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2 Counseling Department
Mrs. Efthymia Rafaelides, Chairperson of Guidance Services Mrs. Karen Felber Mrs. Alice Hannon Mrs. Jessica Molof Mr. Sanjay Paranandi Mr. Robert Purcell Mrs. Rosemarie Rosenblum Mrs. Veronica Velez

3 Presentation Focus Graduation Requirements Extracurricular Activities
Volunteer Work Athletics Career Planning College Preparation Questions

4 Graduation Requirements Mr. Sanjay Paranandi
What do I need to graduate?

5 22 Units of Credit Required for Graduation
English - 4 Social Studies – 4 Mathematics – 3 Science – 3 Health - .5 The Arts – 1 Language – 1 Physical Education – 2 Electives – 3.5

6 Required Credits 5 credits to move from Grade 9 to 10
22 credits to graduate

7 Minimum Testing Requirements Regents Diploma
English Regents Exam 1 Math Regents Exam Global History Regents Exam US History Regents Exam 1 Science Regents Exam

8 Minimum Testing Requirements Advanced Regents Diploma
English Regents Examination 3 Math Regents Examinations Global History Regents Examination US History Regents Examination 2 Science Regents Examinations Modern Language Checkpoint B Examination

9 Sample Schedule Grade 9 Grade 10 Grade 11 Grade12
English 9 English 10 English 11 BritLit/Sci.Fict(ex.) Glob. Hist. 9 Glob.Hist. 10 US Hist. Eco./ Govt. Algebra Geometry Algebra/Trig. Pre-Calculus Living Env. Earth Sci. Chemistry Physics Lab/ PE Lab/ PE Lab/ PE Lab/ PE For. Lang. For. Lang. For. Lang. For. Lang. Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Fine Art Health/elect. Elective Elective Elective Elective Elective Elective

10 Get Involved! Mr. Sanjay Paranandi

11 Get Involved! Extracurricular Activities Volunteer Work Athletics
Part-time Jobs Internships Summer Research Pre-college Programs

12 Activities Great way to meet new people
Learn more about yourself and your interests Involvement in school activities typically leads to school success Listed on school website Descriptions of each activity can be found in the school agenda book

13 Volunteer Work Can expose you to new opportunities
Committed involvement to one or a few community service activities helps students get scholarship money for college and is looked upon favorably by colleges

14 Volunteer Work Examples: religious school Senior Centers
Not for profit organizations (United Cerebral Palsy Center, Salvation Army, Food Pantries, etc) Special Olympics Politicians North Shore Animal League Museums Hospitals Jr. Fire Fighter *See your counselor for other ideas or search volunteer opportunities online. Search websites such as

15 Activity Sheet Keep track of every activity (volunteer, athletic, job, etc.) that is done throughout high school Activity sheet should be used to let colleges know what has been done throughout high school career An example can be found in the Planning Your Future book on the school website

16 Prospective Student Athletes
NCAA Mr. Robert Purcell Prospective Student Athletes

17 Athletes In order to qualify to play NCAA Division I or II Athletics, the NCAA has academic requirements including doing well in required core academic areas and doing well on the SAT.

18 Division I Academic Requirements
16 Required Core Courses English- 4 Years Math- 3 Years Natural/Physical Science- 2 Years Social Science- 2 Years One Extra Year- English/Math/Science 4 Years of Extra Courses- from above or Foreign Language, Religion/Philosophy

19 Division II Academic Requirements
16 Required Core Courses English- 3 Years Math- 2 Years Science- 2 Years 3 Additional Years of English/Math/Science 2 Years of Social Science 4 additional core courses from any category above or Foreign Language, Religion or Philosophy

20 Athletes Keep track of all athletic accomplishments
Summer camp evaluation Athletic statistics/Resume Transcript/Current report card PSAT,SAT,ACT scores Newspaper articles Team schedule Video/DVD Please see your counselor as soon as possible to let him/her know if you plan on pursuing college athletics

