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1 Virginia Crime Stoppers Association, Inc This section is a power point presentation developed by Martin Shirilla of the VCSA Board and the Lancaster County Crime Solvers providing training for establishing a school Crime Stoppers program.

2 Crime Stoppers 102: Implementing a School Crime Line Program presented by The Virginia Crime Stoppers Association, Inc.

3 Today’s Trainer... Capt. Martin R. Shirilla Lancaster S.O. 8293 Mary Ball Road Lancaster, VA 22503 804-462-6117 (direct)

4 “Listen to me, please. Right now I’m large & in charge. Your turn comes later.” “It’s my job to talk and your job to listen.”

5 In Memory Charles W. “Charlie” Carneal April 15, 1935 - June 9, 2005

6 Credits Det. Kevin Bacon Chesterfield-Colonial Heights C/S Det. Bob Manzione Virginia Beach C/S Mr. Fred Kern Peninsula Crime Line Lt. Marc Woolverton

7 Training Objectives Purpose of School Crime Line Applicable State Laws Documents & Reports Launching the SCL

8 T.O. (cont.) Identify Parties, Concerns, Duties & Limits Timelines Exchange Ideas & Information

9 School Crime Line: Purpose Enhances learning environment Mirrors benefits to community Teaches civic duty

10 C/S 101: “Short Course” Advertise Raise $ Maintain Telephone Line Receive Anonymous Calls Determine Reward Amount Authorize Payment Mechanism

11 C/S 101: (cont.) Coordinator Crime of the Week Statistical Report Liaison to Board Arrange Reward Payments

12 C/S 101: (cont.) Community Support Civilian Board Members Financial Support Media Access

13 Peter Piper Picked a Peck of Pickled Peppers

14 Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance

15 “Who’s Who” in the SCL C/S board L.E.A. School Administration Students Parents Community Media

16 C/S Board Funding Volunteer Staffing

17 Law Enforcement Staffing Funding Training

18 School System Perception of crime Legal Issues Funding Role of the students Teacher-sponsor Training Support Need

19 Parents Perception of crime Ignorance of the student’s role $$$ Fear of retribution against student

20 Student Involvement Eager to be involved Need direction & supervision Explicit explanation of task & program limits Understanding of their role within & outside of the school community Fear of being labeled (narc, snitch, etc.) Fear of retribution

21 What Time Is It?... January 1 July 1 Labor Day Teacher Work Day Thanksgiving 8-4, 4-12, 12-8 Snow Closing...

22 Timing, Timing, Timing C/B Board Local Law Enforcement Agency School Administration

23 Sample Timetable Sept.-Oct. C/S business agenda Oct.-Nov. Discuss with LEA Jan. Contact School Principal Feb.- C/S Board follow-up plan March Set meeting date April Personal invitations May Informational meeting

24 Sample Timetable (cont.) June SCL committee meeting July School Board agenda August Preparation Parental information packs Presentations to students Seed money

25 Sample Timetable (cont.) Sept. Distribute information Sept-June Program, Program, Program!! July Annual Review Reports Updates

26 Details... Applicable State Law Making the Contact Informational Meeting Sample Documents SRO Involvement

27 2.2-3701 2.2-3706(E) 2.2-3707 8.01-226.3 15.2-1713.1 19.2-303 22.1-280.2 22.1-296.122.1-296.1,.2,.4.2.4 The Dillon Rule

28 It’s My Party...

29 Invitation List School Administration C.L.E.O. SRO Media Neighboring programs with interest Guest Presenter (Anyone in this session!)

30 Making the Contact In Person Be Brief Ask for Consideration Yes! know the Magic Question

31 Informational Meeting Regular C/S Board Meeting Before Agenda No Immediate Decision Expected Follow-up appointment(s)

32 ... Documents... C/S By-laws Memorandum of Agreement Memorandum of Agreement C/S & L.E.A. Memorandum of Agreement Memorandum of Agreement C/S, School Board & L.E.A.

33 ... & Mandatory Reports Adult program: Current by-laws to school board annually School System: Distribution of School Crime Line Program Information to students and parents annually Statistical Reports: monthly to adult board

34 It’s Still a Puzzle!?!! C/S Board L.E.A. School Administration Students Parents Community

35 KISS: The C/S Board SCL committee $$$ Promo materials

36 KISS: L.E.A. Staffing Statistical Reports Interacts with Teacher-Sponsor Attend functions Liaison to SCL subcommittee School administration

37 KISS: School Admin Extracurricular activity Teacher-sponsor Meeting time and space Pre-approval of student fundraisers Fiduciary account

38 KISS: Students & Parents Extracurricular activity Enjoyable Challenging Rewarding Cost Time Safety

39 KISS: Local Community Financial support Volunteer staff Positive influence Reduction in juvenile crime Media access

40 Q & A

41 Practical Exercise You now have 20-25 students at the school crime line meetings, which will last for one hour each week. Task #1: Agenda for the first meeting Task #2: Program ideas for next 3 meetings Task #3: Promo ideas for student body

42 Summary “Never give up.” - Sir Winston Churchill

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