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Dr. Monther R. Alfuraidan Assistant Dean, Student Affairs

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1 Dr. Monther R. Alfuraidan Assistant Dean, Student Affairs
Deanship of Student Affairs (DSA) Dr. Monther R. Alfuraidan Assistant Dean, Student Affairs

2 Mission “Deanship of Student Affairs (DSA) is committed to provide stimulating student life, outstanding services, effective counseling, and enriching extra-curricular activities that enable students’ development, and enhance their values and fulfill their ambitions”.

3 “To be a leading model in enriching student life and experience”
Vision “To be a leading model in enriching student life and experience”

4 Goals Provide conducive environment that enriches students’ development and their experience Ensure quality of services & activities. Guide students towards appropriate career. Provide effective counseling and advising services.

5 DSA Organizational Structure

6 Student Affairs Main Functional Units (Departments)
Student Activities Student Services Counseling and Advising Training and Employment Student Housing Student Fund International Trips Office Part-time Jobs

7 The Counseling and Advising Center (CAAC):
Counseling is considered by CAAC as a collaborative process, which involves the development of a unique, confidential, helping relationship. The CAAC treats all of its contacts with student as highly confidential. The main services provided by CAAC include counseling in one of the following forms: Individual Counseling: A student meets with a counselor on a one‑to‑one basis to work through personal concerns. Group Counseling: Counseling in groups offers a broad range of insight and support from peers and professional counselors. Student/Guardian Counseling: Couples counseling works toward alleviating the strains in a close relationship. In such cases, one of the relatives, usually the father or a brother, are contacted and asked to visit the center.

8 The Counseling and Advising Center (CAAC):
The main objective of the CAAC is to provide KFUPM students with academic and social counseling and advising. The CAAC has many objectives, among which are the following: Assisting the students to achieve psychological, social and academic adjustment. Preparing new students for university life.

9 Department of Student Activities
The Assistant Dean for Student Affairs assists the Dean in supervision of the following: Student Activities Student Fund Student Housing Student Services

10 Student Activities Office
The basic objective of the Student Activities Department is to provide an appropriate educational environment to the students during the course of study and to develop their personality by involving them in numerous extra-curricular activities. For this purpose, there are a large number of student clubs that give the student a chance to participate in scientific, cultural, social or sports activities. Among these clubs are:

11 Student Activities (Student Clubs)
The Scientific Clubs: Aerospace Engineering Club, Chemical Engineering Club, Chemistry Club, Civil Engineering Club, Computer Engineering Club, Earth Sciences Club, Electrical Engineering Club, Environmental Design Club, Math Club, Mechanical Engineering Club, Petroleum Engineering Club, Physics Club, Science Club, Statistics Club, System Engineering Club The General and Interest Based Clubs: Applied Arts Club, Arabic Language Club, Brotherhood Social Club, Chess Club, Community Service Club, Cultural Club, Diving Club, English Language Club, Health and fitness Club, Higher Studies Club, Industrial Management Club, Innovation Club, International Trips Club, Jawala Club, Life Skills Club, Media Club, Multi Media Club, Photography Club, Public Relations Club, Social Club, Sports Club (for Groups), Sports Club (for Individuals), Theater Club, Toastmaster Club. Visits Club

12 Student Fund It is considered to be one of the most important elements of the Deanship of Student Affairs as it is directly connected with student affairs and his financial needs. The Fund performs various tasks including the financial assistance for students through loans, and provides incentives for honor students. One of the vital tasks of the Student Fund is to support students' activities through “Student Activities Club”. The Fund also contributes to the cooperative projects that would benefit the students.

13 Student Housing Department
The office responsible for providing services and complete facilities for university students on the university Campus. KFUPM aims to provide accommodation environment that motivates and helps students concentrating on their studies and social communication. The university housing has internet and phone service for each student. In addition to the on-campus transportation services, maintenance and hygiene services are closely monitored. Also, the university provides recreation utilities distributed on the campus, in addition to the general services (food supplies, student services, restaurants, cafes)

14 General Directorate of Student Affairs - Student Services
The Deanship of Student Affairs is always concerned for the student and gives him full care since the day he joins the university until the day he graduates. The General Directorate of Student Affairs plays a vital and continues role in this care to facilitate the tasks of students in the university and provide the following services: the issuance of university ID cards issuance of student certification letters, final clearance letters, concession letters for travel,

15 Student Services preparation of information for the student monthly stipend, honors students allowance, contacting the student guardians/parents issuance of official and medical excuses for student absence, follow-up of sponsored students and ensuring the completion of student files, answering student inquiries and referring them to appropriate persons.  

16 Student Records The office responsible for keeping a student’s records such as original high school certificates and other official papers during his study at the university. The work in this division is divided into two main parts: Student records, to keep student's original certificates when accepted in the university or any other formal papers during his stay at the university. Various records to keep all correspondences that are received by the deanship or any other rules or regulations.

17 The Employment and Training Affairs
This office is concerned with everything related to training university students and their employment before graduation or even after they graduate. The Assistant Dean for Employment and Training supervises the departments of Training, Career Guidance and the Alumni dept. part time jobs, sponsorship program. The responsibilities of these departments are as follows:

18 The Cooperative Program Department
Training Programs: structured educational strategy, integrating the theoretical knowledge learned in the classrooms and laboratories with real-world experiences.

19 Objectives of training
Enabling the student to link theory and practice. Familiarizing the student with the work environment after graduation. Developing the student’s work ethic, communication, management, and teamwork skills. Establishing strong relationships between the university and industry.

20 The Alumni Department Responsible for the distribution of the student’s official certificates, and introduction letters, updating the addresses and contacts of the alumni and maintaining a computerized database for their information. participation in the annual graduation ceremonies.

21 Career guidance Responsible for facilitating job search, and the relationship with students after graduation. participate in organizing job fairs It provides employers with requested information regarding the alumni for the purpose of recruitment.

22 scholarship unit This unit is concerned about coordination with different divisions of the university starting from assisting companies and agencies to announce scholarship opportunities between university students

23 Part Time unit It coordinates part-time work inside the university where it addresses various departments to provide part time opportunities according to their needs, and then nominate students to work in this department.  

24 Student Privileges Privileges enjoyed by scholarship students at the Faculty of Graduate Studies: Ticket to and from the Kingdom at the end of each academic year to the capital of the country to which the student belongs. Exemption from payment of tuition fees for university housing for the duration of his studies at the university.

25 Student Privileges monthly stipend - (900) nine hundred riyals.
Issuance of University ID card for free. issuing ATM card for free. providing textbooks free of charge. discounted meals at the campus restaurant. free treatment at the University Medical Center. the issuance of letters of identification.

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