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Souhegan High School College Presentation

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1 Souhegan High School College Presentation
For Junior Students and Parents

2 Outline For Evening Presentation
Junior Time Line The College Search Admission Requirements SAT, SAT Subject Tests, ACT Application Process Financial Aid and Scholarship Info Naviance Course Selection Questions ( and hopefully answers)

3 Junior Time Line GET ORGANIZED!! Perfect time to begin this process
Continue Post-Secondary Plan in Advisory Review PSAT results Meet with your counselor Review senior year course selection On-line searches Register for SAT/ACT Research colleges Visit college campuses Consider summer opportunities

4 Junior Time Line Complete interest and career inventories
Attend open houses and college fairs Review Common-Application Begin to develop resume Begin to develop ideas for college essay

5 College Searches Consider and Prioritize: Location Size
Majors/Academic Programs Clubs/Sports/Activities Cost Admission Requirements Room and Board Options Part-time/Full-time 2 Year/4 Year

6 Where To Start Meet with your counselor Gather information
- Internet web-sites - Naviance - - specific college web-sites and catalogs Visit Colleges - Scheduled information sessions and tours Meet with college reps - talk with college students

7 Developing a College List
Explore list of schools of varied level of competitiveness. Research 2 or more probable schools including a financial safety. Research 2 OR MORE target schools. Research 2 or more reach schools. Know your schools! Use GPA ranges and SAT scores to help determine acceptance probabilities. Financial Safety Schools

8 Admission Factors Courses taken – Rigor! Grades received and GPA
Standardized test scores Personal statements and essays Recommendations Extracurricular activities Extended Learning Opportunities Interviews (if required) Additional factors

9 College Requirements for Admission
High School Grad Requirements vs. College Admission Requirements Minimum requirements Specific requirements for certain majors ex: Nursing - chemistry required Engineering - math/science Art - Portfolio submission Specific requirements for individual colleges ex: California University system - 1 full art credit Bentley College - Pre-Calc. required

10 Example College Requirements
University of New Hampshire English – 4 years Mathematics – 3 years 95% of enrolling students have 4 yrs. Social Sciences – 3 years 75% have 4 yrs. Science – 3 years 87% have 4 yrs. Foreign Language – 2 years (3 yrs. preferred) 62% have 4 yrs.

11 College Statistics Harvard UNH 35,023 applicants 6% admitted
Mid SAT CR Math WR GPA range – Cost $65,150 Most Selective 17,234 applicants 78% admitted Mid SAT CR 540 Math 560 WR 540 GPA range – Cost $26,552 Selective Some majors more selective

12 Application Deadlines
Early Decision – binding agreement Can only apply to one college early decision. Early Action – non binding agreement No limits on number of colleges. Restrictive Early Action – non binding agreement Can only apply to one college early action. Priority Applications, VIP, or other name - Early deadlines with specific application to that college, usually shorter in length.

13 Application Deadlines
Regular Admissions – Specific deadline date for all applications. All applications are evaluated after this date. Rolling Admissions – Applications are reviewed as they receive them and decisions are made.

14 Standardized Testing Colleges may require standardized testing: SAT, SAT Subject Tests, or ACT The value of scores vary from college to college. Some colleges are test optional Colleges require official score reports sent directly from testing organizations. Souhegan does not send official scores. Students are encouraged to take exams at least twice. Fee waivers are available for those who qualify.

15 SAT Tests SAT Test Mathematics Critical Reading Writing
SAT Subject Tests Recommended or Required by Some Colleges Scores will range from 200 – 800 on each section - Score Choice Option Students can choose the SAT scores by test date. Colleges still continue to set their own practices.

16 ACT Standardized Tests
Four sections (plus writing): English – 45 minutes Mathematics – 60 minutes Reading – 35 minutes Science – 35 minutes Recommended Writing Test – 30 minutes Scores 1-36 ACT can often be taken in place of SAT subject tests.

17 Registering for SAT/ACT
Spring Exam Dates Registration Deadline SAT - May April 4 June 7 (Souhegan) May 9 ACT – April March 7 June May 9 Exam dates and deadlines on web-sites To register - SAT ACT - Plan out test dates to accommodate admission requirements Photo upload required for registration Students may choose to participate in test prep prior Souhegan CEEB code

18 College Essay Download applications and review college essay topics.
Download Common Application and review college essay choices. Colleges may have access to SAT/ACT essay. Resources - Jeanne Sturgis, Writing Center

19 Common Application
One application utilized by hundreds of colleges List of colleges found on website Important to familiarize yourself with the website – forms, etc. Cannot begin account until late summer. Be mindful that almost every school has a supplement to the common application that has specific questions for their school and must be submitted with the common application. Common App. workshops in fall

20 Financial Aid and Scholarship Information
Need-based Aid vs. Merit-based Aid GPA and SAT/ACT scores often basis for scholarships FAFSA – required by all - No fee required CSS Profile – required by some - fee required DEADLINES, DEADLINES, DEADLINES!!! Scholarship Searches Financial Aid Night – December 2014 Date TBD Familiarize yourselves with college costs and financial aid procedures Utilize NHHEAF

21 Teacher Recommendations
Generally two teacher recommendations and counselor recommendation are required. Junior or senior teachers preferred. Students must submit teacher recommendation request form and supporting documents to teachers. Follow procedure and please be respectful of timelines. Recommend at least 1 month lead time.

22 Souhegan Application Procedure
Attend Senior College Information Night in September - Important Procedures will be outlined at Information Night Meet with your counselor

23 Naviance Family Connection
Career/college web-based program. Juniors have worked with Naviance in 10th grade and again in junior advisories. Students have individual accounts. Parents have individual accounts. Parent workshops - Spring Naviance will be utilized during college application process. Transcripts and recommendations are forwarded electronically to colleges (if appropriate).

24 Helpful Hints… Stay Organized Deadlines, Deadlines, Deadlines
Use a chart to help organize Know the college requirements-do your homework! Read instructions Communicate with your counselor Communicate with college reps Visit college campuses Take advantage of college rep visits to Souhegan in Fall.

25 Course Selection Students will receive materials in Feb.
Stress the importance of rigor Important to consider post-secondary plans and requirements 8 periods Additional period allows for – course options, ELOs, free period

26 Student Services The Student Service Department is available for questions and to assist you during the post-secondary planning process. Please feel free to call or your guidance counselor directly. Visit the Souhegan web-site for updated information.

27 Student Services Anne Burke - 5315 Karen Chininis - 5313
Tim Cotreau Brian Irwin Dina Karlon Maren Petropulos, Registrar Sue Nichols, Secretary – 5308 Follow us on Twitter!! SHS

28 Questions????????????

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