interest of the students during the lesson.  Q:-What was the response of the citizens at that time?  Ans:-People were keen to join BSS.  Q:-If you are to choose between classroom teaching and learning, what would you prefer and why?  Ans:-Learning and classroom teaching is inter connected, it depends on where I have to improve my skills.  Question 4: What strategies did the school follow, in terms of ethos or ethics?  Ans: Firstly, we had co-education but after increasing demand of the parents, the school management decided to build separate girls branch.

15  Q:- Your name and for how long have you been studying in Beaconhouse?  Ans:- My name is Iqra Zahid and i have been studying in Beaconhouse for last 9 years.  Q:-Can you describe Beaconhouse in one word?  Ans:-Yes of course Beaconhouse is just wonderful.  Q:-What kind of extracurricular activities, the school used to hold?  Ans:-There were many activities like eid glore, pool parties, pet shows, sports gala and much much more.

16  Q: Your name and for how long have you been studying in BSS?  Ans: My name is Umammah Ahmed and I have been studying here from play group.  Q: How did teaching take place in those times?  Ans: It was the same as is now except for the Etac lessons that we are enjoying right now.  Q:-Can you describe Beaconhouse in one word?  Ans:-Ya! Its very good school and well constructed.  Q:-What have you gained from Beaconhouse?  Ans:-I have gained knowledge and education from Beaconhouse.  Q:-Do you think Beaconhouse have progressed with the passage of time?  Ans:-Ya! Beaconhouse has progressed as now it has well built infrastructure, highly educated teachers and much more.

17  Q:-your name and for how long have you been serving in BSS?  Ans:- My name is Ashraf and I have spent 7 years in BSS.  Q:-Did you like the atmosphere of school at that time?  Ans:-Yes, i liked it very much.  Q: How did it different from the rest of the schools?  Ans: Due to its english spoken environment  Q:- At the time of inception, what was the social and cultural outlook of school?  Ans: At the time of inception, hard working people were given importance and respect.  Q:-How students behave with you?  Ans:-They are very polite.  Q:- Are you getting whole facilities in this school?  Ans:-Yes BSS provides all facilities.



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