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Scholarships. Check your credits Course History : Will show each class you take and the credit you got for it at the end of the semester.

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1 Scholarships

2 Check your credits Course History : Will show each class you take and the credit you got for it at the end of the semester

3 Transcript/Credit Check

4 Behind on Credits? Don’t Run Out of Time! Saturday School Saturday School Evening School Evening School MDLP/TUOL online MDLP/TUOL online Online - credit recovery Online - credit recovery CRC 7 th and 8 h hour CRC 7 th and 8 h hour Career Exploration (Elective Credit) Career Exploration (Elective Credit) Correspondence Correspondence Stop in the Counseling Office for registration information and an alternative credit form.

5 Last year’s Seniors earned…… Over 7.1 million in scholarship dollars! 248 Scholarships were awarded

6 Is it worth the effort? For a $1,000 Scholarship… If you spent, 10 hours of research & completing applications = $100 per hour

7 Still not convinced? If you made $8 an hour, you would have to work 125 hours to = $1000

8 Where to Research Scholarships MdN website (Scholarship link on right side of page) Academic Department’s website at any college or university or google search

9 What is the eligibility criteria? GPA Ethnicity Gender Volunteer history First to attend college Field of interest Political party Religion Parent’s profession Willingness to work in economically depressed areas

10 Application Core Components Scholarship Application Personal Statement Letters of recommendation (2 minimum) Academic Transcript Resume Activity List, SAT/ACT scores, FAFSA

11 Personal Statement Personal and family background Education and career goals Personal interests, achievements, extracurricular activities, work experience, community service involvement Your financial need * Go to Guidance Webpage to print out “Tips on Writing a Personal Statement”


13 Letters of Recommendation Best Practices Be proactive, ask Early! Inform them of your deadline Send them an email at least two days before you pick up Give them a resume, personal statement, and transcript

14 Milk Contest $10,000 Winner

15 Sample of Scholarship Application Chris Massey Scholarship

16 Do’s & Don’ts of Scholarships Do Apply, Apply, Apply often and early! Do use multiple sources for finding scholarships Do search local scholarships Do follow instructions carefully Do write scholarship due dates on your personal calendar Do develop a Suite of Generic Reusable Materials

17 Don’t Never pay to apply for a scholarship! Don’t waste your money on scholarship search services that promise to help you tap into vast amount of unclaimed financial aid funds. There are many web sites that provide the same information for FREE.

18 Five Scholarship Myths “Only students with high academic achievement win merit scholarships” “Scholarships applicants should seek to compile the longest list of extracurricular activities”

19 Myths (cont.) “The track record you’ve already accumulated determines whether you’ll win scholarships” “I won’t qualify for financial aid because my parents make too much money”

20 “Where can I VOLUNTEER?” City of Mesa- Summer Aquatics Program: 480-644-3651 City of Mesa- Neighborhood Outreach: 480- 644-4067 City of Mesa- Open Gym: 480-644-3651 City of Mesa- Youth Sports & Special Events: 480-644-3651 City of Tempe- Tempe Public Library Summer Reading Club Assistant: 480- 350-5522 City of Tempe- Tempe Public Library Computer Assistants/Youth Library: 480- 350-5222 Tempe Public Library- Youth Friends 480-350-5598 City of Tempe- Parks & Recreation Instructors Assistant/ Recreation Classes City of Tempe- Parks & Recreation- Junior Lifeguards- Kiwanis, Clark, McClintock, Escalante Pools All other City of Tempe volunteer questions, call 480-350-5190 Valle del Sol Volunteer Program 602-248-8101, AZ Dept. of Economic Security Volunteer Services: 602-347-6379 Paz de Cristo Community Outreach 480-464-2370, Habitat For Humanity Volunteer 602-262-8655 City of Phoenix Senior Services 602-495-5576 Save The Family Volunteer 480-898-0220 ext.215 All volunteer information on MdN Guidance website

21 University Scholarship Programs President Barack Obama Scholars Program – $42,400 or less U of A Assurance Program - $42,400 or less

22 MERIT SCHOLARSHIPS –When applying to Arizona universities, you are automatically considered for a merit scholarship IF you have taken the SAT/ACT –APPLY early to find out results and have first priority with dorm rooms!

23 “A’s” or “B’s” in the 16 required core classes (“C’s” can be ignored with extra classes or good AP scores in the same subject.) AND 3.5 cumulative GPA in courses used above AND Exceed AIMS in all subjects by 11 th grade Or Exceed in 2 areas of AIMS and get “3’s” on 2 AP tests AND Finally Have a minimum SAT of 1300 or ACT of 28 You must turn in your qualifications for this scholarship to Ms. Barnes by April 15, 2014 to qualify for this scholarship! ABOR High Honors Waiver

24 Financial Aid 101 What you need to know

25 Financial Aid Crash Course: The Types of Federal Aid Grants – do not have to be paid back! (Maximum award amount $5,500) Loans – borrowed money that you must repay Work-study – work on campus

26 Timeline for (FAFSA) Free Application for Federal Student Aid Priority filing date February 15 th  FAFSA application on the web  Estimate your eligibility on

27 College Goal Sunday Get free, on-site professional assistance completing the FAFSA Date: mid-February Time: 2 PM – 4 PM Place: To be announced

28 Scholarships to look for Tempe Diablos Scholarship -Top 50% of class, be a resident of Tempe, plan to attend ASU or any Maricopa Community College Tempe IDA Scholarship -Top 50% of class, must be a resident of Tempe, any institution, Amount $1,000

29 MdN Scholarships MdN Chris Massey Memorial Scholarship -Minimum 2.5 GPA, any institution, preference to education majors, Amount $1,000 Tempe Dollars for Scholars Scholarship -GPA varies, Amount $1,000 and up

30 Scholarships Arizona Private Schools Assoc. Scholarship -Attend any vocational school, Amount $1,000 Maricopa Community College Presidential Scholarship -For students in the top 15% during the 6 th, 7 th, or 8 th semester

31 ECAP: Education Career Action Plan Log onto –Username: Student ID# or Student ID# mdn (Example: 143641 or 143641mdn ) –Password: First Name (if less than 5 letters use first and last name with no spaces

32 FAFSA PIN Click on Career Planning Timeline

33 Scroll down to 12 th Grade Tasks Click on task #3

34 Click on number 1 Get Personal Identification Number PIN

35 Read STEP 1 Click on Get a PIN Now

36 Click Continue

37 Click on APPLY NOW

38 Read information Click Next

39 Enter your information

40 Click NEXT

41 Scholarships & Grants Click on My Portfolio

42 Click on Financial Aid Sources

43 Click on Scholarships & Grants

44 Fill in your personal information Clink on to expand options

45 Click on See List

46 Click on Program Name Click on the next to any programs that is of interest

47 Review scholarship/grant


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