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MCAT Application Process HPAC application Interviews Agenda :

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2 MCAT Application Process HPAC application Interviews Agenda :

3 Kaplan vs DIY Preparation for the MCAT

4 Kaplan Built-in accountability Popular All materials are included Class DOES NOT replace studying! Preparation for the MCAT

5 DIY BYOD (Bring Your Own Discipline) AAMC tests are the best AAMC guide (cheap and effective Examcrackers—Amazon or B&N AED course in Spring 2012 Preparation for the MCAT

6 Allopathic MD degree UAB, USA, etc. State of Residency matters 137 US schools AMCAS National avg: MCAT—31 3.7 GPA Choose your medical schools

7 Osteopathic DO degree Schools in AL, MS, TN, GA and FL (26 total) Essentially the same residency options Less research oriented More emphasis on primary care Choose your medical schools

8 Osteopathic (continued) A few schools will consider January MCAT AACOMAS is the primary application service National avg: MCAT—26 3.5 GPA Choose your medical schools

9 TMDSAS—Most Texas schools use this instead of AMCAS or AACOMAS Application very similar to AMCAS/AACOMAS Application is available May 2012 Messin’ with Texas

10 No centralized service; apply directly to the schools Investigate graduation rates and board pass rates May (and often will) take longer than four years Limited residency options Extremely limited transfer options Offshore Medical schools

11 Three parts: Transcripts Activities Personal Statement The application: AMCAS/AACOMAS/TMDSAS

12 Obtain copies of your transcript from each school you attended Enter each course you have taken exactly as it appears on your transcript(s) Send official transcripts from each undergraduate school attended to AMCAS/AACOMAS/TM SDAS Transcript

13 Honors/awards/recognition Conferences attended Presentations/posters Publication Extracurricular/hobbies/avocat ions Leadership—not listed elsewhere Other Intercollegiate athletics Sample activities Artistic endeavors Paid employment—non military Paid employment—military Community service/volunteer—not medical/clinical Community service/volunteer— medical/clinical Research lab Teaching/tutoring

14 15 slots, choose 3 as “most valuable experience” What do you do with your time that you are proud of? Nothing is off-limits—almost nothing Don’t feel like you need to use every available character! Some may not warrant long descriptions Estimates are fine when listing the number of hours invested in each activity Don’t get bogged down with details Documenting activities

15 5300 characters (AMCAS/AACOMAS:4500) Good articles and examples online at Tell your story Address, but don’t dwell on, deficits Personal statement

16 We recommend 5 letters, at least two from science faculty Planks in your platform: what can each one say about you? Content of the letter is more important than the author DO schools want a letter from a DO. Letters should not be school specific Letters of recommendation

17 Ask now Someone you already work with/know well Someone you’ve worked with in the past Someone who isn’t likely to have new information to you in the next few months When to ask for a letter Ask later Someone you don’t know well (yet) Someone who will be able to write a stronger letter in a few months

18 VirtualEvals and AAMC Letter ID How to generate your AAMC letter ID (see attached guide) VirtualEvals- online submission of LOR for schools that don’t participate in AAMCAS (DO schools, Texas schools, LSU)


20 Primary application AAMCAS AACOMAS TMDSAS Individual application for non-service schools Primary vs. Secondary Secondary application Request from the individual school for more information Time-sensitive Most schools will not invite you for an interview prior to reviewing the secondary Costly Be concise

21 For UA use only: application at Complete HPAC pre- application IN ADDITION to primary application We require both the pre- application and a copy of your primary application (AAMCAS/AACOMAS) if you wish to interview with our committee (recommended by medical schools). HPAC Pre-application

22 HPAC interview In Clark Hall Basis for your committee letter Must be completed before other letters are sent to schools March through September Not blind Two interviews School interview At the medical school Some are blind, some are not September through March




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