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Division of Human Resources Welcomes You! Jaffus Hardrick, Ed.D. Vice President, Human Resources El pagnier K. Hudson Assistant Vice President, Human.

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2 Division of Human Resources Welcomes You! Jaffus Hardrick, Ed.D. Vice President, Human Resources El pagnier K. Hudson Assistant Vice President, Human Resources

3 Benefits Overview Presented by: Janik Collin, Assistant Director Benefits Administration

4 Evelyn Rodriguez, Benefits Director Janik Collin, Assistant Director Crystal Hsu, Assistant Director Mariela Varona, Analyst Karina Hidalgo Chung, Benefits & Leave Manager Alicia Pena, Coordinator Martha Montoya, Senior HR Associate Andrew Hart, Senior Benefits Associate Mary Cruz, Workers’ Compensation Associate New Hire Understand your future goals Analyze your choices Customize your package Meet your Deadlines

5 Contact Information People First 866-663-4735 Financial Guidance 866-446-9377 FIU DHR 305-348-2181

6 Enrollment Information On-Line People First Phone People First 866-663-4735 One-on-One Session FIU Benefits Department 305-348-2181

7 Enrollment Deadlines # of calendar days from the date of hire State Benefits 60 days FIU Benefits 90 days State Retirement 90 days

8 Pre-Tax payroll deduction Personal check or money order QSC: Within 60 days of the event (Marriage,Birth,Adoption etc.) Annual Open Enrollment Period Coverage begins : After enrolling and after payment is received Welcome Package (New Hire) People First Log-In Information Package not received? Contact 305-348-2181 Log In (People First) Enrollment Payment Qualifying Status Change/ Open Enrollment Enrollment Details

9 Eligible Dependents Required Information: Social Security Number and Date of Birth for all dependents For the duration of the marriage Spouse Biological, adopted, step child, foster child Up to the end of the year they turn 26 years old Child Newborn dependent of your covered child Up to 18 months of age as long as the newborn’s parent is covered Grandchild A child for whom you have legal guardianship Order of Guardianship applicable to state and federal laws required Legal Guardianship Up to the end of the year they turn 30 years old Separate health premium Over Aged Dependent As long as child remains disabled Medical certification required Disabled Child

10 HMOs vs. PPOs Plans -Coverage in service network only -No coinsurance or deductibles to meet -Coverage in or out of service network -Coinsurance and deductibles to meet

11 Health Insurance: PPO Standard Plan Monthly Premiums $50 Individual (FIU pays $591.52) $180 Family (FIU pays $1,264.06) $15 Spouse Program (FIU pays $714.54) Annual Deductibles: Network: $250 Individual $500 Family Non-Network: $750 Individual $1500 Family Health Investor Health Plan Monthly Premiums $15 Individual (FIU pays $591.92) $64.30 Family (FIU pays $1,264.06) $15 Spouse Program (FIU pays $649.18) Annual Deductibles: Network: $1250 Individual $2500 Family Non-Network: $2500 Individual $5000 Family  Monthly Health Premiums in this Presentation are based at employee whose standard work hour per week is 30 or more.

12 Health Insurance: HMO Standard Plan Monthly Premiums $50 Individual (FIU pays $591.52) $180 Family (FIU pays $1,264.06) $15 Spouse Program (FIU pays $714.54) No Annual Deductibles Health Investor Health Plan Monthly Premiums $15 Individual (FIU pays $591.92) $64.30 Family (FIU pays $1,264.06) $15 Spouse Program (FIU pays $649.18) Annual Deductibles: Network Only: $1250 Individual $2500 Family  Monthly Health Premiums (9-month Faculty)  Single premiums from September through January  Double premiums from February through 1st paycheck in May

13 Prescription Drug Plans Standard HMOs and Standard PPO** (in network) Health Investor HMO and PPO ** (in network) Standard PPO **& Health Investor Plan PPO (out of network) Type of Medication Retail Mail Order Program Retail and Mail Order* (up to a 30-day Supply) (up to a 90-day Supply) Generic$7$1430% Pay in full and file a claim Preferred Brand-Name$30$6030% Non-preferred Brand-Name$50$10050% *Member cost of prescription after satisfying the appropriate individual or family annual deductible. ** Mandatory Mail in order for maintenance drugs Separate cardWalgreens is not a participating provider

14 Dental Insurance Plans Choice of Providers Calendar Year Max Plan Code & Name Prepaid (HMO) Network onlyNone 4004 Humana 4014 United 4025 Assurant Prepaid 4034 Cigna 4044 Human Select Preferred (PPO) In or Out of Network Yes 4054 Human Preferred Indemnity (DPPO) Any you Choose Yes 4064 Ameritas 4074 Assurant Advance Indemnity Plan Any you Choose Yes 4084 Humana Schedule B