21 Student Athlete Information Night
December 6, 2011 Will review Division I and Division II requirements Handouts Speaker from Penn State- Ms. Karen Weaver **See your counselor immediately if interested in playing sports in college to discuss necessary courses

22 Career Planning Mrs. Karen Felber

23 Who Do I Want To Be? Learn about yourself by: Taking electives
Getting involved in activities in/out of school Volunteer in outside organizations Working a part-time job Do research

24 What Do I Want To Be? Choose a Career Path by taking a Self-Assessment Test Write down some career goals Think about what interests you the most! Career Search Websites Career Zone- Peterson’s- Occupational Outlook Handbook-

25 Career Zone-
Extensive website to help think about future plans (developed by NYS Dept. of Labor and Dept. of Education) Take a survey of your interests to see which careers might suit you best Read about college majors to study in order to get you closer to your career goals Consider your interests, abilities, and values

26 Hicksville High School Guidance Website
Contains pertinent information regarding the college planning process Informative links to assist with college searches

27 Career Days Different themes each month
Science, business, allied health, engineering, therapists In December: Diagnostic Medical Sonographer Medical Billing Specialist Medical Assistant Computer Repair Technologist with Networking

28 Prepare for College Mrs. Allie Hannon

29 Admissions Criteria Grades in College Preparatory Courses
Course Selection Class Rank Test Scores Extracurricular Activities/ Sports Counselor/ Teacher Recommendations Writing Sample/ Essay Interviews Special Talents/ Interests/ Skills Community Service

30 PSAT Exam All 11th grade students are expected to take the PSAT in October in preparation for the SAT. Registration is in September at Hicksville High School.

31 The SAT Exam Juniors should take this college entrance exam in the Spring It should be taken again in the Fall of Senior Year An improved grade can help with college acceptance or scholarship money

32 The SAT Exam Register online at
CEEB Code The SAT measures critical reading, math and writing abilities Students must take the SAT Exam at least once, and if taken more than once, most colleges will consider the highest Critical Reading and Math scores in their calculations (a majority of colleges are not using the Writing score) Offered 7 times/ yr (in Hicksville- November, December, May and June) Question of the day Practice tests

33 SAT II Subject Tests 1 Hour length test (can take up to 3 in one day)
Required by only some schools Should take it at the culmination of the year taking the subject Examples: Math, Biology, Chemistry, Literature, World History, US History and various foreign languages, etc.

34 The ACT Exam Achievement oriented Scores- Range from 1-36
Sections include: Math, English, Reading, scientific Reasoning, Writing (Optional but strongly recommended) Offered in October, December, April and June

35 Advanced Placement Exams
Are available in a variety of subjects See the Hicksville High School Course catalog for course descriptions A full course description is available on the college board website

36 Scholarships Check with Guidance Office
Do internet search for scholarships Local Scholarship Directory Comprehensive database that gives you frequent information about scholarships for which you may be eligible Set up account, answer questions, give address Get constant flow of information about scholarships, grants, internships, and more

37 How to Research Colleges
Review “Planning your Future” guidebook, which is on the school website and distributed to Juniors. Discuss your needs with your counselor. Review Admissions Reference Books Look at various websites listed on Hicksville Public Schools Guidance website Use available references: Internet Other websites: Zinch, Cappex, Campus Explorer, College View, College Confidential, College Navigator

38 How to Research Colleges
Talk to college representatives at college fairs Discuss colleges and costs with parents Visit colleges Maintain an ongoing dialogue with your counselor Talk to current students in attendance at college

39 College Tour Field Trips
October 13- Rutgers University October 18- University of Connecticut November 30- Polytechnic Institute of New York University March 6- Fairfield University March 27- Lehigh University

40 Hicksville College Information Nights
College Fair Oct 2011 college representatives available Financial Aid Night December 1, 2011 Learn about Financial Aid Process Student Athlete Information Night Dec. 6, 2011 Guest Speaker from Penn State College Planning Night April 17, 2012 Panel of College Representatives discuss the admissions process and what they look for in prospective students

41 Thank you! Any Questions?


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