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Academic Foundation Programme Applications

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1 Academic Foundation Programme Applications
Aisling Longworth & Ione Woollacott Introduce – current 5th years, secured jobs starting this Aug (Camb +KCL), went through AFP application process in 2009.

2 Overview Why academic medicine?
Opportunities and preparation for academia The application process: Forms and interviews Personal experiences

3 Why academic medicine? Research opportunities
Curiosity Challenge Variety Autonomy New advances in patient care Education Public engagement Avoid MTAS Practise interviews Choice over rotations and location

4 Undergraduate opportunities
Research projects and experience of academia: BSc SSCs and audits Work experience placements Presentations and publications Prizes and distinctions Extracurricular activities Talk about dissertation and seminars - reading cutting edge literature BScs Aisling – NHS ethics +SSC, Ione – work experience + SSC publication Presentations + pub – national and international - Aisling

5 Making the most of yourself!
Have confidence in your abilities Preparation CV Contacts – DO NOT be afraid to ask! Amazing opportunities

6 How to apply: Separate process from MTAS Dean’s Statement
May – July in 4th year Independent deaneries and deadlines Info on: Dean’s Statement Application forms Interviews Dean’s statements – document on deanery website, signed by Dean,slightly different forms, prepare early

7 Application forms – content
Qualifications Degrees/other qualifications eg PhD, BSc/BA, MSc Prizes (local/national), honours, distinctions or merits Publications, Presentations, Posters SSCs or elective proposals Quartile/ranking Motivation and skills relevant to AFP words Career aspirations Overcoming challenges/setbacks Prioritisation, professional behaviour, team-working Teaching/education Non-academic/extracurricular achievement Download from internet, or online, or post.

8 Application forms – tactics
Ranking jobs Maximise your chances but stick to what you want! Location versus rotation Filling in the form Seek advice about answers Spelling and grammar! Relevance and honesty – answer the QUESTION! Two referees One academic, one clinical Ask early Download from internet, or online, or post.

9 Interviews - experiences
Reason for application Important academic achievements Academic interests and research Motivation and career aspirations Clinical situations – Problem solving approach Focus on patient management and team working

10 Job offers Accept, Decline or Hold Clearing Know before MTAS
Can only hold ONE at a time Clearing Know before MTAS

11 Summary Prepare early Make the most of yourself Be aware of deadlines
CV Opportunities Contacts Be aware of deadlines GOOD LUCK!

12 Questions ?

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