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Your Résumé The Why and How Junior Advisory, March, 2015.

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1 Your Résumé The Why and How Junior Advisory, March, 2015

2 Definitions of Résumé A summary. A short account of a person’s career and qualifications. Usually prepared by a person who is applying for a job. One page of summary of your high school courses, grades, academic honors, extracurricular activities, sports, work experience, volunteer work and special skills

3 Why is it Important? Keep track of your education and work experience Recognize your skills, interests and accomplishments Make informed college and career choices Feel good about yourself and what you have done YOUR RÉSUMÉ WILL BE THE COVER PAGE OF YOUR SENIOR PROJECT!! Take the time to complete it now so you can add to it when you are a senior.

4 Ways to Use a Résumé Applying for Jobs Applying for Internships Applying for Summer Programs Doing volunteer and community service work Attending college and job fairs Applying for Technical Training Programs

5 Cont. Applying for Colleges Applying for Scholarships

6 Targeted Vs. Chronological Resume Highlight skills and experiences Includes School courses Family experiences Work Volunteer Extracurricular Sports Travel Comprehensive Complete representation of your qualifications Important academics Good grades Honors and awards Employment Service Learning

7 Buzz Words Computer skills Verbal skills Customer service Report writing Proofreading Editing Teamwork Organization

8 Buzz Phrases Work well with others Have good communication skills Empathize with other people’s needs and concerns Utilize Windows, Office, etc. Musician – piano, guitar, violin Artist – painting, photography, etc. Writer – poetry, stories, novels, journal

9 Do I have to do this? Juniors – your résumé will be the cover page of your senior project. We ask all juniors to begin constructing their résumé in the spring of their junior year so that the bulk of the work is completed before their senior year. A rough draft of your résumé is due to your advisory teacher prior to spring break. You need to complete a résumé template and store that in your advisory folder. All juniors who miss this deadline will be assigned Saturday School. Juniors who choose not to complete a rough draft of their résumé will not receive advisory credit this semester and the “NC” grade will count against your eligibility for sports.

10 Get this done and use it! After you complete the rough draft of your résumé, feel free to type it in the computer lab so you have the opportunity to use it today. Many students use their résumé to apply for summer jobs and part- time work during the school year. Your résumé is a great tool. Take advantage of it!! Advisors – please distribute the sample templates and allow students the time to work on their rough draft.

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