15 Vision Insurance Tier Employee Employee + Spouse Employee + Children Family Exam + Materials $5.85 $11.56 $11.44 $17.98 Materials Only $4.36 $8.60 $8.50 $13.38 Plan Features Vision Exam $10 Frames: Every 2 Years: $10 Lenses: Every 12 Months: $10 ($100 allowance) Out of network: Allowance Based

16 State Life Insurance Plans Basic Life $25,000 Face Value Employer Paid for full time employees Optional Life 1 to 7 times Annual earnings Cap of $1 Million Post Tax Employee Paid Rates increase with Age & Salary Medical Underwriting 500k or 7 Times Plan Features Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) Accelerated Death Benefit Beneficiary Form Required

17 Tax-Favored Accounts Plan Type Health Plan Payment Card Available Money Available Deadline to Use Employer Contribution Medical From $60 to $2,500 NoneStandardYes First day of enrollment March 15 of the following year Limited Purpose From $60 to $2,500 None Health Investor Yes First day of enrollment March 15 of the following year Dependent Care From $60 to $5,000 None Standard or Health Investor No As it is deducted from paycheck. March 15 of the following year Health Savings Account Ind $3,250 Fam$6,450 Ind $41.66/mo Fam: $83.33/mo Health Investor Yes As it is deposited in Tallahassee Bank Acct Balance rolls over Employee Contribution

18 Supplemental Benefit Plans Gabor Agency Long Term Disability 30 day waiting 90 day waiting 66 2/3 coverage $15,000 max per month $100 minimum per month Long Term Care Coverage is fully portable Issued through John Hancock Life Insurance Company Employee and dependent coverage Life Insurance Employee and dependent coverage AD&D Portable Universal Life Term Life Retirement Planning Optional Retirement Program: ING & Jefferson National 403b: Symetra & ING 457: ING

19 Additional Benefits & Service Perks & Service s Tuition Waiver Program Legal Insurance Pet Assure Discount Program Tri- Rail Discount Program & Free Emergency Ride 529 Tax Saving Plan for Dependents Colleague Tuition Saving Plan Wellness Programs Hotels, Restaurants Discount Information Travel and Tickets Discount Financial Planning Please visit for more information! Worlds of Wellness Emotional Intellect ual Physical Social Spiritual Mental Occupat ional

20 Leaves of Absence 1250 hours and 12 month of employment serious health condition of employee birth or adoption of a child care for a spouse or a child Family Medical Leave of Absence (FMLA) Medical (Non-FMLA) Professional Development Military leave Personal Leave without Pay Leaves of Absence Sick Leave Pool - Employee's own illness up to 480 hours Enrollment after 6 months with minimum accruals balance of 40 hours / 20 hours PT Initial Donation of 8 hours and 4 hours each year PT employees: 4 hours for / 2 hours each yeas Catastrophic Pool : Donations from the unit Continuation of Salary

21 Workers’ Compensation Emergency transportation CALL Public Safety at (305) 348-5911 Report to Supervisor Go to the nearest emergency room Medical Emergency Report to Supervisor Complete Injury Report Online Non Emergency

22 Retirement Plans - Mandatory ORP 5 providers to choose from within 90 days $255,000 salary limit TIAA-CREF, Valic, ING, Jeffereson National, Metlife FRS Two plans to choose from$255,000 salary limit 1.Pension or 2.Investment

23 Retirement Plans-Voluntary 403b 10 providers to choose from IRS Limit Under 50 yrs old: $17,500 Over 50 yrs old: $23,000 TIAA-CREF, Valic, ING, Jeffereson National, Fidelity, Symetra, Vanguard, T. Rowe Price, Metlife, ING Reliastar 457 6 providers through Florida Deferred Compensation IRS Limit Under 50 yrs old: $17,500 Over 50 yrs old: $23,000 Great West, ING, Nationwide, T. Rowe Price, Valic, Charles Schwab

24 New Faculty Hired 8/19/2014 Health Benefits Deadlines For September 2014 Health Benefits Coverage Enrollment Deadline* August 29, 2014 *Employee must be active in PantherSoft and People First 60-Day Benefits Enrollment Deadline October 18, 2014 Annual Open Enrollment October 20, 2014 – November 07, 2014 for Coverage Effective January 1, 2015 Failure to enroll will result in no benefits coverage available for the year 2015, until the next annual Open Enrollment Period with coverage effective January 1, 2016

25 New Faculty Hired 8/19/2014 Retirement Deadlines ORP 90-Day Enrollment Deadline November 16, 2014 Default to FRS Pension Plan Deadline November 17, 2014 FRS Investment Plan Enrollment Deadline January 30, 2015 Call (866) 446-9377 or default to FRS Pension Plan

26 Enrollment Labs 08/21/2014 and 08/22/2014 From 9AM - 4:30PM Please Sign Up with FIU Benefits Representative for an Appointment New Faculty Hired 8/19/2014 Benefits Deadlines

27 Questions?

28 Benefits Team TEL:305-348-2181

29 Ethics and Compliance Presented by: Karyn Boston, Chief Compliance Officer

30 New Faculty Orientation Office of Compliance & Integrity

31 Welcome to the University Each member of the University community should seek to be an Ethical Panther Core values Culture Do the right thing Ask questions and raise concerns If you see something that you think may not be right – Say something!

