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FLORIDA SCHOOL GRADE “A+” September 17th 6:30 pm Dr. Tammy Caraker, Principal.

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1 FLORIDA SCHOOL GRADE “A+” September 17th 6:30 pm Dr. Tammy Caraker, Principal

2 AGENDA Introductions Graduation Requirements SAT / ACT Community Service Selecting A College College Admissions Criteria Barron Collier High School College Application Process Financial Aid Process Local and State/National Scholarships/Bright Futures “Do’s and Don’ts” Q&A

3 BCHS COUNSELORS Mrs. Melissa Hunter: A-F 9-12 Grade Ms. Amanda Edson: G–L 9–12 Grade Mr. Eric Diegel (Dept. Chair): M-Q 9-12 Grade Mrs. Valerie Knox: R-Z 9-12 Grade

4 GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS CLASS OF 2014 Required Credits 26 English 4.0 Math 4.0 Science 3.0 Social Science 3.0 Fine/Performing Art 1.0 HOPE 1.0 Elective Credits 10  Pass the 10 th Grade FCAT (Reading)  Earn a 2.0 unweighted GPA Note: Two years of foreign language are required for SUS Admissions

5 GRADE POINT AVERAGES State “unweighted” for graduation Local “weighted” for class ranking Recalculated “academic core” for college/university admissions and Bright Futures

6 WEIGHTED CALCULATIONS Honors Add.02 points to each semester with a grade of “C” or better Ex. English 1 Hon. A = 4.02 Advanced Placement/Dual Enrollment Add.04 points to each semester with a grade of “C” or better Ex. AP Biology A= 4.04

7 SAT/ACT SAT is a reasoning test which focuses on college success skills: Writing, Critical Reading, and Mathematics Time: 3 hours and 45 minutes (pts. lost for wrong answers) ACT is a curriculum-based test with four subtests: English, Mathematics, Reading, and Science plus Writing **Check with school to see if they require ACT w/Essay Time: 3 hours and 30 minutes (no penalty for guessing)

8 SAT/ACT PREP RESOURCES A+ Skills Tutoring-(239) 254-9807 Bailey Test Prep – (239) 821-5298 Teach Street – Strategies for Success – Project Quest-(239) 403-7174 Sylvan Learning Center (239) 898-1623 Kaplan Online Test Prep - Mathworks Tutoring (239) 591-2468 Private Tutors

9 SAT/ACT RESOURCES Princeton Review The Official SAT Study Guide The Collegeboard Real SAT’s Up Your Score-The Underground Guide to the SAT

10 COMMUNITY SERVICE Many scholarships and college applications will inquire about community service 100 hours for Bright Futures (FAS)/ 75 hrs. (FMS) 30 hrs. (GS) Cannot be affiliated with religious or political organizations Must obtain prior approval from your guidance counselor (Comm. Service Agreement Form) Forms available on the web page or in the guidance office

11 FLORIDA VIRTUAL CAMPUS Explore colleges and majors Check Bright Futures eligibility

12 SELECTING A COLLEGE Cost – “What are my cost limitations?” Admissions Criteria- how do you match up? Size – Large, medium, or small Faculty/Student Ratio Rural or Urban Location – Out of state, close to home Campus – Campus life, dorms, food, activities, athletics, Greek life Majors “The Right Fit!”

13 SELECTING A COLLEGE Do Your Research Visit the Colleges – Attend Open Houses Meet with College Recruiters at BCHS View College Websites/ Use online search tools (,, etc.) Determine if you fit the admissions profile 5-7 schools MAX w/ at least 1 safety

14 COLLEGE ADMISSIONS CRITERIA The strength of your high school academic program (including the senior year!!) Recalculated Core GPA Improvement Consistency (academic and otherwise) Strong Performance in a Challenging Curriculum!!

15 COLLEGE ADMISSIONS CRITERIA (con’t) Standardized Tests Extracurricular Activities Special Talents/Interests/Awards Athletics Community Service (depth & breadth) Leadership Employment Character

16 COLLEGE APPLICATION DEADLINES Terminology Regular Admission Priority Deadline Early Application  Early Action - Non Binding  Early Decision -Binding Rolling Admissions

17 BCHS COLLEGE APPLICATION PROCESS Select between 3-7 colleges and visit their websites to obtain their application procedures-most colleges require or prefer online applications. Get Started Now! Apply Early (if it makes sense for YOU.) Transcript request form-SUS-electronic, Common App. Update your resume Letters of Recommendation (Counselor, Teacher or Employer, etc.) only if required Secondary School Reports/counselor form Essays-(have English teacher proofread)

18 RECOMMENDATIONS Not required by SUS schools If needing teacher recommendation, provide stamped envelope Allow 2-3 weeks for teachers/counselors to write recs.

19 STATE COLLEGE ADVANTAGES Open access/close to home Quality instruction at a low cost Low student/instructor ratios Smaller class sizes Instructors with primary focus on teaching Flexibility in scheduling

20 STATE COLLEGE ADMISSIONS Standard High School Diploma/GED ACT/SAT/PERT 2 + 2 Program : Once an AA/AS degree is earned, a student may transfer to a 4-year institution with a minimum of a 2.0 GPA (institutions are increasing their GPA requirements)

21 FLORIDA STATE COLLEGE SYSTEM 28 Community Colleges in Florida 52 campuses Serve over 900,000 students 2 + 2 Program 67% enrolled in AA transfer Program 33% enrolled in AS & Certificate Program

