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Anastasiya Quimby ASDA Licensure Chair UIC ADEA Representative

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1 Anastasiya Quimby ASDA Licensure Chair UIC ADEA Representative

2 The last 3 years felt something like this

3 Soon we’ll feel like this

4 …and for some of us one more mountain is left to climb

5 ADEA PASS 2013 May 22, Feb 15, 2013

6 Preparing for the cycle
Register for Match PASS and MATCH are 2 different services You are NOT automatically enrolled in Match if you registered for PASS or vice-versa Not ALL programs participate in Match To find out which programs do go to: ADEA PASS Program Search Engine at

7 Preparing for the cycle
Check with individual programs regarding their specific requirements Due dates? NOTE: Most programs close application cycle much earlier than February! Photos? Additional application fee? Background check? Anything else?

8 Preparing for the cycle
ETS Personal Potential Index ADEA PASS REQUIRES ETS PPI to be completed Recommended 3 evaluators, limited to 5 Comments are strongly encouraged ADEA PASS does NOT REQUIRE letters of recommendation Check with specific programs they may REQUIRE a LOR Limited to 2 LOR that can be submitted via ADEA PASS

9 Beginning the application process

10 Standard Application Documents submitted to PASS
Essay Professional Evaluations Personal Potential Index (PPI) Institution Evaluation from the Dean of the school Official Dental School Transcripts Most programs require all grades for D3

11 Sections of PASS Biographical Data Background Information
Professional Experience Test Scores Awards Distinctions, Prizes Extracurricular Activities Undergraduate/Graduate Colleges Attended Dental School(s) Attended Advanced Dental Education (Postdoctoral) Program(s) Attended ETS® PPI for ADEA (required) Institution Evaluation Professional Evaluations (optional)  Essays Program Designations Pay & eSubmit 

12 MATCH registration Completed within PASS Separate registration fee
Rank order lists are submitted after interviews Phase I: Ortho and Dental Anesthesiology Match results: End of November Phase II: OMFS, Pedo, GPR, AEGD Match results: End of January

13 Mailing documents to PASS
If you are mailing via USPS ADEA PASS Processing Department 
P.O. Box 9115
Watertown, MA 02471 If you are mailing via FedEx, UPS, DHL ADEA PASS Processing Department 
C/O Liaison International
311 Arsenal St., Suite 15
Watertown, MA 02472

14 Documents NOT accepted by PASS
Official National Board Dental Examination Score Reports Official TOEFL Score Reports Official GRE Score Reports Undergraduate (non-dental) Transcripts Mark Sheets Birth Certificates Diplomas CV/Resumes Bank/Financial Statements Photographs

15 Submitting PASS application
Application will not be processed unless a required payment was made Fees quoted for 2012 cycle Basic application processing fee (includes one essay) $185 for the first program and $65 for every additional program $35 for additional essays that could be submitted to individual schools

16 Pass Application Program Submission
ADEA PASS begins distributing PASS applications that were completed and paid for in June. Programs have access to it immediately NOTE: it’s your responsibility to monitor that all of the required documents were received by ADEA PASS

17 Helpful Links ETS PPI info Program Search Engine:
Program Search Engine: Complete Instructions:

18 Questions? Contact ADEA PASS at: 617-612-2065
9AM-4PM, ET,  Mondays through Fridays except US federal holidays

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