32 Why We Are Ethical And Compliant

33 What We Comply With “Everyone says it can’t happen here, until it does.” -Michael Josephson As public employees, we are subject to the State of Florida Code of Ethics As Faculty of FIU, we are expected to comply with: – The Law – FIU Regulations – FIU Policies and Procedures (As approved by the Faculty Senate)

34 Top 8 Ethics and Compliance List 1.Ethics & Integrity 2.Conflict of Interest  Personal Gifts and Benefits  Private Interest v Public Duty  Employment and Contractual Relationships  Reporting and Disclosure  Nepotism  Reporting SFI

35 Top 8 Ethics and Compliance List Cont. 3.Public Records Law (Sunshine Law) 4.Safeguarding University Resources 5.Zero Tolerance Retaliation Policy 6.Mandatory Child Abuse Reporting 7.Safeguarding Your Privacy 8.FERPA  Directory Information  Student Records

36 Do Something and Say Something! Resources: Outside Activities/Conflicts of Interest HR Portal: Florida Department of Children & Families (DCF) Hotline: 1-800-96-ABUSE immediately & without delay (Can also make a report by fax or online) If a child is in imminent danger or risk of harm call FIU Police: MMC: 305-348-5911 or BBC: 305-919-5911, or 911 prior to contacting DCF Faculty & Staff Training / Online IT Security & Awareness: Ethics and Compliance Hotline provided by Ethics Point: by calling 1-888-286-5154 (24 hours a day, 365 days a year)

37 Resources Office of Compliance & Integrity Florida International University Modesto Maidique Campus 11200 S.W. 8 th Street PC 429 Miami, FL 33199 Telephone: (305) 348-2216 Facsimile: (305) 348-7657 Office of Compliance & Integrity Florida International University Modesto Maidique Campus 11200 S.W. 8 th Street PC 429 Miami, FL 33199 Telephone: (305) 348-2216 Facsimile: (305) 348-7657

38 Payroll Essentials Presented by: Carlos Flores, Executive Director HR Operations and Systems

39 Agenda as a resource PantherSoft HR Employee Self Service (ESS) Manager Self Service (MSS) Time and Labor On-line Training Payroll Calendar 9/12 Program





44 FIU Mobile Web/Browser Based and native mobile device support Multi-platform Support iOS Android Blackberry

45 MyFIU – Main Menu





50 9 over 12 month Deferred Earnings Program (DEP) Available for all 9 month Faculty Enrolled on 1 st Pay Period of Fall Semester Deadline August 22, 2014 First Deferral on 09/05/2014 Paycheck 19 Deferrals to cover 6 Paychecks in the Summer

51 Security Awareness Training

52 60 days to complete training from start date.

53 Security Awareness Training



56 Office Of Employee Assistance Presented by: Kathryn Kominars, Associate Director University Counseling Center

57 Our Mission  Enhance the quality of life of FIU faculty and staff  Improve personal and organizational effectiveness  Create a healthier campus community

58 OEA offers Free and Confidential Services for FIU Employees and Immediate Family Members  Consultation  Assessment  Referral Services  Counseling & Coaching  Eldercare Support Group  On-line courses to enhance personal and professional effectiveness

59 The Office Of Employee Assistance offers online courses in the area of…  Using the EAP in Supervision  World of Wellness (WOW): Stress  World of Wellness (WOW): Resilience  World of Wellness (WOW): Effective Communication  World of Wellness (WOW): Assertiveness  World of Wellness (WOW): Generations in the Workplace Courses can be found by going to:

60 OEA hosts weekly Mindfulness Meditation Sessions! Join us as we practice this ancient approach to reduce stress! Modesto A. Maidique Campus Wednesdays, 12PM to 1PM Green Library GL 482 Biscayne Bay Campus (Will restart in the fall) Tuesdays, 12PM to 1PM Academic II Room: 246B


62 The Office Of Employee Assistance Can Help! Call Us! 305-348-2469 Modesto A. Maidique Campus SHC 137 Individuals can also be seen at the Biscayne Bay Campus by Appointment!

