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USNA Satellite Lab/Ground Station

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1 USNA Satellite Lab/Ground Station
Bob Bruninga, Ground Station Engineer Astronautics Overview Satellite and communications Labs Satellite Student Design Projects Ground Station Ops Extracurricular May 2008 RAFT & MARScom May 08

2 Astraonautics Track Overview
8 Faculty in Astronautics (out of 16 total in Aerospace) 3 Full time Civilian Astronautics Faculty (PhD) 2 Full time Military (PhD) .5 Half-time with NASA Faculty (PhD) .5 Half-time Aero (structures) (PhD) 2 Funded Chairs (PhD) 1 Engineer (Labs and Satellite Projects) (MS EE) Students 15-30 Astro(30%) (out of in Aerospace Major) May 08

3 Astronautics Budget Internal O&M,N $150K
Navy Network Warfare $150K (Space Chair, Tech, Support) External (Gift or Endowment) Heinline Chair $130K (endowed chair) Roger’s Chair $140K (endowed chair) Aerospace Corp $ 50K (ParkinsonSat) Aero Gift Fund $ 5K (Various) Total Budget about $625K May 08

4 Satellite Labs Indoor Outdoor Missions, Orbits, STK Projects
Communications, Links, Antennas Transmitters, Receivers, Losses EPS, Electrical Power System Signals and Telemetry Thermal Lab ADCS Indoor Outdoor Noise temperature May 08

5 Antenna Lab Geo Arc and 9 operating positions C/Ku band TVRO
VHF dipole UHF Satcom May 08

6 Communications, Receivers, Losses
UFO Gain, losses Amps and LNA’s Cable losses Geo-Arc Beamwidth Spectrum Analyzer Downconverters Demod, Decoding May 08

7 Communications, Links, Gain
Wavelength Antenna Size Types Gain, Beamwidth Link Budget SNR SWR Matching May 08

8 Antenna Lab for Seniors (1st Class)
RF LABsat model on rotor Dipole 1 Dipole 1 Rotator and S/A to plot pattern Antenna Phasing experiment May 08

9 Antenna Link Budget and Gain
Uses small 2.4 GHz camera/transmitters First observe dipole link (1000’) Place dipole at dish focus and measure gain Swing dish to see Beamwidth May 08

10 Antenna Matching and Plots
Using GPS signals to plot antenna pattern of GPS Using PI network to match spacecraft antenna for best SWR May 08

11 Telemetry Lab Sensors Circuits Conditioning Engineering conversion
Decoding Protocols May 08

12 EPS Lab Begin using LABsats Solar Panels I-V curves Distribution
Regulation Shadowing RTG demo EPS LABsat Design Lab May 08

13 Thermal Lab Conduction Radiation Absorbtivity Emissivity Insulation
May 08

14 Attitude Control Labs (LABsats)
Can demo all but gravity gradient Match-head thruster Magnetometer Sun Sensor Start Tracker May 08

15 US Naval Academy LABsats
Labsats mostly integrated into labs by 2004

16 Basic USNA’sat Ham Radio TNC Terminal Node Controller $180 May 08

17 Transmitter Tests Power out Efficiency Temperature Spectrum and EMI
May 08

18 Receiver Tests May 08

19 Demodulation - FSK All Seven Student LABsats on the air
Sharing a single TDMA channel Using FSK for demodulation May 08

20 Demodulation - PSK Indoor LABsat RX
LABsat configured as HF to UHF linear transponder PSK-31 Waterfall Spectrum display on Student’s workstation May 08

21 Command-Control-Telemetry Ground Stations
Laptop Ground Stations for PCSAT’s, ANDE, RAFT, etc May 08

22 Past Satellite Design Projects
Satellite and communications Labs Satellite Design Projects Past missions: PCSAT RAFT MIDSTAR May 08

23 Satellite Design Projects
NATSweb – 1st Sea-Launch (1997 scrubbed in last week!) PCsat – Launched Athena 30 Sept 2001 Sapphire -- Launched Athena 30 Sept 2001 PCSAT2 – STS Jul 06 return to flight ARISS – Launched on Progress Aug 2003 ANDE – STS Dec 06 RAFT1 – STS Dec 06 MARScom – STS Dec 06 MIDSTAR - STP Mar 07 ParkinsonSAT – Commenced Fall 2006 May 08

24 USNA Constellation May 08

25 Future Satellite Design Projects
Satellite and communications Labs Satellite Design Projects PCSAT MIDSTAR MIDSTAR DRAGON Particle Detector Micro Dosimeter (MIDN) ParkinsonSAT May 08

