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Parent Engagement Presented by: Laurie Green Virginia Ludy.

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1 Parent Engagement Presented by: Laurie Green Virginia Ludy

2 Why Is Parent Engagement Important  Studies show that students of parents who are engaged in public education are more successful at school  Its your right to play an active role and to be heard  Parent Engagement is the second priority of the TDSB Years of Action Plan  All levels of government have recognized the importance of parent engagement and have established means to engage parents

3 Opportunities for Parent Engagement  Local School  School Ward  At the Board Level  Opportunities Beyond the TDSB

4 Parent Engagement at the Local School Level  Volunteering Opportunities  In Class  Extracurricular activities  School Trips  School Advisory Council  Attend meetings  Volunteer on Committees  Serve on Executive  …and more

5 Mandated Opportunities for Parent Input at School Level  School Budget-consultation and posting on school web site  School Safety Committee-provide parent input  School Staffing Committee-parallel to the staff  School Improvement Plan  School Statement of Needs-consultation with entire parent body (Principal Selection Process)  School Safety Audit

6 Parent Engagement at the Ward Level  Participate in Ward Meetings  Participate in other special forum meetings held by your school trustee  Volunteer as the Ward Rep for Advisory Committees such as;  Parent Involvement Advisory Committee (PIAC)  Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC)  French as a Second Language Advisory Committee (FSLAC)

7 Parent Engagement at the Ward Level Cont.  Work with other parents and your trustee in the ward on issues and opportunities  Work as an advocate in your ward on issues that may arise ie;  Safe Schools  Closing of schools and selling of surplus property  School funding  Special Education

8 Parent Engagement at the Board Level  Participate as a ward representative on a Advisory Committee;  PIAC-list working groups  SEAC-Four year appointments up right now, must put in an application  FSLAC  Participate on special working groups such as;  Participatory Budget Consultation Group  Principal/VP Selection Group  Advertising and Sponsorship Advisory Group

9 PIAC Working Groups  Bylaws  Budget  Membership  Nominations  Calendar  Communications  Outreach  Principal/Vice Principal  Special Education  Parent Conference  Chair Appreciation Event  Special Education Event  Pools  Full Day Kindergarten

10 PIAC Working Groups Cont.  Pics and Hubs  Fundraising  Curriculum & Library  Concussion  Consultation

11 TDSB Advisory Committees  Aboriginal Community AC  Alternative Schools AC  Community Use of Schools AC  Early Years AC  Environmental Sustainability AC  Equity Policy AD  French as a Second Language AC  Inner City AC  Parent Involvement AC  Special Education AC  Student Nutrition AC

12 TDSB Community Liaison Groups  Ethno Cultural Network  Organization of Parents of Black Children  Parent Environmental Network  Somali Parents Liaison Coalition  Spanish Speaking Education Network  Tamil Parents Association  The Toronto Federation of Chinese Parents

13 Parent Engagement at the Board Level Cont.  Attend Board meetings  Speak to issues at committee meetings of the Board through deputations  Meet regularly with trustees and staff on issues that resonate with you

14 Parent Engagement Beyond the TDSB  Become informed by participating in groups such as;  People for Education  Attend Parent Conference put on by school boards, universities, educational associations etc.  Advocate on educational issues at all political levels, have a voice  Be Engaged

15 Resources     t t  ycommittee ycommittee

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