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Texas Tech Civic Engagement “Tell me and I will forget. Show me and I will remember. Involve me and I will understand.” - Chinese Proverb Andrew Schoppe.

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1 Texas Tech Civic Engagement “Tell me and I will forget. Show me and I will remember. Involve me and I will understand.” - Chinese Proverb Andrew Schoppe Coordinator, Special Projects (Service Learning) Office of Campus Life Division of Student Affairs at Texas Tech University

2 What is Service Learning at Texas Tech? Service Learning is a method by which Tech students learn and develop through active civic engagement in meaningful and thoughtfully- organized service experiences that: - meet actual community needs, - are coordinated in collaboration with the university and communities, - are integrated into students' academic curriculum, - provide structured time for students to reflect on and communicate their thoughts about the service they engage in, - foster the development of a sense of caring for others and civic responsibility for one's community, and - allow students to enhance their problem solving and critical thinking skills, and apply newly acquired academic skills and knowledge by extending student learning beyond the classroom into practical, hands-on experiences in their own communities. Sources: University of Utah, the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, Indiana University, Montclair State University, Bentley College, the University of Miami (OH), and the National Campus Compact.

3 Why Service Learning? Texas Tech Strategic Plan Goal 3. Engagement: Provide programs and services that disseminate knowledge and skills and that enhance the quality of life. Objective 3.3: Establish service learning as an academic priority. Critical Success Factors - Each university unit annually will offer or participate in at least one activity or event of service to the community. - Each academic program will include at least one required course with a service learning component. - Graduate 10% of the student body with service learning distinction. - Assist in the creation of 1,500 businesses and 7,000 jobs in the region.

4 What’s Happened So Far  Identified community needs –Met with 80+ community leaders– including educators, businessmen, ministers, residents, agency leaders, and others  Developed a working draft definition of Service Learning for Texas Tech  Researched other institutions’ Service Learning models –University of Utah, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, Montclair State University, Bentley College, Wesleyan College, University of Miami (OH), Portland State University, James Madison University, and Big 12 Institutions

5 What’s Happened So Far (con’t.)  Formed a community steering committee –Groups represented: Texas Tech University, City of Lubbock, Texas Workforce Center, Estacado High School, Communities in Schools, Market Lubbock, Inc., Success by Six, African American Chamber of Commerce - Lubbock, Carter’s Chapel Baptist Church, and others  Communicated with Service Learning consultants  Worked with Student Activities office to explore integrating existing service efforts with the developing program  Developed a potential sample Service Learning course –MGT 5391: Strategic Management Developing an inventory system and doing a site relocation analysis for Habitat ReStore

6 What’s Happening at other Universities Big 12 Institutions in Campus Compact: - Colorado, Missouri, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Kansas State, Kansas, and Texas Tech Programs of Note: University of Missouri: courses in many disciplines, Office of Service Learning offers services for students, faculty, and community partners, HCCIP (Honors College Community Involvement Program) Colorado University: well-established program, Colorado ListServ University of Utah: service notation, courses in many disciplines, solid Service Learning course curriculum, highly respected program throughout the nation University of Miami (OH): LeaderShape (a potential model for capstone course and projects) Wesleyan College (CT): website for linking agencies and volunteers Bentley College (MA): 4 th Credit Options, First Year Initiative, organizational chart, Mission Goals Montclair State University (NJ): Faculty Fellows program James Madison University (PA): Faculty Fellows program, mission, goals, alumni involvement

7 Areas of Need in the Community  Housing and Economic Development  Adult Education and Services  Mentoring and Education of Students  Beautification and Recreational Development  Extracurricular Activities for Children  Non-Profit Agencies  Music and Fine Arts  Miscellaneous

8 Partnership Opportunties  Housing and Economic Development –Market research and development of business corridors in East Lubbock –Website construction and enhancement for East Lubbock business/agencies/schools –Kids Café –Newspaper stories in the Southwest Digest and the University Daily –Brochures and publicity campaign for East Lubbock –Home construction and home repair –Farmer’s Market  Adult Education and Services –Community and Workforce Development Academy –Job Skills Training, Computer Training, and Adult Education at Community Centers –Exercise Trainers for Adults at Neighborhood Centers

9 Partnership Opportunities (con’t).  Mentoring and Education of Students –Mentoring Programs –Estacado High School’s Law and Medical Magnet Programs –Dunbar Junior High’s Journalism, Math, and Science Magnet Programs –Developing Pre-Engineering Curriculum for Estacado High School Engineering Magnet Program  Beautification and Recreational Development –MacKenzie Park Development as an Outdoor Museum and Visitor Attraction –Food Bank’s Apple Orchard Project –Community Gardens and Elementary School Outdoor Learning Centers

10 Partnership Opportunities (con’t).  Extracurricular Activities for Children –Golf and Tennis Lessons, Boy Scout Leaders (especially at Wheatley Elem.), and Little League sports coaches  Non-Profits –Screening and monitoring of non-profit agencies –Assess and recommend systems/operations manuals for non-profits  Music and Fine Arts –Theater productions for area schools each semester –Music/Art Outreach through Buddy Holly Center –Piano and choir lessons –Backdrop for Wheatley Elementary –Patterson Library history seminars/readings –Community Drum Line  Miscellaneous –Resource drop-off network for schools –Barbara Jordan Essay Contest

11 What’s Going on now… November/December 2001  Community steering committee meeting (Nov. 12)  Large committee meetings (Nov./Dec.)  Survey of Tech faculty about Service Learning and survey of parents in East Lubbock  Receive responses and compile data in early December  Convene student and faculty steering committees –Work with Teaching Academy and Student Activities to create committees in November  Acquire Service Learning material and resources  Develop introductory Service Learning course and Texas Tech Service Learning course criteria  Visit Service Learning programs in Texas –UTEP and TCU

12 What’s coming up… December 2001 - March 2002  Bring in consultants to hold Seminars with students, faculty, and staff on Service Learning –General awareness and buy-in, liability issues, course construction, office structure, and other issues  Develop and approve Civic Engagement notation program  Develop Civic Engagement website  Discuss opportunities to create an all-encompassing Civic Engagement office  Partner appropriate parties to develop solutions and resources for community needs  Create system for grant application  Visit Service Learning programs at universities outside of Texas –University of Utah and others

13 The Big Picture at Texas Tech TTU Civic Engagement Campus Compact TTU Service Learning TTU Community Service -Students, Faculty, Administration, Community Members, Agencies -Civic Engagement Advisory Council -Community Steering Cmte. -Faculty Steering Cmte. -Student Steering Cmte. -Individual Students -Student Organizations -Community Steering Cmte. Texas Campus Compact - TTU is a member of these state and national organizations that promote Service Learning and Civic Engagement

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