22 “Show me the Money!” Financial Aid and Scholarships FAFSA (Free Application for Student Financial Aid) CFFS (confidential family financial stmt) -private Apply early-Beginning of January Remember PIN!! Will need 2013 tax information SAR (Student Aid Report) EFC (Expected Family Contribution) Financial Aid award letters Bright Futures does not require FAFSA App

23 BRIGHT FUTURES SCHOLARSHIPS Florida Academic Scholars - 4 yr. $103 per credit hour 2 yr. $63 per credit hour Florida Medallion Scholars - 4 yr. $77 per credit hour 2 yr. $48 per credit hour Gold Seal Vocational Scholars – 4 yr. $77 per credit hour 2 yr. $48 per credit hour Each scholarship has specific GPA and ACT/SAT guidelines And community service hours as of 2014 grads

24 REGISTRATION FOR BRIGHT FUTURES The application/registration process is available beginning December 1, 2013. Students will be automatically registered in school, through English classes after fall final exams. Social Security Number is needed! Bright Futures website: Registration must be completed in order to be eligible for Bright Futures Scholarships

25 2013-2014 Tuition and Required Fees Florida's Public Universities (for main campus, new in-state students) Tuition & Fees per credit hour (in-state) Total for academic year (30 credit hours) Florida A&M University (FAMU)$194.24 $5,827.30 Florida Atlantic University (FAU)$206.41$6,192.50 Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU)$205.69$6,170.70 Florida International University (FIU)$216.43$6,493.08 Florida State University (FSU)$216.88$6,506.50 New College of Florida (NCF)$190.71$5,721.30 University of Central Florida (UCF)$210.57$6,317.10 University of Florida (UF)$208.77$6,263.10 University of North Florida (UNF)$211.75 $6,352.50 University of South Florida (USF)$213.65$6,409.70 University of West Florida (UWF)$211.87$6,356.10 AVERAGE $205.00$6,155.00 Source: Board of Governors

26 Tuition & Fees per credit hour (in-state) Total for academic year (30 credit hours) Brevard Community College$104.00$3,120.00 Broward College$105.90$3,177.00 College of Central Florida$105.10$3,153.00 Chipola College$102.00$3,060.00 Daytona State College$104.48$3,134.40 Edison State College$109.36$3,280.80 Florida Gateway College$103.32$3,099.60 Florida Keys Community College$109.22$3,276.60 Florida State College at Jacksonville$114.52$3,435.60 Gulf Coast Community College$98.75$2,962.50 Hillsborough Community College$104.39$3,131.70 Indian River State College$103.83$3,114.90 Lake-Sumter Community College$105.73$3,171.90 Miami Dade College$114.22$3,426.60 North Florida Community College$99.80$2,994.00 Northwest Florida State College$100.12$3,003.60 Palm Beach State College$98.25$2,947.50 Pasco-Hernando Community College $103.18$3,095.40 Pensacola State College$104.58$3,132.40 Polk State College$112.22$3,366.60 St. Johns River State College$108.00$3,240.00 St. Petersburg College$107.75$3,232.50 Santa Fe College$102.36$3,070.80 Seminole State College of Florida$104.38$3,131.40 South Florida Community College$104.52$3,135.60 State College of Florida, Manatee- Sarasota $102.48$3,074.40 Tallahassee Community College$98.33$2,949.90 Valencia College$99.06$2,971.80 AVERAGE$104.63$2,986.52 2013-2014 Tuition and Required Fees Florida State Colleges (previously known as Community Colleges) (for college credit programs, in- state students Source: Division of Florida Colleges)

27 Undergrad On/Off Campus Undergrad Living at Home Grad Off- Campus Undergrad Sum. 11 (A+B) On/Off Campus *Tuition / Fees$6,270 $12,640$2,510 Books and Supplies 1,080 430 Computer/Cell Phone 1,280 1,380380 Housing5,230_____6,5901,570 Food4,2901,0904,2901,510 Transportation1,110 370 Clothing Maintenance 690 240 Personal / Health Insurance 270 70 Total Budget$20,2200$11,790$28,050$7,080 University of Florida: Cost of Attendance Average for 2013-14

28 SCHOLARSHIPS Ongoing Application Process – Most application deadlines, review and awards begin in February and run through May or June. Collier County scholarship database (Nation, State and Local) Scholarships can be need or merit based or both. (Need based scholarships will require financial disclosure) Senior Awards Night – Spring, 2014 Scholarship Coordinator: Mrs. Melissa Hunter There is a lot of money out there, the more you look and apply, the more money you will be eligible for!!


30 NCAA In order to participate in college athletics, students must register with NCAA-(JUNIOR YEAR) (online registration); the fee is $50.00 Athletes must be certified by the NCAA Clearinghouse and meet academic and athletic requirements Students are to request that their transcript be sent to the NCAA using the BCHS transcript request form. Please send ACT/SAT scores directly to NCAA

31 Do’s and Don’ts DO pay attention to deadlines- apply early ONLY if it makes sense for YOU. DO read directions & pay attention to details. DO get organized. There are many components to college admissions, organization is key! DO pay attention to grammar and spelling-this is a sure fire way to make a bad impression. DO use an appropriate e-mail address and clean up FB & Myspace. DO make contact with YOUR admissions officer & keep all correspondence from the universities. DON’T procrastinate-ask for recommendations early. DON’T let mom or dad fill out the application and/or contact the schools-THIS IS YOUR JOB! DON’T make an extracurricular laundry list. DON’T forget the other application pieces-counselor form, residency statement, housing application, etc. DON’T rule out a campus visit. DON’T wait on financial aid- FAFSA-January!! DON’T forget to breathe and enjoy your senior year. This can be a stressful year but find time for fun and enjoy being a senior!

32 Q & A

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