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Anastasiya Quimby ASDA Licensure Chair UIC ADEA Representative.

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1 Anastasiya Quimby ASDA Licensure Chair UIC ADEA Representative

2 The last 3 years felt something like this

3 Soon we’ll feel like this

4 …and for some of us one more mountain is left to climb

5 ADEA PASS 2013 May 22, 2012 - Feb 15, 2013

6 Preparing for the cycle  Register for Match PASS and MATCH are 2 different services You are NOT automatically enrolled in Match if you registered for PASS or vice-versa Not ALL programs participate in Match To find out which programs do go to: ○ ADEA PASS Program Search Engine at

7 Preparing for the cycle  Check with individual programs regarding their specific requirements Due dates? ○ NOTE: Most programs close application cycle much earlier than February! Photos? Additional application fee? Background check? Anything else?

8 Preparing for the cycle  ETS Personal Potential Index ADEA PASS REQUIRES ETS PPI to be completed ○ Recommended 3 evaluators, limited to 5 ○ Comments are strongly encouraged ADEA PASS does NOT REQUIRE letters of recommendation ○ Check with specific programs they may REQUIRE a LOR ○ Limited to 2 LOR that can be submitted via ADEA PASS

9 Beginning the application process APPLY EARLY

10 Standard Application Documents submitted to PASS  Essay  Professional Evaluations  Personal Potential Index (PPI)  Institution Evaluation from the Dean of the school  Official Dental School Transcripts Most programs require all grades for D3

11 Sections of PASS  Biographical Data  Background Information  Professional Experience  Test Scores  Awards Distinctions, Prizes  Extracurricular Activities  Undergraduate/Graduate Colleges Attended  Dental School(s) Attended  Advanced Dental Education (Postdoctoral) Program(s) Attended  ETS® PPI for ADEA (required)  Institution Evaluation  Professional Evaluations (optional)  Essays  Program Designations  Pay & eSubmit

12 MATCH registration  Completed within PASS  Separate registration fee  Rank order lists are submitted after interviews  Phase I: Ortho and Dental Anesthesiology Match results: End of November  Phase II: OMFS, Pedo, GPR, AEGD Match results: End of January

13 Mailing documents to PASS  If you are mailing via USPS ADEA PASS Processing Department P.O. Box 9115 Watertown, MA 02471  If you are mailing via FedEx, UPS, DHL ADEA PASS Processing Department C/O Liaison International 311 Arsenal St., Suite 15 Watertown, MA 02472

14 Documents NOT accepted by PASS  Official National Board Dental Examination Score Reports  Official TOEFL Score Reports  Official GRE Score Reports  Undergraduate (non-dental) Transcripts  Mark Sheets  Birth Certificates  Diplomas  CV/Resumes  Bank/Financial Statements  Photographs

15 Submitting PASS application  Application will not be processed unless a required payment was made  Fees quoted for 2012 cycle Basic application processing fee (includes one essay) $185 for the first program and $65 for every additional program $35 for additional essays that could be submitted to individual schools

16 Pass Application Program Submission  ADEA PASS begins distributing PASS applications that were completed and paid for in June.  Programs have access to it immediately  NOTE: it’s your responsibility to monitor that all of the required documents were received by ADEA PASS

17 Helpful Links  ETS PPI info s/pass/Applicants/General%20Instructions/Page s/ETSPPI.aspx  Program Search Engine:  Complete Instructions: s/pass/Applicants/General%20Instructions/Docu ments/Domestic%20Instructions.pdf

18 Questions?  Contact ADEA PASS at: 617-612-2065 ○ 9AM-4PM, ET, Mondays through Fridays except US federal holidays

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