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What Does Deferral from a College/University Mean When a school defers a student who has applied Early Decision/Early Action, it is NOT a denial This means.

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1 What Does Deferral from a College/University Mean When a school defers a student who has applied Early Decision/Early Action, it is NOT a denial This means that the school believes the student has the qualifications deemed necessary, would be a successful member of the school community, and it is in the running for acceptance under the Regular Decision admissions policy – although the student obviously wants an early acceptance, he/she should be very proud of getting a deferral It means the school will re-evaluate the student’s entire application ( and anything else forwarded to the college) for Regular Decision In most cases, there is a heavy acceptance rate of legacy students in Early Decision/Early Action – schools can only accept a certain percentage of students in the first “round” of acceptances – the majority ( regardless of what students read online) of acceptances come with regular decision and/or rolling admissions 1

2 In order to show the school the student really wants to be accepted from the deferral status, he/she should continually “update” the school(s) – this demonstrates to the colleges that the student is continuing to work hard, be engaged in extracurricular activities and community service, and continues being the type of student the college wants in it community – and the student the college originally felt was qualified enough to be deferred 2

3 What Should Be Done To Let the Colleges/Universities Know the Student Is VERY Serious About Being Accepted Believe in yourself enough to know the college would NOT have deferred you if it didn’t think you were the type of student it wanted as part of its community Realize that it will take WORK and perseverance to obtain acceptance into that college Continue working hard to prepare for semester exams, as sending out strong exam/mid-semester grades will definitely help the colleges to look at you in a favorable light 3

4 The first thing to do is write a letter to the college(s) This letter should be sent out immediately – if you want Miss Hoyt to check it, drop it off and she will review/help you with it The letter begins the initial re-contacting with the school to show the admissions office(s) you realize that more work needs to be done to gain acceptance – not just sitting back and waiting until the school re-evaluates the application packet 4

5 Write down the date you send the initial letter out – this is needed to strike a balance between showing the school you want to be accepted, and not “bugging” the school Every three weeks from that above date until approximately mid-March, send the college another update – again, write down these dates so that you are forwarding information at a reasonable time frame – there will be different things to do to update the college(s) throughout these months In between the weeks, be sure to keep track of anything “new” that is happening in your life: academically, athletically, artistically, activity- wise, community service, etc. 5

6 Any correspondence sent to the colleges should be sent both to the admissions counselor who represents Rhode Island/New England, etc. as well as directly to the general undergraduate admissions office – to find the specific individual who deals with Rhode Island, go to the Undergraduate Admissions Office department on the individual school’s website….look under staff…look under representatives ( which will be state, region, etc.) – if you need help with this, ask Miss Hoyt Reflect on any other individuals ( could be teachers, coaches, community service supervisors, bosses, etc. ) who have NOT yet written a letter of recommendation for you who could now – this is also very helpful in adding relevant information to your application packet that is already in the admissions office 6

7 What Are Things the Colleges/Universities Could Be Updated With Anything “new” that was NOT presented in the original application packet- things such as ( but not limited to): New information on sports activities – new season, something successful that happened after the application went out, new newspaper articles, awards, preparing for the next varsity sport season, etc. New creative information – Scholastic Art awards, new projects in AP Art/Ceramics, etc., making items for a business/gifts ( jewelry, photography, etc.) – and inducing these new pieces in the updating materials – hard copies, Christmas Concert, upcoming musical, etc. 7

8 New leadership events: obtaining Eagle Scout status/Girl Scout Awards, events in Student Council that have happened since application went out/will be coming up in the near future, things senior class officers did, National Honor Society food drive, Santa visit to Providence elementary school, Student Ambassador events, etc. Anything new in clubs: Robotics Club (building/preparing for the upcoming competition), Math League, new articles in The Crusader Chronicle, Film Night, etc. Christian Service Work: Peer Ministry Retreats, new projects in community service, things done for Christmas related to volunteer work, etc. 8

9 Highlighting academics: a particularly effective analytical paper written after the application went out, a lab report, an IA in IB World History, abstract of the IB Extended Essay, a recent power point/presentation, etc. Anything new related to work: a recent new responsibility to work, getting a new job, etc. Anything new related to individual hobbies/interests that was not mentioned previously in the application If everything has basically stayed the same, you re-iterate what you are doing and what you are planning to do in the future months 9

10 Sample Deferral Letter – The First Thing To Send Out as Soon as Possible It should be a business letter – meaning everything is on the left hand side of the margin, no indentations – only a space between paragraphs 12 Font Times New Roman If a particular person has signed the deferral letter, address the letter to that person – if not, To Whom It May Concern: Sign the letter in black ink, cursive- include date of birth, The Prout School, 400228, and an ID number if the college gave you one For Regular Admissions, the same process should be followed – just changing the first sentence of the letter 10

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