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Student Teacher Course Lessons Learned Presented to: ASCUS General Meeting September 20, 2013 Lori Ventura 602-364-2345

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1 Student Teacher Course Lessons Learned Presented to: ASCUS General Meeting September 20, 2013 Lori Ventura 602-364-2345

2 Overview Woot Woot Factor! – FY2013 Results Summer User Group Feedback What’s new for STC FY2014? Data comes to life in FY2014!

3 Woot Woot! 99% of LEAs submitted all 3 STC reports for FY2013


5 User Group: Arizona State Course Catalog Members: Missie Tullier – Phoenix Elementary Sandy Ramirez – Precision Academy Systems Maja Aleksic – Tempe Unified Darolene Brown – Colorado River Unified Ellen Baker – American Leadership Academy Jessica Robbins – Dysart Unified Bill Steber – Eloy Sarah Mahoney – ADE Best Practices for Course Mapping Review catalog design LEAs to include curriculum specialists Split up course mappings decisions by content area Extracurricular Activities ADE to look into adding extracurricular codes Perhaps a SLDS dashboard – achievement tied to extracurricular activities Cambridge Courses ADE to research K-8 Cambridge programs to include in catalog Special Education ADE to partner with Tempe Union of course options/additions to catalog

6 User Group: AOI Members: Andy Chlup – Vail Gina Ciprotti - Phoenix Advantage, Ahwatukee Foothills Prep, West Valley Arts Academy Sherry Dean – E-Institute Kelly Seekins – SchoolMaster Lori Ventura – ADE AOI course codes Courses offered online by LEA, scheduled by AZ state course code – not a generic course Courses offered online by external provider, scheduled by AZ state course code – not a generic course Student ownership/ reporting LEA receiving monies via SAIS should report AOI student Open Entry/Open Exit Changes made to STC file specs for open entry/open exit configuration OE exit type External provider vendors Discussed idea of adding approved vendor list in SIS AOI guidance ADE to create and display FAQ document on website ADE to create HQT documentation as it relates to AOI

7 User Group: Grades Members: Heidi Gray – Lake Havasu Andy Chlup - Vail Nancy Palmer – Phoenix Union Julie Morgenthal – Balsz Terry Olson - Mesa Bonnie Coons - Dysart Wynette Birecki – ETC Lori Ventura – ADE Reporting grades Required when any student completes a course LEA determines what “finishes” means Final grade calculation is between vendor and LEA Standardized grading system Such a system does not exist in AZ, thus LEAs may “define” and report local grades (BAU) A-F Accountability is fully aware of and supports this solution Standards based grading Pass/Fail is acceptable

8 User Group: Beginning of Year Members: Carol Forsgren - Higley Rachel Rowe – Balsz Katie Southwick – Blue Ridge Lori Phelps – Career Success Stephanie Celis – Pendergast Lori Ventura – ADE Communication at LEA level Strong communication of reporting needs with HR, Principals, IT Directors, etc SIS staff to train school staff Managing staff changes Collaborate with HR to create guidelines for staffing changes Guidelines should consider, name changes; on/off boarding teachers procedure; staff school assignment processes STC owner at LEA If possible, should also own SAIS Create policy for making job easier/streamlined Course setup in SIS Curriculum team MUST be involved (or person most akin to curriculum) Changes to state course codes should be reviewed and vetted yearly Course characteristics Final decisions should be “signed off on” by someone in a leadership role Gatekeeper on new course additions

9 User Group: Summer School Members: Terry Olson – Mesa Nancy McFarland – Tolleson Union Teresa Lay – Chino Valley Nancy Palmer – Phoenix Union Kelly Seekins – SchoolMaster Lori Ventura – ADE Survey Results revealed many obstacles to overcome to ensure implementation is a success for all. Therefore, summer school is still TBD

10 What’s new for STC FY2014? Exit type codes Catalog updates Team transition

11 What’s new for STC FY2014? Exit Types

12 Catalog Updates New catalogs posted on STC Website – CTE program changes – Communications Media (new program with new CIP codes) Communications Media is a melding and rearrangement of former programs; Multimedia Technologies & Graphic Communications Review AZ state course code mappings BEFORE finalizing 40 th day – Performing Arts and Entertainment Industry program received new state course codes CourseWalk - new course import templates – Email communication to come

13 Team Transition Lori Ventura to move to AELAS product roll outs – ADEConnect – SLDS – Opt in products Statewide SIS Teacher/Principal evaluation Assessment systems Learning Management System (LMS) Content Management System (CMS) Sarah Mahoney to move into STC leadership role


15 ADEConnect – Single Sign On ADEConnect – ADE’s new identity management system – used to manage secure single sign-on access to ADE’s computer, email and internet systems – allows LEAs/schools to gain access to ADE systems such as SAIS, SLDS, Grants Management, MOWR, and other ADE systems/programs Will eventually replace Common Logon LEA SISADE

16 ADEConnect

17 AzED 3 S – Data comes to life! Arizona Education Data-driven Decision System (AzED 3 S) provides longitudinal student achievement, absences, enrollment, and withdrawal data at both the district and school levels compared to the state results designed by Arizona educators teacher dashboards provide student level detail to support classroom decisions provides student-level details on AIMS, AZELLA, and ACT results one stop data shopping



20 AzED 3 S What dashboards are available now? – District/School reports Longitudinal AIMS Attendance Enrollment Withdrawal – District Administrator Assessment reports Percent passing AIMS (District and School level) Percent passing AIMS school comparison Lower 30% and Upper 10% AIMS Students needing to pass AIMS EXPLORE mean scores EXPLORE percent meeting benchmark ACT % meeting College Readiness (CR) comparison ACT % meeting CR by subject ACT average composite scores compared to state and nation ACT average composite scores by subject

21 AzED 3 S What dashboards are available now? – Teacher dashboards Class AIMS Class attendance Class roster AIMS cut score report Student Profile – Demographics – Student Enrollment history – Student longitudinal AIMS – Student AIMS details

22 AzED 3 S What reports are coming? – Student growth percentile – Student profile (enhanced) – Teacher profile – AZELLA results – AZELLA comparative – Stanford 10 (Grades 2 & 9)

23 Final note…

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