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Building Administration Principal – Mrs. Wheeler Grade 9 – Mr. Draves Grade 10 – Mr. Taylor Grade 11 – Ms. Bavaro Grade 12 – Mrs. Schafer.

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2 Building Administration Principal – Mrs. Wheeler Grade 9 – Mr. Draves Grade 10 – Mr. Taylor Grade 11 – Ms. Bavaro Grade 12 – Mrs. Schafer

3 Guidance Counselors Mrs. Pizon*A-E Mrs. Conway*F-K Mrs. KellerL-Q Miss CaminoR-V Mrs. DumannW-Z

4 2011-12 Bell Schedule Warning Bell-7:21 1 st Period7:25-8:15 2 nd Period8:20-9:10 3 rd Period 9:15-10:05 4 th Period10:10-10:33 5 th Period10:38-11:01 6 th Period11:06-11:29 7 th Period11:34-11:57 8 th Period12:02-12:25 9 th Period12:30-1:20 10 th Period1:25-2:15

5 Attendance Board Policy only allows up to 10 days of excused absences Under the age of 18, truancy charges filed

6 Arrival/Dismissal from School/Classes Students arriving or leaving from school grounds must sign in/out in their grade level office. Students are expected to be in their designated classroom at the beginning of each period. Those who are not prompt may be subject to disciplinary action.

7 Truancy/Class Cuts Excused Absences/Sign Outs Unexcused Absences/Sign Outs Personal illness of the student; Illness in the student’s family; Death in the family; Quarantine for contagious disease; Religious reasons; Pre-approved vacation College visits Court/ Probation Babysitting Hair appointments Car or traffic problems Missing the bus Driving tests Employment interviews Senior "Skip Day" Oversleeping Monday after Prom Weekend shopping Attending non-school related events Birthdays Outside employment, unless through an approved program (Work Study, OWE, OWA, etc.)

8 Dropping a Class A student may withdraw from a course within the first nine weeks without penalty, providing the students course load does not fall below 5 credits. If a course is dropped after the first nine weeks a grade of “F” will be recorded.

9 Progress Book Progress book: online grade book Students/parents can access grades throughout the school year. Login remains the same throughout a student’s career- unless he/she changes it. Forget login see Mrs. Coates (East Office) or go to BHS webpage and use email helpline-

10 Cell Phone Policy Rules: Consequences: 1. Are not allowed on your person at anytime. 2. Are to be left in your locker or in your car. 3. BHS is not responsible for lost or stolen cell phones. 4. In the event of an emergency, your family will need to contact your grade level office. First Offense-Confiscation of phone and parent must pick up. Cell phones will not be returned to student if parent does not pick up until conclusion of next school day. Second Offense-All the above plus a Weds/Fri Detention. Refusal to relinquish cell phone to staff member will result in suspension.

11 Dress Code Highlights 1. Dresses, skirts or shorts must be knee length(including Award Ceremonies, Class presentations, etc.). No Yoga Pants or Leggings. 2. Pants are not permitted to be ripped, shredded, torn or damaged. Pants must be worn at the waist. 3. Students are not permitted to wear any type of hat, headband or bandana. All hats must be kept in lockers from 7:25 – 2:15. 4. Students are not permitted to have unnatural hair color. 5. Coats-Must remain in lockers. 6. Shirts-Students are not permitted to wear halter tops, tank tops, tube tops or any top exposing the midriff or cleavage. 7. Clothing decorated with offensive, obscene language or gestures promoting drugs, alcohol, tobacco, sex, or violence are not permitted. 8. Failure to follow the dress code will result in you being sent to CLC for the day until rectified.

12 Bullying and Fighting Text messaging someone is the same as saying it to their face! Even if it happens out of school it could have implications in the school building which means you can be disciplined. If you are involved in a fight you will be suspended for at least 3 days of school. School work will not be allowed to be made up! Charges may be filed with the Brunswick Police Department!

13 Prescription Drugs All prescription and over the counter medications must be handed in to your grade level office with appropriate paperwork. You may not carry or store aspirin, prescription medication, cough medicine, 5 hr energy, vitamins etc… in your locker. Violation of this policy will result in a suspension with a recommendation for expulsion. EpiPens and inhalers must be registered with the grade level office.

