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Resumes & Cover Letters. Today’s objectives… Define the purpose of a resume Explore sections to include Explain how to write an action statement Discuss.

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1 Resumes & Cover Letters

2 Today’s objectives… Define the purpose of a resume Explore sections to include Explain how to write an action statement Discuss references Define cover letters

3 In the employers shoes… 1. What can you do for me?  Needs & Wants  Experience  Skills, knowledge, competencies 2. How will you fit within my organization?  Attitude

4 What is a résumé? Marketing tool First impression Document of your experiences Communicates skills & knowledge

5 What sections can I include? Objective Summary of Skills Education Work Experience Volunteer Experience Extracurricula r Activities Related Experience Publications Memberships Conference Attendance AwardsCertifications Lab Skills Technical Skills Interests Professional Development

6 Contact information Jenny Jobseeker 226 Vernon Street Truro, Nova Scotia B3R 5T9 (902) 897-9760

7 Objective Statements A MY S MITH 123 Main Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia, N4J 2B8 Home: (902) 434-5934, Cell: (902) 293-532, Email: O BJECTIVE Seeking a position as a Library Assistant where I will be able to contribute my organization and customer service skills.

8 Summary of Skills S UMMARY OF S KILLS Possess three years experience delivering excellent customer service Excellent organization skills as evidenced by extracurricular involvement Ability to manage and prioritize multiple tasks Experienced in writing and editing documents Ability to communicate and listen effectively as a member of a team

9 Education E DUCATION Diploma in Enterprise Management (Equine)2011-Present Dalhousie University, Truro, Nova Scotia

10 Associations/Memberships M EMBERSHIPS Student Member, Canadian Equestrian Association2011-Present

11 What is experience? Part time/Full time Summer Experiential Learning Volunteer Extra-curricular In the classroom Internships/Co-ops Life Realizing WHO the reader of your résumé is Realizing WHAT the reader of your résumé is looking for

12 Employment

13 VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCE Fundraiser Blue Hills School, NS, May – Oct 2011 Raised money in support of local charities in cooperation with Senior Administrators at the Blue Hills School Utilized online social media to promote fundraising events resulting in a 30% increase in funds raised Successfully led a team of 12 volunteers ensuring a cohesive team environment Conducted post event surveys to improve upon future fundraising endeavors Volunteer Experience

14 Academic Projects Project: Assessment of the Impacts of Community Organizations in Nova Scotia Class: Senior Seminar Collaborated with a team of four students to assess the effectiveness of local community groups Conducted a series of interviews with community members that measured the perceived effectiveness of community programming Made recommendations on future policies in community programming which were accepted by the United Way Academic Projects

15 Created and implemented a new youth mentoring program by assessing the needs of youth in the community through one-on-one interviews and focus groups resulting in an 80% participation of local high school students Action Statements What I didHow or WhyResult

16 Resume checklist Are you “proving your fit”? How does your résumé look? Does the person reading your résumé know you are effective? Is all your relevant experience included? Only you can write your résumé Proofread carefully – ask a friend Organize in a logical fashion Approximately two pages Be honest

17 References A person who can attest to your work experience, skills, character and personality. Personal Professional

18 Reference example

19 References Submitting references appropriately will allow you to: Gauge where you are in the job search process Increase the likelihood of a more position- tailored dialogue between the employer and your reference

20 Things to Exclude Title page Photos Subjective Text Personal Information Politics References Objective Hobbies / Interests List of Classes Languages

21 How Employers View Your Resume Visually Scanning Software


23 Resume Scanning Software Types of organizations Fortune 500 Large organizations Sophisticated HR functions Government

24 Why is it used? Overwhelmed HR department, cutbacks Sheer numbers of resumes Software's impartiality Assume that a digital "eye" will see your resume before any human eye sees it -- if a human eye sees it.

25 Tips for Passing the Scan Key phrases Mention successes and skills early and frequently Do not worry about too much repetition Keywords Do NOT use fancy fonts, symbols, text boxes or try imbedding words

26 Cover Letters Always Overview Concise

27 Anatomy of a Cover Letter Introduction Position Where you learned about it Hook the reader in Main Body 2 – 3 paragraphs Prove it! -State Skill -Give example Conclusion Thank reader Show Enthusiasm Provide contact details

28 Cover Letters Skills they WANTSkills I HAVEHOW do I have the skills? Degree (field) Demonstrated ability to establish and maintain effective relationships Demonstrated experience in leading and managing complex projects Strong interpersonal, communication, facilitation and presentation skills Good computer skills, proficient with MS Office applications Ability to communicate effectively in both official languages is an asset Willingness to travel Experience managing a budget Degree- Dalhousie University Job 1-Maintained large client database Intensive project management course Team leader, 1 st place Case Competition Certified Microsoft Office or Computer Applications Class Well-travelled, Exchange, Flexible. Previous role

29 Q & A

30 Career Services Centre 11 River Road Dalhousie University, Truro Campus 893-7895 Drop-in Job postings Career calendar Book an appointment

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