63 Public Safety and Emergency Management Presented by: Alexander D. Casas, Chief of Police Amy B. Aiken, Director of Emergency Management

64 University Police Alexander D. Casas, Chief of Police Modesto Maidique Campus 885 S.W. 109th Avenue, PG-5 Market Station, Miami, FL 33199 Tel: (305) 348-2626 Fax: (305) 348-1566 Emergency: (305) 348-5911 Biscayne Bay Campus 3000 N.E. 151st Street Building SO II, North Miami, FL 33181 Tel: (305) 919-5559 Fax: (305) 919-5505 Emergency: (305) 919-5911 EMERGENCY PHONE NUMBERS: 24 Hours – 7 Days a Week MMC: (305) 348-5911 BBC: (305) 919-5911

65 Amy B. Aiken Director Department of Emergency Management 305-348-6975

66 Preventing Harassment in the Workplace Presented by: Shirlyon McWhorter, Director Equal Opportunity Programs & Diversity


68 Training Objectives Participants will be able to: 1)Understand the importance of diversity 2)Identify the “protected categories” and understand that complaints of discrimination/harassment must be based upon one or more of the “protected categories.” 3)Learn the importance of accommodating students in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act 4)Define sexual misconduct and distinguish the two types of sexual harassment. 5)Recognize behaviors or conduct that can be perceived as sexual harassment.

69 Diversity Matters at Florida International University

70 Inclusion The goal is to create and maintain an organizational culture that recognizes, encourages and respects individual differences.

71 Consciousness FIU encourages all employees to recognize, appreciate, value, and utilize the unique talents and contributions of all individuals.

72 Protected Categories Gender Race Color Religion National Origin Political Beliefs Marital Status Age Sexual Orientation Veteran Status Pregnancy Disability Sexual Harassment

73 ADA: American Disability Act Understanding and Accommodating

74 Disability Defined Disability is defined as: Having a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits a major life activity (e.g., walking, talking, eating, breathing, seeing, etc.), Having a record of such impairment, or Being regarded as having such an impairment, even when no limitations exist

75 The Office of Disability Resources (DRC) establishes thorough measures to determine whether a student has a qualified disability. It is of utmost importance that faculty adhere to the accommodations granted by DRC to ensure ADA compliance with government and university guidelines.

76 Syllabus Statement One suggestion is to put a general statement on the course syllabus: Note to students with disabilities: FIU welcomes students with disabilities into the University's educational programs. If you have a disability-related need for modifications or reasonable accommodations in this course, contact the Disability ResourceCenter. Instructors should be notified as early in the semester as possible regarding the need for modification or reasonable accommodations. Since many students have disabilities not readily noticeable, this announcement or statement encourages students to identify their needs early in the semester so timely adaptations can be made. Presented by S. J. McWhorter, Director EOPD


78 Title IX Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 (Title IX), prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in education programs or activities operated by recipients of Federal financial assistance. No person on the basis of sex should be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or subject to discrimination under any » Academic » Extracurricular » Research » Training » Education Program or Activity

79 Scope of Coverage Title IX protects students and employees from sexual harassment in an institution’s education programs and activities, including: – All academic, educational, extracurricular, athletic, and other programs of the institution – On-campus, off-campus, in transit, sponsored at other locations, etc

80 Definition of Sexual Harassment Unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal, physical or pictorial conduct of a sexual nature

81 Two Types of Sexual Harassment Quid Pro Quo Hostile Work Environment

82 Facts about Sexual Harassment The act(s) must be Severe or Pervasive The victim may be male or female The victim may be a third party

83 Reporting Shirlyon McWhorter Title IX Coordinator Director, Equal Opportunity Programs and Diversity PC215 Phone: (305) 348-1509 E-Mail: For reports or inquiries of gender inequity or gender-based misconduct concerning faculty, staff, and outside contractors, visitors or vendors Kristen Kawczynski Deputy Title IX Coordinator Director, Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution GC311A Phone: (305) 348-3939 E-Mail: For reports or inquiries of gender inequity or gender-based misconduct concerning student on student Julie Berg Deputy Title IX Coordinator Senior Associate Athletic Director USCBA 202A Phone: (305) 348-2352 Email: For reports or inquiries of gender inequity or gender-based misconduct involving athletics


85 Retaliation Defined Retaliation occurs when an employer illegally strikes back at or seeks revenge on an employee or applicant who has participated in a civil rights action which is considered a: Protected Activity Filed a complaint Opposed an unlawful practice. Participated in an investigation Adverse Employment Action Causal Connection


87 Standard Procedure Intake Process Interviews Summary Report Findings Review Process

88 Questions?

89 Equal Opportunity Programs and Diversity (305) 348-2785 PC321 Shirlyon J. McWhorter, Esq. Director & Title IX Officer Jai A. Ingraham Assistant Director & ADA Coordinator Daniel Nicolas Coordinator Kamora Moss Office Coordinator


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