14 Each student will be assigned a locker. Students are responsible for their school materials and personal property, thus lockers should be kept locked at all times. Sharing of lockers and combinations is not advised. Lockers are the property of Brunswick City Schools and therefore can be searched at any time.

15 Class Exchanges On weather permitting days, students may walk outside during class changes. All doors are now alarmed. The office is notified whenever a door is opened. Reminder: cameras have also been installed.

16 IPods Students may not use listening devices during instructional time and while taking tests or quizzes. Misuse of an IPod can result in confiscation of the IPod Music must not be heard by others. IPods are not to be used in the classroom. BHS is not responsible for lost or stolen Ipods.

17 Hall Passes Your agenda book has your hall passes for the year. Students will ask their teacher for their signature and take their handbook with them to their destination. Once all lines have been used the student is out of passes for the quarter. The cost of replacing your handbook is $10.00. If you need a replacement, see Mrs. Caso in the Athletic Office.

18 ID’s You need your ID’s for books, media center, and dances. Replacement ID’s are $2 and can be purchased in the media center.

19 After School Policy All students are expected to exit the building by 2:30 p.m. unless being supervised directly by a staff member. Weight room is not open unless supervised by a BCS staff member. The media center is open until 3:15 p.m.

20 Athletic Eligibility Students must have received passing grades in a minimum of 5 one credit classes or the equivalent 9 th graders must carry a 1.8 GPA 10 th -12 graders must carry a 2.0 GPA All requirements must be met in the grading period immediately preceding.

21 Random Drug Testing Participation by students in extracurricular activities offered at BHS is a privilege, not a right. Students participating in extracurricular activities will be required to participate in a random drug/alcohol/nicotine testing program. Each student and parent is required to sign a form consenting to the random testing. If the “Drug Testing Policy General Authorization Form” is not signed, you may not participate in any extracurricular activity.

22 Physical Education All PE students will need to purchase a shirt. Order forms will be available in PE class. There is a policy that permits students to be exempted from PE if they participate in a sport, cheerleading, dance or marching band for two completed seasons. If you have physical education and you change for class your belongings must be locked up! If you do not lock up your belongings you may have things stolen and it is not the schools responsibility.

23 Announcements Announcements will be posted in your Blue Devil Mail account daily. Also, refer to our website for information- Announcements will also be posted in Guidance.

24 Student Log In New this year: First initial middle initial last name + grad year Password: student id Example: hjschafer2012 student id

25 Attendance at Extracurricular Events It is your responsibility to follow the Student Code of Conduct. Inappropriate behavior at extracurricular events will result in removal from that event and possible future events. Remember you are the building leaders for underclassmen, be good role models and show respect for our school. Athletic Passes – 10 game pass - $30.00 and Blue Devil Unlimited Pass allows in all home games for $50.00.

26 Get Involved in Sports Baseball Basketball Bowling Cheerleading Cross Country Football Golf Gymnastics Soccer Softball Swimming Tennis Track Volleyball Wrestling

27 Get Involved in Activities Academic Challenge AOA Art Club Big Brother/Big Sister BPA Cheerleaders Class Officers Computer Club Color Guard Dance Team DECA Diversity Club French Club German Club Green Club Huddle Interact Intramurals Key Club Latin Club LINK Crew NHS Reto Academico Ski Club Spanish Club Student Council SADD Thespians VOFT Video Club Newspaper Yearbook Young Folk

28 Academic Excellence for the Class of 2015 Students recognized using cumulative grade point average… 4.00 and higher: Summa Cum Laude 3.5 – 3.799: Magna Cum Laude 3.0 – 3.499: Cum Laude



31 Common Problems Encountered at the High School THEFT Money, iPods, calculators, cell phones SPEAKING POORLY OF OTHERS, WHICH INCLUDES: Body language or gestures Notes, text messages, computer POOR DECISION MAKING Group mentality (following along) Not thinking pending actions through

32 Common Problems Encountered at the High School FIGHTING Will lead to school consequences Will be referred to police liaison DRUGS You cannot carry or keep in your locker any type of prescription or over-the-counter medication unless you have a doctor’s signed permission form


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