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Felices Días Tío Sergio

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1 Felices Días Tío Sergio
Chapter 3 Youth and Identity

2 Lidia begins to discover herself
Discovers the concept of time Recognizes that history represents a continuum Concern about her role as a woman Cannot find happiness in her religion from her readings

3 Learns the difference between adults and children with La Margara’s baby
Mami has the freedom to send gifts to the Tristani baby as an adult Lidia and her brother do not have these freedoms as they are still children

4 “Ella podía, ella podía! Tenia la libertad de enviar regalos a los Tristani;nosotros no.En eso estribaba la diferencia entre ser adulto y no serlo, ese poder tomar decisiones, aun algunas que no serian bien vistas, era del reino de la adultez, y ahí estaba yo loca para llegar.”

5 We see racism in the family
Why blacks and whites cannot be married and inherited racism We see prejudice as it relates to the idea of legitimate vs. illegitimate children Beginning of alienation from family as Andres finds a girlfriend

6 Lidia feels alone She has no friends in the school and is discovering that part of her identity is that of a loner She wishes to leave the island Imagines Sophia Loren taking her away. Discovers that she is in love with being in love Developing a personality at odds with family

7 Lidia discovers the danza Felices Días
She is surprised that Tío and Mama Sara are dancing Family focuses on the happy events Family does not dance even in festive occasions Sense of nostalgia Sense of foreshadowing

8 Lidia has an opportunity to connect to her past history through the danza
She does not take the opportunity as she was afraid to fail Image of dance imprinted on her memory

9 Family influence on beliefs and values
Contrast between Tio and the rest of the family Tio helping La Margara and having to keep it secret from the rest of the family

10 Narrative Devices Punto de vista -Primera persona Reflección Nostalgia
Enfasis Ej. Hijo ese, Nacionalista ese, mujer perdida esa-used as pejorative-indication of learned prejudice

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