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Welcome to the JHHS Junior Parent Meeting. What’s in my folder?

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1 Welcome to the JHHS Junior Parent Meeting

2 What’s in my folder?

3 Decisions to be made now Type of institution – two year, four year, trade school, military, public / private Geographic location (distance from home) Size of institution Selectivity of institution – rank / gpa Cost Diversity Extracurricular activities Housing – dormitory, apartment Facilities Specialized Programs – honors college

4 Admission requirements  Trade School Official transcript or GED with test scores  2 year college / Community College High School diploma TSI Test

5  4 year University Recommended High School Diploma TSI Test SAT or ACT Rank / GPA  Military Service High School Diploma ASVAB Physical

6 School Code 444-711

7 What counts in college admissions? % citing “considerably important” 1992 NACAC Survey College Admissions Officials 92 46 42 39 14 6

8 TSI / ACCUPLACER Certain score not required for admittance Score determines whether or not the student is ready for college level work Based on the scores students may be required to take remedial classes prior to starting their degree

9 ACT / SAT Either test is acceptable at most colleges. They are looked at equally by the college. ACT has half the math and vocabulary sections of the SAT and it also includes Science. Both test applications may be completed on-line (preferred) or by completing a paper application sometimes available in the counseling center. SAT Customer Service: 866-756-7346

10 ACT Basic Information 3 hour college entrance exam Score range 1-36 for each area Writing score range 2-12

11 SAT Basic Information 3 hour and 45 minute college entrance exam Scores range 200-800 for each area

12 SAT / ACT INFORMATION Test scores must be sent to colleges directly from ACT and /or College Board Many schools will no longer accept scores that are placed on transcripts. Contact your institution to see what your student needs to make on either exam for admittance.

13 DATES ACT September 13, 2014 October 25, 2014 December 13, 2014 February 7, 2015 April 18, 2015 June 13, 2015 SAT October 11, 2014 November 8, 2014 December 6, 2014 January 24, 2015 March 14, 2015 May 2, 2015 June 6, 2015

14 PSAT / SAT Boot Camp Horn High School September 18 th 8:30 – 3:00 pm $55.00 Deadline to sign up: September 15 th

15 PSAT Test is Wednesday, October 15 th Cost is $14.00 Deadline to register is September 30 th More information to follow

16 TSI TEST This test is required before registration in all public colleges (2 and 4 year in Texas) It is recommended that this test be taken during the student’s senior year so you will have the scores back before college registration times in the summer. Students may be exempt from the TSI if the student scores high enough on the TAKS, SAT, or ACT. Contact your college choice to see scores they require for exemption

17 Scholarship / Financial Aid  Most scholarship money will come from the school you choose to attend. That is the reason it is important to be accepted early. Once schools run out of money they are out.  No limit on how many scholarships a student can get.  As soon as your student is accepted to a school, call the financial aid office to let them know you need financial aid.  As scholarships become available they are announced during the school announcements, through their English 4 teachers, and posted in the counseling center.

18  Local Scholarships will be on the MISD website and will be available to fill out around October of your student’s senior year.

19 select “Students/Parents” tab select scholarships Select “Local Mesquite ISD”

20 Complete and print one copy, bring to your student’s counselor Counselors will copy and place applications in the pools for which student qualifies. 1.Rotary Club 2.PTSA 3.Food Services 4.Para Professionals 5.MEA 6.Ambucs The range of local scholarship money is from $500 - $1,000. There is one $10,000 scholarship given out. Booster Club is a separate application – available in the spring of senior year

21 Scholarship resources

22 FAFSA Complete the FAFSA in January of your student’s senior year. (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). This information will allow the school of your choice to offer (if you qualify) or call 800-433-3243 to request a hard 1.Scholarships 2.Pell Grants – money you don’t pay back 3.Student Loans and Parent Loans – low interest rates 4.Work Study Program - job on campus **Financial Aid Night Available in January of student’s senior year**

23 NCAA Guide for the College – Bound Student Athlete  Best place for student to start to familiarize themselves with the rules, philosophy, and organization of the NCAA is to go online at (9999 – on SAT registration)  Must take SAT / ACT before senior year for colleges to consider your student.  See Coach Overton or Coach Wheeler for more information

24 Additional Information  2 COLLEGE DAYS during junior and senior year– does not affect exemption policy (Per School Board Policy)  College Night- Eastfield College – 9/15/2014

25 Transcripts Students’ 1st five TRANSCRIPTS are free, additional are $1.00 each. Sign up for number of transcripts needed at Mrs. Wommack’s desk. Transcripts can be picked up after 24 hours Student mails off transcript Most schools require transcripts to be official and sealed in an envelope.

26 Achieve Texas Each student at Horn can be registered for this program. This website administers career placement assessments and students can see what fields that they could possibly look into as a career. You can also find colleges and compare tuition and costs / college options. We encourage all juniors to register for this See handout, activation code will expire sometime in September. Call your counselor for a new code.

27 DiscoverExploreEngage Naviance offers students a comprehensive set of tools to help them: Discover personal skills and areas of interest. Explore career and college options that best match those skills. Engage in a personalized action plan for meeting post- secondary goals. DISCOVER, EXPLORE, AND ENGAGE JHHS Naviance

28 Naviance Snap Shot All inclusive career and college readiness tool Parent & student college/career planning involvement College matching tool PSAT/SAT/ACT PrepME- personalized study guide based on performance on the diagnostic test Links to Common Application Scholarship matching tool Grades and test scores captured in the system One button electronic application and transcript submission to college Naviance link on JHHS web page Facebook- Jaguar Nation University page

29 College Board The site contains information on approximately 4000 two year and four year colleges. It enables students to explore colleges that match certain factors selected by students, such as degree desired, geographic location, school size and more. Once a list is obtained, students can explore individual colleges to and learn about degree offerings, entrance requirements, student life on campus, and extracurricular activities.

30 Things to be thinking about now Principal’s Distinction Breakfast Held in May Students receive an invitation if they are on the All A Honor Roll, Honor Roll, perfect attendance, and no office referrals.

31 More things to think about… Continue to focus on making good grades Take the SAT and/or the ACT in June (if you haven’t already) Begin to research college; know the entrance requirements and deadlines for each one. (Start a folder where you keep all this information)

32 And more…. Choose challenging classes for your senior year Get involved (stay involved) in organizations that promote community service Visit with the college representatives when they are here (in the cafeteria during lunch)


34 We are looking forward to a great year with the class of 2016!

35 We’re looking forward to a GREAT year! Bruce PerkinsPrincipal 972-882-5201 Ahnekii TannerRegistrar / Assistant Principal972-882-5263 Madelyn HillCounselor A-D972-882-5223 Paul BallardCounselor E-K972-882-5222 Karri PritchardCounselor L-R972-882-5243 Tonia WestbrookCounselor S-Z972-882-5221 Yolanda Deatherage Career and Technology972-882-5224

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