26 Future Psat Auxilliary Payload 39 1W average power 5W peak power
May 08

27 Low-Cost Satellite Design Projects
NATSweb – $ 2k 1st Sea-Launch (1997 scrubbed in last week!) PCsat – $30k Launched Athena 30 Sept 2001 Sapphire - $3k? Launched Athena 30 Sept 2001 PCSAT2 – $35k STS Jul 06 return to flight ARISS – $ 2k Launched on Progress Aug 2003 ANDE – $35k Launched STS Dec 06 RAFT1 – $15K Launched STS Dec 06 MARScom – $15K Launched STS Dec 06 MIDSTAR - $1.8M Launched Atlas-V Mar 07 ParkinsonSAT –$50k Commenced Fall 2006 May 08

28 Satellite Design Involvement
PCsat 16 projects Goodhiew 97, Morgan 98, Lundberg, Scrabeck, Gomez, Melanson, Kollar, Mattera, Ortiz 99 - Burroughs 99, Schwenzer, Nolan, Lawrence, Boutros 2000, Sullivan, Gutweiler 2001, Machinest: Mike Spencer PCSAT2 8 projects Otero, Silver, Jones, Kolwicz, Evans, and Henry(03) Operations: Paquette and Robeson(05) ANDE 8 projects Aaron, Villalbi, and Weisenberg, Kelley, Keller, Harris(03), Patterson, & Ensign Sillman(02) RAFT projects Robeson, Paquette (06) - Orloff, Kinzbrunner, and Rose(05) - Baker, Tuttle, Colvin (04) Abbott, Atwater, Brandt, Hansen, McLean(03). And 3 in (02) Midstar/ICsat 56 students over 8 years MIDN/Dragon, etc 20 Students over 4 years ParkinsonSAT 21 projects Papso, Edirisinghe, Icard, Meyer, Phillips(08), - Dendinger, Lewis, Lwin, Campbell, Sydney, Okun, Londono, Smythe, Lindsay, Mayer 07 -Koeppel, Lovick, Paquette, Piggrem, Robeson, Vandegriff (06) OPERATIONS: EA-204 Intro to Astro (100 students / year). EA-467 Labs (30/yr) May 08

29 PCsat, launched 30 Sept 2001 Still semi-operational Team:
6 Students/yr, 2 Profs, 1 Engineer 2200 Amateur Satellite Users May 08

30 Current Status Negative power budget due to fail-safe default RX/TX
Full recovery after each full-sun period. May 08

31 PCsat Comms Mission Data Relay (Situational Awareness) for Mobiles and Handheld radios. GPS tracking and LIVE to WEB Blue Force Tracking May 08

32 Typical PCsat User Station
(Blue Force Tracking) May 08

33 Typical Pass Display May 08

34 Internet Linked Ground Stns May 08

35 Internet Linked Ground Stns May 08

36 Internet Linked Data Displays May 08

37 PCsat “Student Operations”
May 08

38 Other Experiments through PCsat
Antarctic WX station F-16 downed flyer demo (Rome Air Development Center) Arctic Tracking (trucks up frozen rivers >70º Latitude) ISS Joint Ops (2 weeks of constellation flying) USNA Marconi Re-enactment (St Johns Newfoundland) 2200 other users worldwide May 08

39 Air & Space Museum Donated April 2004 to Smithsonian For Display
At Dulles May 08

40 PCSAT2, DOD synergy in the Amateur Satellite Service
Bob Bruninga US Naval Academy Satellite Lab Amateur Satellite Service partnering with DOD and ARISS Very short development time Simplicity and off the shelf Educational Project Communications service to Users Telemetry for Space Environment Configuration controlled on the ground May 08

41 NASA/Glen Solar Experiment
40 Solar Cell Samples Latest triple junction technology PCSAT-2 downloaded 3 Mbytes/day via network of Volunteer Ground Stations (We paid our rent) May 08

42 MISSE5 – PCSat2 – 26 July Midshipmen involved in early integration and testing of PCSat2 electronics. Two views of the initial deployment of MISSE/PCSat by astronaut Soichi Noguchi. It was installed 8 days after the launch of STS-114 (26 July 05) May 08

43 Satellite Transponders
May 08

44 PCSAT2 Location Returned August 2006 after a year’s exposure May 08

45 Global Situational Awareness Network
May 08

46 Typical User Station Handheld Mobile
Tiny! Mobile Encourage Schools and Students to get involved in Space May 08

47 ANDE Satellite Joint Project with NRL Atmospheric Drag USNA Comms
Telemetry - Temperature - Attitude - Laser Control Primary Lithium Batteries May 08

48 ANDE, CAPE, ICU May 08

49 ANDE Deployment 21 Dec 2006 Initially FCAL separated from the container, but not ANDE Radar returns later indicated ANDE separation May 08

