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College, Military, World of Work. What do I want to do after high school?  Career Planning  ASVAB  Research colleges.

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1 College, Military, World of Work

2 What do I want to do after high school?  Career Planning  ASVAB  Research colleges

3 World of Work  Use career planning tools on to learn what careers might be a good fit.  ASVAB on October 15. It’s a free career planning test that will give you more info about your abilities and career interests.  Create a descriptive and professional resume to give to potential employers

4 Military  Talk to recruiters early so you have plenty of time to make the decision that is best for you. Do not sign anything without talking it through with parent/guardian.  Contact the local recruitment offices to set-up a meeting where you can learn more about the military. Take parent/guardian with you to the meeting so you can talk through it later.  Sign up in the Counseling Center to take the ASVAB on October 15.  Make sure you understand all stipulations for pay, college grants, etc. before signing.

5 College  Research colleges online – use College Matching Assistant or School Finder on or the College Match Maker on to discover schools that match your college preferences  Visit specific school websites to learn more about a particular college

6 What to look for online?  Academic Programs – do they have a major I am interested in?  Admissions Requirements – what do they require? (GPA, SAT/ACT, HS course work, etc)  Financial Aid – do they offer any financial assistance for students?  Sports – do they offer my sport and do I need to register with NCAA?

7 Things to consider when looking for a college  Majors/programs  Admission Requirements – GPA, SAT/ACT score  Location  Size  Proximity to home  Public vs. Private  In-state vs. Out-of-state  How to pay for college  Extracurricular activities offered

8 Narrowing Down Your College List  Watch the virtual tours available online  Take a campus tour – Seniors are allowed to miss four days of school for college visits and these will be marked field trip w/ the proper documentation (note on college letterhead stating student name, date toured, and a signature)  Register online or through office of admissions for campus tour.

9 College Entrance Exams  SAT: register at  ACT: register at  Enter the FCHS school code (110920) when you register  Send my scores? Remember to send your test scores to NCAA.

10 Making a Short List of Colleges  From your research, you should be able to come-up with a few college options.  Make sure you have: A few “good fit” schools A “reach” school A “back-up plan” school

11 Finalizing your College Plan  For your short list of colleges, gather the following information on each  Admission Requirements GPA SAT/ACT score  Application Deadline  Supporting Documents (school specific)

12 GPA  HOPE GPA vs. Cumulative GPA cum GPA includes all courses taken in high school HOPE GPA is based on ALL English, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Foreign Language courses ○ In HOPE calculation, students receive a 0.5 quality point for AP courses up to a max of 4 pts instead of the full quality point they receive in the cum GPA  Class of 2015 students must have two credits in courses off the HOPE Rigor Chart on their transcript by graduation.

13 How do I Apply?  For Georgia Colleges, you can do applications on or on the colleges  For out-of-state colleges, you can apply through that schools website  Common App – go to to see if one of your colleges or universities is one of the more than 450 that use the Common Application website

14 When do I Apply?  Early Application – be CONFIDENT that your GPA and SAT/ACT scores are solidly in the college’s range Early App colleges either: ○ Accept ○ Defer – finish the remainder of application by regular deadline ○ Deny – cannot reapply for 1 year

15 When do I Apply?  Regular Application One set deadline – some colleges have one deadline per year for fall applications, as well as, a set date for releasing acceptances Rolling admissions – some colleges evaluate applications as they come in and make admission decisions and offer acceptances as processed

16 When do I Apply?  Early Decision – colleges that offer early decision require a student commitment by a certain deadline  Students who want to commit to that college/university must withdraw all other college applications

17 Supporting Documents  Official Transcript – if your college requires an official transcript, stop in the counseling center to complete request and pay the $3.00 fee – 24 hours processing  Immunization form – available in the counseling center (24 hr processing) or from your doctor’s office  SAT/ACT scores – you must request these from the test agencies  Counselor/Teacher Recommendation – complete SR Profile and take to counselor/teacher to ask for a recommendation; allow two weeks to complete recommendation  Essays – take your time writing and have it proof-read

18 How do I Pay for College?  Scholarships FCHS Counseling Website under Scholarship tab FCHS Common Scholarship Application (available on FCHS Scholarship tab) On the college websites National databases like and  Financial Aid FCHS Financial Aid Night – Dec 4, 2014 @ 6:30pm Complete the FAFSA after January 1 on

19 Could I have HOPE? To receive HOPE scholarship funding, students must:  Meet academic requirements Students applying for Zell Miller HOPE must request their SAT/ACT scores be sent to GSFC (instructions on counseling website)  Meet US Citizenship or eligible non-citizen requirements  Be a legal resident of Georgia  Be enrolled as a degree-seeking student at an eligible public or private GA institution  Be in compliance with Selective Service registration requirements  Maintain satisfactory academic progress as defined by college  Not be in default or owe a refund on a financial aid program  Be in compliance with Georgia Drug-Free Postsecondary Education Act of 1990. Student may be ineligible for HOPE payment if he/she has been convicted for committing certain felony offenses involving marijuana, controlled substances, or dangerous drugs  Student’s Social Security card MUST BE ON FILE with Forsyth Central High School in order for us to upload your transcript for HOPE. Social Security cards that are for Work Purposes only do not qualify for HOPE funds.  Details and additional information on website

20 How do I apply for HOPE?  Students have three options for applying for HOPE scholarships Complete the FAFSA application on Complete the GSFAPPS application on Complete the GSFAPPS paper application and submit to Georgia Student Finance Commission by mail  Details on

21 NCAA Eligibility  Student Athletes interested in NCAA sports at the collegiate level must: Create an account on the NCAA website Register on the NCAA website Request an official transcript be sent to NCAA – one after you register, as well as, a final transcript at end of senior year Read the “Guide for the College-Bound Student- Athlete” on the NCAA website under resources, as well as, the “Quick Reference Guide” and the “Registration Checklist.”  Details available at

22 October 15, 2014  Seniors will choose between taking the ASVAB or taking a college visit day (submit proper documentation following day in order for it to be marked field trip)  All seniors will be asked to sign-up in their instructional focus class

23 Upcoming Parent Nights  ESOL Information Night: September 11, 2014; 6:30pm east cafeteria  Financial Aid Night: December 4, 2014; 6:30pm east cafeteria

24 SR Year Nuts & Bolts  Paying SR Fees The $85 graduation fee covers senior cap & gown purchase, diploma printing, Senior Breakfast, partial fees and costs of graduation site, and a special senior event at the end of the year. Go to to order.  SR Yearbook Ads – 1 st pymt due Oct. 31/final pymt due Nov 18  SR Pictures – if you haven’t had them made, contact Cady Studios @ 770-406-6046 – deadline to have SR pictures made is Nov. 21, 2014

25 What’s Next?  Ticket out the door is signed Senior Checklist  Mrs. Chilson and Ms. Savage will be in room 180 for questions  Mrs. Miller and Mrs. Kozee will remain in the cafeteria for questions

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