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Foundations of College Planning College Workshop #1 November 17 th, 2014.

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1 Foundations of College Planning College Workshop #1 November 17 th, 2014

2 COLLEGE WORKSHOP SERIES WORKSHOP #1 Foundations to College Planning Monday, November 17, 2014- 7PM – MHS Main Campus Auditorium Massapequa School Counselors Eileen Lind and Laura Vitiello will present a comprehensive view of the entire college admissions process. This will include detailed timelines, broad ranging themes, and current trends. WORKSHOP #2 College Search and Selective Admissions Monday, November 24, 2014 – 7PM – MHS Main Campus Auditorium Paul Weber, Executive Assistant for Guidance will discuss personal anecdotes and experiences related to selective college admission and emphasize essential components to successful applicants.

3 UNDERSTANDING THE ADMISSIONS PROCESS Know what colleges are looking at: major factors in application review Know what colleges are looking for: how factors are evaluated and decisions reached

4 COLLEGES LOOK AT… High School Academic Record Standardized Test Scores College Essay Extracurricular Involvement Letters of Recommendation Special Talent

5 TRANSCRIPT Academic History Final Grades Regents Exam Grades Courses Grade Point Average

6 QUALITY OF COURSEWORK Take the MOST CHALLENGING Courses You Can Handle (Acc., AP, College Level) SOLID Academic Foundation 4 YEARS: English, Social Studies, Math, Science, LOTE + Electives School Profile

7 SENIOR YEAR COURSES AVOID Senioritis! Appear on Transcript Senior course grades are forwarded to colleges BEWARE OF DROPS!

8 TESTING SAT REASONING TEST 3 hours 45 minutes: Critical Reading (200-800) Mathematics (200-800) Writing (200-800) SAT SUBJECT TESTS 1 hour per subject test (200-800) Check with individual colleges for testing requirements! “Score Choice” - SAT Score Reporting Policy

9 TESTING ACT with writing option Curriculum based: ENGLISH MATH READING SCIENCE Score: 1 - 36 Required Writing Component

10 Remember, test scores are only ONE factor used for college admission and scholarship decisions.

11 THE ESSAY Who Are You? Specific questions to answer Personal experiences Your preferences, values, thought process Follow specific instructions on application Proofread! Grammar and spelling count! Get feedback!

12 EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES School clubs & activities Athletics The Arts Community service Summer experiences Employment Quality not quantity Commitment & depth of experience Leadership and growth over time ACTIVITY RECORD

13 SPECIAL TALENT * Athletics Register with the NCAA Clearinghouse Athletic Profile Contact Coaches Fine Arts Portfolio Audition

14 LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION Counselor Letter Teacher Letters –11 th or 12 th grade Content Area Teachers Coaches, Employers, Community Leaders, Volunteer Coordinators

15 Let’s Focus on College Remember...decision making is a PROCESS, not an event!

16 Successful college searches begin with knowing who YOU are and what matters most to YOU!

17 COLLEGE SEARCH FACTORS SizeSize LocationLocation Programs of studyPrograms of study Admissions policyAdmissions policy CostCost College affiliationCollege affiliation Campus activitiesCampus activities Support servicesSupport services

18 RESOURCES Websites College Rep Visits at MHS MHS Mini-College Fairs Spring College Expo Hofstra University, April 21 st NAVIANCE –Access college placement reports through Naviance

19 LIST, COMPARE, VISIT! Create a college comparison CHECKLIST CONTACT the Office of Admissions SCHEDULE APPOINTMENTS for your campus visits

20 MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR VISIT Meet with an Admissions Counselor Verify admission requirements Discuss your chances for success: –Internship –Graduation –Job Placement Students… Show YOUR Interest! Always follow up with a “Thank You” note/email!

21 CHECKLIST FOR A CAMPUS VISIT Take a campus tour Investigate the neighborhood Campus security Investigate academic program(s) Meet with faculty members, coach, etc. Check facilities Speak with students Inquire about housing on & off campus (Is it guaranteed?) Transportation facilities to and from campus Ask about financial aid opportunities Spend the day with a student –Weekend activities –Attend a class –Spend the night in a dorm

22 22 Sign-up for challenging senior courses in subjects including: math, science and foreign language WORK HARD! YOUR JUNIOR YEAR

23 TIME LINE Junior Year Attend MHS Financial Aid Workshops - January 5, 2015 Junior Interview- meeting with counselor - Appointments begin end of March Do college searches- Naviance, Visit college campuses Spring College Fairs Take standardized tests: - SAT Reasoning – Jan 24 th, March 14 th, May 2 nd, June 6 th - SAT Subject Tests – June 6 th - ACT with Writing – April 18 th, June 13 th

24 During the summer months… Research schools Begin working on essay Visit campuses Use your time wisely…

25 TIME LINE: Senior Year Grade 12 Parent Workshop – Fall 2015 Students meet with your counselor Attend MHS College Fairs and Private Visits Retake standardized test – October/November Finalize your college list and apply… Be aware of early deadlines! Attend MHS Financial Aid Workshops January 2016

26 It’s YOUR Future— Take responsibility for it!

27 …I hope kids and their parents will go into the college application process realizing that it is not necessarily fair, it’s not necessarily meritocratic, and even if they do everything “right”, they still can’t be assured that they will get what they think they want. I hope that, understanding this, families will refocus their efforts, away from attaining the Holy Grail of admission to a particular elite school and toward the realization that there are many great colleges and universities in this country, many places where students will be happy and can acquire a good education. And, if they don’t get into their dream school it is only their application that is being denied. ~Rachel Toor~ Former Admissions Officer, Duke University

28 Next time… College Search and Selective Admissions

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