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International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme

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2 International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme
Hillsborough High School C. Leon King High School T. R. Robinson High School Strawberry Crest High School

3 IB World Schools in North America: 1,916 schools
348 Canadian Schools 1,568 US Schools The number of IB schools increases on a weekly basis. At the time this slide was created the program existed in nearly 4,000 schools in 146 different countries throughout the world. 3,911 IB schools in 146 countries throughout the world Nov 2010

4 What is the IB Programme?
“The IB is not just about belonging to a school; it is about belonging to a world network of like-minded people who have a common experience and the capacity to change the world for the better.” -Ian Hill, Deputy Director General of the International Baccalaureate Organization, Supertest, 2005 History Magnet Course Work

5 IB Learner Profile IB Programmes aim to develop internationally minded people who are striving to become: Inquirers Knowledgeable Thinkers Communicators Risk-takers Principled Caring Open-minded Well-balanced Reflective The IBO aims to develop well-rounded students. Every class and every lesson aim to develop all of these skills in each one of our students. One characteristic that we like to point out is well-balanced. There is a common misconception that in order for an IB student to be successful in the program they must have “no life”. In fact, most of our students are involved in a number of activities including sports and clubs at school as well as activities in their community. The CAS requirement further instills the concept of a well-balanced student by having the student expand their knowledge outside of the classroom through creative, active and service activities.

6 Academics 4 years of each: Other courses: English Inquiry Skills
Foreign Language French or Spanish Mathematics Social Studies Science Biology, Chemistry, & Physics Other courses: Inquiry Skills Theory of Knowledge IB Elective Second Science Psychology Economics Art Traditional Electives Foreign Language – All students must begin 9th grade with Spanish I – Pre-IB regardless of whether they have completed a foreign language in middle school. Inquiry Skills is an “IB Survival Course” of sorts. This is a course taken by all 9th graders where they develop skills associated with studying, organization, research etc. Despite being in IB classes the majority of the day, students also have the option of taking electives in our traditional program.

7 AT Robinson…. INTERESTING ELECTIVES ROTC TV Production Journalism
Culinary Operations Web Design / Computers Band / Chorus / Orchestra Drama Art Team Sports /Weight Training / Soccer / Basketball Aerospace/ Latin/ Law Studies / Psychology

8 Special Features World-wide curriculum Research class- study hall
Rotating Schedule Teachers available before & after school IB Coordinator, IB Counselor, and College and Career Counselor Transportation to and from school No physical education

9 Traditional Schedule IB Schedule DAY ONE DAY TWO
meets everyday IB Schedule meets every other day Period 1 50 min. 2 3 4 5 6 7 Period 1 90 min. 2 3 Study Hall Period 1 90 min. 2 3 Study Hall DAY ONE DAY TWO

SPORTS CLUBS Student Government Science Club Starlets Various Honor Societies Speech and Debate Math League Fellowship of Christian Athletes Various Service Clubs Karaoke Future Business Leaders of America Aeroknights Future Doctors of America Knightmare Bowling Club Drama Model UN UNICEF Historical Society Order of the Phoenix Photography Football Cheerleading Volleyball Cross Country Swimming Golf Track Soccer Flag Football Baseball Softball Tennis Basketball Wrestling Lacrosse

11 And FUN ACTIVITIES Homecoming Game and Dance Pep Rallies
Concerts and Plays IB Parties Great American Teach-In Field Trips Relay for Life Ice Cream Socials

12 Benefits of IB IB students are…..
more engaged in high school more prepared for college more likely to succeed in college Colleges recognize the value of IB and seek IB students - Many of our students go on to be as involved in college life as they were in high school. Our graduates from last year include: softball players at Harvard and Ave Maria, a baseball player at University of Tampa, track athlete at University of Central Florida, band member at University of Virginia, ROTC cadet at University of Florida, soccer player at Air Force Academy etc.

13 Benefits of IB Strong college applicants
IB students more likely to be admitted to selective universities Scholarship opportunities Possibility of over 30 university credits

14 IB, AP or Dual Enrollment?
International Baccalaureate Advanced Placement Dual Enrollment Rigorous Content Total Program (all subjects taught at IB level) Individual Courses Selected by Student Score Assigned Based on Test Score Assigned at Teacher’s Discretion Evaluated by colleges for college credit International Standards National Standards School-wide Standards IB Students may take IB, AP and Dual Enrollment courses AP Students may take AP and Dual Enrollment courses Dual Enrollment Students may take AP and Dual Enrollment courses

15 Average Acceptance Rate IB Acceptance Rate
University or College Average Acceptance Rate IB Acceptance Rate University of Florida 42% 82% Florida State University 60% 92% Brown University 9% 18% Columbia University 13% Harvard University 7% 10% New York University 30% 57% University of Miami 72% Cornell University 31% Duke University 16% 28% University of Pennsylvania 14% 24% Yale University University of Central Florida 47% 90% University of California -Los Angeles 23% 48% Princeton University 8% Last year our students were accepted to schools including Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Notre Dame, MIT, Air Force Academy, West Point

16 Top ranked universities
Ivy League Schools Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Columbia, Penn, Brown, Cornell Top ranked universities Chicago, MIT, Duke, Northwestern, Johns Hopkins, Wash U, Rice, Vanderbilt, Emory, Georgetown, UC Berkeley, Carnegie Mellon, U of Southern California, U of Virginia, Wake Forest, U North Carolina, NYU, Georgia Tech, Case Western, Lehigh, Rensselaer, U of Miami, Boston U, Tulane, U of Florida, Northeastern, Fordham, Brigham Young, American, Rutgers, U of Alabama, Drexel, Auburn, Florida State U, Colorado, Loyola, Howard, St. John‘s, U of Hawaii, U South Florida, U Central Florida, Swarthmore, Wesleyan, Haverford, Williams, Embry Riddle, Amherst, FL New College, Lipscomb, FAMU, Univ Tampa, Stetson, Rollins, Eckerd, FL Southern, FL Atlantic Military Academies West Point, US Air Force Academy, US Naval Academy, US Coast Guard Academy, US Merchant Marines

17 Who chooses IB? Students who are highly motivated
Students who are academically talented Students willing to challenge themselves in all subjects Students who want to experience a world-wide curriculum Students who wish to surround themselves with others of like goals

18 Selection Criteria GPA
Academic subjects from 7th grade and first part of 8th grade Test Scores Standardized reading and math test scores from 6th and/or 7th grade Writing Sample HCPS students will take a writing assessment at school in November. Private school students will attend a writing session Dec 6 (Middleton HS), Dec 9 (Leto HS), or Jan 10 (Tampa Bay Tech HS) Algebra I or Algebra I Honors required.

19 How do I know IB is right for me?
Talk to your parents,counselor, teachers Attend the IB Information Session, Saturday, November 8 At 9:00 AM Robinson HS with your parents Shadow (10/14,10/30, 11/6, 11/18, 12/3, 12/18) Call for an appointment Notify your school three days in advance You must provide your own transportation Bring your lunch or money to buy lunch Times at RHS 7:25 – 2:45

20 Answers to FAQs Algebra I is required
Physical Science Honors and a foreign language are not required Apply to Magnet Programs online November 12 – December 17 and then final decision is made in March

21 Apply online: November 12 - December 17

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