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The Project of My School in the Past

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1 The Project of My School in the Past
Title: Reflections Author: Students of VII Green Release Date: March 15, 2013 [EBook # ] Language: English *** START OF THIS PROJECT MY SCHOOL IN THE PAST *** Project Facilitator M. Shahzad Gul

2 2004 Reflections

3 Beaconhouse School System
My School in the past Beaconhouse School System Sialkot Campus


5 Contents 1.Preface 2. Acknowledgement 3.Editorial 4. School year of inception (2004) 5.Physical layout at the time of inception 6.Interviews of school staff 7.Interviews of old students 8.Pictorial

6 The project of ‘my school in the past’ provides information about the history of our school with a focus on its physical environment and mode of teaching and learning. “Reflections” portrays the theories and methods of the past, shows difficulties surmounted and encourages the teacher of to-day by examples of heroism and consecration on the part of educators whose labors for their fellow-men we discuss. To the teacher this study is a constant help the trials of which are met with the added strength and inspiration from contact with great teachers of the past.

7 Acknowledgement We would like to express our special thanks of gratitude to our teacher Mr. Shahzad Gul as well as our principal Sir Razzaq Ahmed who gave us the golden opportunity to do this wonderful project on the topic ‘My school in the past’ which also helped us in doing a lot of research and we came to know about so many new things We are really thankful to them. Secondly we would also like to thank our parents and friends who helped us a lot in finishing this project within the limited time. THANKS AGAIN TO ALL WHO HELPED US. VII Green Students

8 EDITORIAL Working for reflections 2004 was a
great experience for me.It was a great Iqra Zahid honour to work for this prestigious Magazine. There were a lot of ups and downs during the journey, no matter how tiring it was but the experience was really enriching. I would like to thank my principal Sir Razzaq, my class teacher Sir Shahzad and all my team who helped me throughout this journey.

9 Editorial This is reflection 2004 and I can
Express. My feelings like this was the Wonderful experience to make an e-book for the project ‘My school in the past’. This was not a one man show. My whole team Specially Iqra,Hamna and Maira helped me a lot. Mahin Tahir

10 Lets Know More… Beachonhouse school system started in Sialkot in The institution provided education to boys and girls until O-levels. The total area of Beaconhouse Sialkot Campus is 22 canals with covering of the school on 7 canals. There were 14 class rooms, 3 play grounds, one canteen, a library and different classes for boys and girls at the time of school inception. There were 16 teachers who taught 84 students till 6 levels.


12 Interview of Sir Waqas Q1: How would you describe the responsibilities of teachers in beacon house at the time of its inception? Ans: When I came in this school, for me responsibilities were quite tough as beacon house is a school that provides education of international standard so teachers also have to be perfect so we gave our best to fulfil those responsibilities. Q2: Can you provide information about our school infrastructure at the time of it’s inception? Ans: At the time of school inception, there was only 1 library, one computer lab and even condition of science lab wasn’t as good like now. Q 3: How did it differ from the rest of the schools? Ans: I suppose, people were free over here. There was more freedom, more creativity. Above all, they enjoyed being Beaconites. Q4: Do you think that Beacon house has changed with the passage of time? Ans: Yes! It has changed. Many new buildings are formed. Condition of everything is just perfect. Beaconhouse is an international standard school and with a couple of time, it’s really been changed.

13 Interview of Ms.Javeria
Q1: What views do you have regarding Beaconhouse school system at the time of inception? Ans: It was a quite new thing for me. This name Beaconhouse sounded really interesting for me, so I loved to join Beaconhouse. Q2: How did it differ from the rest of the schools? Ans: It was famous for its qualified staff and effective spoken English skills. Q3: How would you describe the responsibilities of teachers in beacon house at the time of its inception? Ans: It was quite easy and focused. I was even experienced so I found those responsibilities quite easy but if a new teacher will join this school she will find it difficult but with a passage of time he or she will settle. Q4: Can you provide information about our school infrastructure? Ans: Actually when I joined Beacon house, there were very few things but it kept on progressing day by day. Q5: Which teaching strategies were used at that time? Ans: E-tac lesson planning was not so much familiar at that time so simple lesson planning was used.

Q:-Did you have teaching experience when you joined BSS? Ans:-Yes, i had a good teaching experience. Q:-What was the strength of students and teachers at that time? Ans:-The strength of students was about 40 to 50 while there were about 8 teachers. Q: How did you plan your lessons? Ans: We used to follow the SOS and came up with different activities to maintain the interest of the students during the lesson. Q:-What was the response of the citizens at that time? Ans:-People were keen to join BSS. Q:-If you are to choose between classroom teaching and learning, what would you prefer and why? Ans:-Learning and classroom teaching is inter connected, it depends on where I have to improve my skills. Question 4: What strategies did the school follow, in terms of ethos or ethics? Ans: Firstly, we had co-education but after increasing demand of the parents, the school management decided to build separate girls branch.

15 Interview of old student regarding extracurricular activities (Iqra Zahid)
Q:- Your name and for how long have you been studying in Beaconhouse? Ans:- My name is Iqra Zahid and i have been studying in Beaconhouse for last 9 years. Q:-Can you describe Beaconhouse in one word? Ans:-Yes of course Beaconhouse is just wonderful. Q:-What kind of extracurricular activities, the school used to hold? Ans:-There were many activities like eid glore, pool parties, pet shows, sports gala and much much more.

16 Interview of old student
Q: Your name and for how long have you been studying in BSS? Ans: My name is Umammah Ahmed and I have been studying here from play group. Q: How did teaching take place in those times? Ans: It was the same as is now except for the Etac lessons that we are enjoying right now. Q:-Can you describe Beaconhouse in one word? Ans:-Ya! Its very good school and well constructed. Q:-What have you gained from Beaconhouse? Ans:-I have gained knowledge and education from Beaconhouse. Q:-Do you think Beaconhouse have progressed with the passage of time? Ans:-Ya! Beaconhouse has progressed as now it has well built infrastructure, highly educated teachers and much more.

17 Interview with the longest serving support staff member
Q:-your name and for how long have you been serving in BSS? Ans:- My name is Ashraf and I have spent 7 years in BSS. Q:-Did you like the atmosphere of school at that time? Ans:-Yes, i liked it very much. Q: How did it different from the rest of the schools? Ans: Due to its english spoken environment Q:- At the time of inception, what was the social and cultural outlook of school? Ans: At the time of inception, hard working people were given importance and respect. Q:-How students behave with you? Ans:-They are very polite. Q:- Are you getting whole facilities in this school? Ans:-Yes BSS provides all facilities.


19 A PROJECT BY 7 GREEN Special Thanks to: Iqra Zahid For designing the

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