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European School Bergen Parents’ Association Annual General Meeting 9 -10 2012.

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1 European School Bergen Parents’ Association Annual General Meeting 9 -10 2012

2 Content Organisation Budget Website Health and Safety Transportation Extra Curricular Objectives 2012-2013

3 We work for the best working environment for the students – our children Defend and promote the interests of the students and the parents in the board of the school All Associations are federated in Interparents Interparents is member of the Board of Governors Parents´ Association’s Objectives

4 Board of Governors educational, administrational and financial matters Minister of Education of each EU Member State Rep. EU - Commission & Patent Office Teachers’ staff committee Parents’ Association Interparents When it is not in session – Secretary General - Kari Kivinen

5 Decision process at each individual school nursery primary secondary education committee SAC Admin Board Chaired by Secretary general All committees contain Director teachers,staff Students,PAC

6 Educational Councils Aim of these councils is to promote optimum conditions for effective teaching. Working groups can be set up and policies can be established.Parents, pupils, teachers, administration and management are all represented.

7 Administration Board Secondary Educational Council (SEC) (educational matters in the secondary) booklist,school trips,co- operation with other schools, policies on conduct, rules) Joint Education Council (JEC) (matters concerning primary and secondary) policies on child protection, health and safety. Primary Education Council (PEC) (educational matters in the primary) School Advisory Council (SAC) (financial and educational) School Councils

8 Interparents President Ana Gorey An umbrella organisation for all ES, PAC and has the following duties Looking after the ES working environment Take part in all working groups concerning ES Consultation and Political lobbying Take action when the schools do not comply with the European School regulation

9 Previous year’s achievements: Organization of school photos, transportations. extra curricular activities, hot lunches Schedules in Secondary HS project kick off with Uncle Jim Class reps meetings Meetings PAC, SEC, PEC, JEC, SAC, Admin Board, Management, IP and other external organisation

10 New Years party Biking exam, parking Euro day Euro Markt Maths BAC exam IP Lobbying for low fees IP Buddy system is running A crèche in school Previous year´s achievements

11 Parents’ Association Financial Overview Bora Baykam (Treasurer)

12 Secondary PrimaryNursery BAC photos, rosesGraduation Party P5School trips Social subsidiesSchool tripsEaster Eggs Library books social subsidies


14 Objectives 2012-2013 100% of all parents/guardians PA members. Work with the school fees in ES system IP work Checking the working environment/Hs project Cycling diploma Organising and subsidising educational and sports events in cooperation with school. Euromarkt / Wintermarket/Euroday/ESB 50 years

15 Parents’ Association Website Kemi Obakin Webmaster

16 PAC Website Operates in three languages: English, French and Dutch ― Parents’ help is always needed for translation! A weekly update of the;  Latest news  The school calendar,  Hot lunch menu,  Extra curricular activities, Alles Kits, Little Europa  IP and rules/regulations

17 Parents Association Website Sign up for the latest news 1.Just go to the right hand side of the webpage. 2.Go to your mailbox and click on the link to confirm.

18 Health and Safety Sara Sundstén Kolset VP Child Protection

19 Child Protection WG’s AreaTeacher (s)Parents (s) GeneralManagementPAC StaffManagementPAC School environment Elisabeth Whelan (P) Sonja Jakaubek Sara Sundsten Kolset Nutrition, ventilation, cleaning Out of school activities Menno Vlaardingerbroek(S) Patti Carroll (P) Joy Prieto Corien van Rooij Schooltrips, events Behaviour Tish Stokes (S/P) Pete Spittaels (S) Caroline Spencer Eva Ruda Nilsson Anne Galloway House rules Pupils rights and responsibilities Helena Fitzgerald (P) Anne Galloway Perla van Dijk- Beckeringh Homework policy

20 AreaTeacher (s)Parents (s) Bullying Claire O'Farrel (P) Veronique Fouminet (S) Penny Rose Perla van Dijk- Beckeringh KIVA? Complaints handling system ManagementPAC Procedures for allegations of abuse Tish Stoakes (P/S) Pete Spittaels (S) Caroline Spencer Penny Rose Regulation according to NL law Security Management Yolanda Doogan Tina Eriksen Evacuation, Entrance, visitors Hygiene and health Management Corien van Rooij Sara Sundsten Kolset Epidemics Comfort Frederique Meulendijks (N) Sonja Jakaubek Joy Prieto Light and material in classroom

21 Child Protection Policies  Working document  Revisions yearly April-June  Transparent, published on school website.  Whole school community  Better to prevent than cure!

22 IPSSG Founded in 1997 and represents Dutch International Secondary Schools. Almere, Amsterdam, Arnhem, Eindhoven, Groningen, The Hague, Hilversum, Maastricht, Oegstgeest, Rotterdam, Breda, Enschede. Financial, educational, academical issues eg. Evaluation of the IB-diploma at universities.

23 Transportation Traffic Sophie Forner, Yolanda Doogan (Transportation, Primary Education committee)

24 From Amsterdam Door-to-door minibus service Amsterdam Vogel private company Co-ordinators of the service Frederique Bisserier and Jean Morreau For more info Organise transportation to / from ES Bergen rmation More than 48 students currently use this service

25 From Alkmaar Private Taxi service – pick up at pupils home 8 students use this service Daily public bus (606) from Alkmaar central station to ES Bergen PA has contract with Connexxion Abonnement on Connexxion website 20+ students use this service

26 Traffic and Parking 2012 Connexxion Churchillaan Parents parking area Bus parking area Amsterdam Vogel Alkmaar Taxi service European School Parents parking area by the elderly home Parents parking area Teacher& staff parking Nursing centre – Oudtburgh Nursing centre – Oudtburgh Parents parking area No parking Parents parking area Kiss and ride area Parking possible by the swimming pool Molenweidtje N P

27 P5 cycling Proficiency Test Last year first time for our school – great success P5 teachers will be covering 8 VVN brochures (Jeugd Verkeerskrant) with questions and answers. VVN brochures will be translated into English and French website “Dode Hoek/Blind Angle Project for all Bergen schools at Gemeente Yard on 19 March 2013 Written Traffic Exam : 11 April 2013 Practical Cycling Traffic Exam : 24 April 2013 VVN diplomas May 2013 VVN-contacts/Verkeersouders European School : Sophie Forner and Yolanda Doogan

28 Objectives for 2013 2012 Achievements: Meetings with the gemeente Bergen regarding the traffic and the parking areas Involved in the “Bergense Verkeerouders group” Meetings with Connexxion Cycling proficiency test for P5 Organise a “Verkeer exam” (traffic test for cycling) for P5

29 Social Integration P.R. Marketing Alex Harvey- Bistacchi

30 Extra Curricular Activities Both students and Parents can sign-up for activities  Sign-up day was Sept. 24 th Guidelines – Current list is on PA site – Speak to teachers and receive detailed info – Mention confirmed classes, others TBC still PA membership is required  fee (€25) must have been paid Extra Curricular Activities

31 Social Integration – Uncle Jim Jim Mayer - US singer and musician developed anti-bullying program for school children Offers interactive teaching through music Will visit ESB soon! Meet & Greet on Wed, Sept. 28 th from 19:30 – 20:30 @ tennis clubhouse Nursery/Primary workshops/shows on Sept. 29 th Secondary workshops/shows on Sept. 30th See PA website for more details

32 Social Integration Jim Mayer New song “Show Me the Light” Welcome Committee - - created for new parents - contacts in different languages Networking Group - - created group of ESB parents to interact and meet 1x per month to network and share info - would like to continue in 2013

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