50 ANDE Satellite May 08

51 ANDE Satellite May 08

52 ANDE Satellite Temp Data throughout (paid our rent)
Deployed 21 Dec 2006 Temp Data throughout (paid our rent) May 08

53 RAFT Project (two Satellites)
RAFT-1 (~PCsat) MARScom MHz NSSS Radar Fence May 08

54 Stanford Cubesat Projects
50 in construction! AIAA/USU Conference 30% of all papers were related to CUBESATS May 08

55 Simple LABsat TLM/CMD System
May 08

56 RAFT/MARScom Deployment (SSPL5510)
Stuff May 08

57 NAVSPASUR Radar Fence Daily Bistatic Radar Demo with Moon May 08

58 NAVSPASUR Radar Fence Doppler from Radar Fence detected on RAFT May 08

59 Raft Radar Transponder
4 mW RAFT oscillator detected by PE1ITR! May 08

60 RAFT Deployment May 08

61 RAFT Project (MARScom)
YP Radios UHF AM up HF SSB downlink May 08

62 MIDSTAR Mission 9 March 2007 Atlas-V EELV ESPA Ring – STP-1
ICsat & CFTP Midn, Mems, Ncnu S-band No attitude control May 08

63 ParkinsonSAT Named in Honor of Dr. Parkinson ($50k grant)
Link budget using Omni antennas on satellite and buoys Sun pointing ACDS system EPS system with a solar panel & battery configuration Positive standby power budget in any attitude Thermal Regulation of Components May 08

64 Sun Pointing Attitude Control System
Psat USNA-0601 Sun Pointing Attitude Control System Pointing requirements are relaxed +/- 40 deg High precision attitude control not required ODTML on (18W) SAFE mode ODTML off (4.5 W) May 08 Paquette

65 Display consists of three view frames First Frame
Rickover Lobby reference frame Displays the simulated sun (Lamp) angle “LL” in reference to the Lobby frame Displays the spacecraft solar bus voltage and charging current. Second Frame Sun frame Displays Spacecraft angle to the Sun angle “SS” Relative sun current measurements for X, Y and Z Used to determine sun angle A second column shows these values after being normalized to +/- 10 degrees Latest version also displays CW and CCW rotation rate arrow showing direction and magnitude of the spin rate. Third Frame SolSat Frame Displays reported Earth’s Magnetic field vector relative to the Spacecraft, angle “SM” Displays measured components of the spacecraft’s magnetometer in X, Y and Z components Used to determine the Earth’s magnetic Field vector. May 08

66 ADCS (P-sat Demo) Actual Torques and Earth’s Magnetic Field May 08

67 ADCS Simulation Results
After approximately 1.4 orbits, the ADCS system gains control of the spacecraft Tip-off rates removed for the X and Y axes down to approximately 0.2 degrees per second Tip-off rate is reduced to 2 degrees per second for the Z axis to establish stability Based on an initial tip-off rate of 5 degrees per second May 08

68 USNA Satellite Lab/Ground Station
Bob Bruninga, Ground Station Engineer Satellite and communications Labs Satellite Design Projects Ground Station Ops Extracurricular PCSAT-1, ANDE/RAFT 12 Meter (AO-40) C/Ku TVRO (NASA TV) Teleconferencing Summer Seminars, Tours AMSAT Tracking May 08

69 PCSAT1/2 ANDE/RAFT Telemetry
& Commanding May 08

70 USNA Satellite Lab/Ground Station
RS0ISS>PP0PP0,SGATE,qAo: Go Army beat Navy! PCSAT-1>APRS,SGATE,qAo: Go Navy Beat Army! PCSAT2>APRS,SGATE,qAo: Go Navy Beat Army! May 08

71 USNA Satellite Lab/Ground Station
12 meter NASA dish (1989) C and Ku TVRO S band (100W) Needs new controller Needs new RF Needs network upgrades Needs all RF cable refurb Needs Mission May 08

72 USNA Satellite Lab/Ground Station
Bob Bruninga, Ground Station Engineer Satellite and communications Labs Ground Station Ops Satellite Design Projects Extracurricular May 08

73 Other Activities Space Day (Air&Space) AMSAT (North America)
Marconi 100th (St Johns) BSA RadioBadge School Mentoring Balloon Tracking May 08

74 AMSAT Operations AO-40 Rescue - PCSAT2 May 08

75 USNA Extracurricular Activities
W3ADO, oldest USNA ECA (1928) Annual Moonbounce Event Imagry Football & Boat GPS Tracking, Comms, Imagry, Data, Internet Sea Trials May 08

76 Our Satellites provide a low cost educational transponder supporting not only GPS position reporting but also remote WX stations and other data link experiments and other University and School Experiments. The comm channels can potentially draw from over 30,000 experimenters for easy assessment of loading and scaling issues. Not only the sensors and users exist, but the global Internet collection and distribution system also exists from PCSAT1 & 2, ANDE and RAFT. May 08

77 Internet Linked Ground Stns
Daily Players Internet Linked Ground Stns May 08

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