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Class of 2015.  GPA  SAT/ACT Scores  Application/extracurricular activities.

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1 Class of 2015

2  GPA  SAT/ACT Scores  Application/extracurricular activities

3  GPA (Grade Point Average) is very important your junior year.  Usually students apply to college in September and October so colleges will not see your senior grades until the end of your senior year.  It is crucial that you take challenging classes as a junior and make good grades. Continue this next year too.  All colleges ask to see a copy of your final transcript.  The UNC colleges require a Minimum GPA of 2.5.  Even if you do not have the minimum GPA requirement you can still go to a community college and transfer to a four year college.

4 Your GPA will be calculated at the end of each semester. Remember that Cabarrus County uses a graduated scale: A=93-100B=85-92C=77-84D=70-76F=0-69 96-100%=4.091%=3.37586%=2.75081%=2.12576%=1.500 95%=3.87590%=3.25085%=2.62580%=2.00075%=1.375 94%=3.7589%=3.12584%=2.50079%=1.87574%=1.250 93%=3.62588%=3.00083%=2.37578%=1.75073%=1.125 92%=3.50087%=2.87582%=2.25077%=1.62570-72%=1.000 <69%=0

5  Make A’s in your classes!!!  Remember that Honors classes have 1 quality point. So if you make a 95 in Honors English III that translates to a 4.750.  AP Classes have 2 quality points. So if you make a 95 in AP English Language that will be calculated as 5.750 in your GPA.  Remember that below 70 is still a 0 even if it is an honors or AP class.

6  A transcript is a four-year report card that includes EVERY final course grade for EVERY class you take in high school  It also contains…. transcript transcript  Student Information  Credit History  Grade History  GPA (it is cumulative and is the average of quality points earned)  Class Rank ( a number that tells you where you stand in relation to your peers in your grade level)  EOC scores  Attendance Transcript….

7  You must register online to take either test.  Colleges in this area accept the SAT and the ACT.

8  Register online at  January of Junior year is a good time to take your first SAT.  Includes a verbal, math, and writing section  Math section tests up to geometry and algebra II  Guess only when you can eliminate at least one answer choice. Points are deducted for wrong answers.  Tests your reasoning ability  800 is the highest score on each section

9  All Juniors are going to take the ACT in March during school hours for free. You can use the score for college admissions.  You can take the test again if needed on a Saturday by registering online at  Includes a science, math, verbal, and an optional writing section.  Math section tests up to trigonometry  Composite Score: 1-36  Points are not deducted for guessing  Curriculum based

10  Extracurricular activities set you aside from others so make sure you are involved. This is a section on most college applications.  You can use to help you organize your activities. Under your profile is a place to save all your activities, honors, sports etc. This will then transfer to your college applications if you use to apply to a North Carolina

11  If you would like to play sports in college you must be considered “eligible” through NCAA.  All athletes need to register at by the end of junior year. This includes sending a transcript which you can get from Mrs. Galloway.  Be careful about flexing classes next year. Make sure you are taking at least three classes per semester and if you choose to flex a class you must pass all three classes that you are taking.  Also check out the HRHS student athlete webpage for more information.

12  is a great tool to help you research colleges

13 The college matching assistant can help you find colleges with the major that you would like to study. You can also look at school size and location.


15  County wide College Fair- you will be able to meet college representatives and learn more about a variety of different colleges. The College fair will be held at the Cabarrus Arena on September 23 from 6-8pm  Financial aid nights- we also have county wide financial aid nights to help you prepare for paying for college

16  University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill  16 of our seniors went to Carolina last year StudentGPAClass RankACT Score 1 4.827 th out of 33228 2 4.4335 th out of 33225

17  University of North Carolina at Charlotte  48 of our seniors went to UNCC StudentGPAClass RankACT Score 1 3.15195 th out of 33226 2 3.41168 th out of 33222 3 3.53148 th out of 33218

18  Western Carolina  8 of our seniors went to Western StudentGPAClass Rank ACT Score 1 3.712019 2 2.9821516

19  Find a summer job or participate in a summer program. This will help get you ready for college.  Visit potential colleges. This is the best way to see if they are a good fit for you. Visit the dorms, cafeteria, library and classrooms. See if you can sit in on a class.  Make a calendar of open houses.  Get on colleges mailing lists. Some colleges might email scholarship and other important information.

20  This is a great option too. If you are thinking about this option start talking to a recruiter. A few recruiters visit during lunch. This is a great time to ask them questions and learn more about the process.

21  This is an exciting time for you… remember you can always ask your counselor for help.

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