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Round Rock Baseball 2014-15.

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1 Round Rock Baseball


3 Head Coach: John Carter
Varsity Assistant/Pitching Coach: Luis Venitucci JV Maroon Coach: Jeff Kocurek JV White Coach: Colby Elizondo Volunteer Assistant: Tyler Hobbs Head Athletic Trainer: Nikki Vincent Athletic Coordinator: Jeff Cheatham Please Sign Handbook Sheets…

4 Baseball Mission The Round Rock High School Baseball Program will be recognized as a TEAM that portrays character, class, sportsmanship, and a competitive spirit while encompassing an attitude and work ethic to enable us to achieve our goals. We realize that by doing the things necessary to become a champion on the field, we reinforce the qualities that are required to be a champions in our lives beyond the game. We expect that the values and skills learned and developed at our practices and games, on our diamond and others, to be put to use for the rest of our participants’ lives.

5 Baseball Philosophy We have two basic rules that our coaches try to follow and we expect our players to try to follow at all times. ALWAYS GIVE YOUR BEST EFFORT ALWAYS TRY TO DO THE RIGHT THING

6 Core Covenants of Dragon Baseball
Trust Excellence Attitude Commitment Toughness

7 TRUST Trust is the foundation of all relationships active within the RRHS Baseball Program. Open and honest communication is vital for our success. Over the years, our responses to a wide variety of situations should demonstrate how much we care for our program’s participants. You must be honest. Please do not communicate with an intention to mislead. Fair and honest decisions will be made regarding even the toughest of situations. Stealing from teammates will be an automatic removal from the program. Lying to any RRHS staff is a MAJOR problem. Multiple issues in this area will most certainly result in removal from the program. Developing routines help all participants to feel comfortable and thus allows success to happen.

8 EXCELLENCE It is impossible to be a championship team unless we do things that championship teams do. We want to be the model for others in terms of respect, discipline, integrity, and character. We will behave in a manner that represents what our school and community are about. This included using good manners, good eye contact, being humble in victory and gracious in defeat, and placing the team first. Take pride in how your individual contributions can make us better as a team. Being a quality student/athlete is not easy… but that’s what make doing it worth the work.

9 ATTITUDE – A positive attitude is BIG TIME important for us. Some players will light up the room when they come in the door and some light it up when they leave. Some players are a fountain, and some are a drains. Regardless of level of talent or team status, attitude is a choice and those who choose a positive attitude every day are incredibly valuable for our program. Bringing a positive attitude is not something we just HOPE to be able to do, it is something we EXPECT from all those involved in our program every day.  Parents, be careful sharing negative viewpoints with your sons at the dinner table, as it only makes it more difficult for your son to bring a positive attitude to the ballpark. We take pride in maintaining a “drama free” environment. “Drama” results from poor attitudes.

10 COMMITMENT We must have our participants commitment. We believe that the committed experience of journeying through high school baseball season with teammates and coaches who are also committed is both incredible and invaluable. We believe the Disease of Me = the Defeat of Us. We feel that it is vital for our players to understand that they are a part of something much bigger than themselves. This requires a sense of selflessness. We provide opportunities for our players to volunteer. We promote sacrifice for the team.  We believe in community and will serve our RR community. We is the key. Together Everyone Achieves More when we get Total Effort from ALL Members.

11 TOUGHNESS - Players must be strong enough to play the game the right way and be mentally able to handle the ups & downs that are a part of the game. We will work hard to teach our players how to be mentally tough and we will share examples of what we expect our players to do to represent physical toughness. Parents, please feel confident that your son’s safety is our number one concern. While a single tough player can make a powerful impact on any team, the strength of all players being mentally and physically tough is unbelievable. Again, this is not something we hope to accomplish, this is what is expected from all participants within our program. We will be relentless!

12 We BELIEVE in the power of TEAM!
The main ingredient of stardom is the rest of the team. John Wooden A team will always appreciate a great individual if he's willing to sacrifice for the group. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Finding good players is easy. Getting them to play as a team is another story. Casey Stengel Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success. - Henry Ford

13 - Baseball is a TEAM SPORT. No I in team. No guaranteed playing time
***- Baseball is a TEAM SPORT. No I in team. No guaranteed playing time. Prepare like a starter every day! Players who prepare like a part-time player likely will be a part-time player. “There may be people that have more talent than you, but there’s no excuse for anyone to work harder than you do.”– Derek Jeter T – Together T-Total E – Everyone ONLY E - Effort A – Achieves IF A - All M – More M - Members T – Think It! B- Believe it! A – Achieve it! Disease Of ME = Defeat Of US

14 Time commitment The Dragon Baseball Program is a highly competitive interscholastic athletic program. Our rules regulations are governed by the University Interscholastic League. We compete in district A. Participation in our program is a huge commitment of time and effort. Participation is NOT for the average RECREATIONAL player.

15 Playing Time Playing time is not guaranteed for any Dragon baseball player, regardless of team or grade level. All players will have the opportunity to earn a spot in the everyday lineup, the pitching rotation, or to serve the team in some other role that our staff feels best benefits the TEAM. Current and recent performance at practices and games, potential, attitude, and competitive spirit are all vital to our coaches making decisions about the lineup. Classification, equal opportunity, summer success, and parental involvement are some things that are NOT considered when making the lineup. Initial discussions about playing time will be limited to coaches and players. If a player is disgruntled with his playing time or role on the team, he should make a point to discuss the situation with his coach (Varsity Lineup – Carter & Venitucci, JV Maroon – Kocurek, JV White – Elizondo). If your son still appears confused after meeting with his coach, feel free to contact the coach for clarification. Players other than your son will not be discussed with parents under any circumstances in a negative way.

16 Effort, Attitude, Participation
Our coaching staff will continue to implement the “3 Strike” rule for the coming season to ensure that our players to participate with the intensity expected at games and practices. The “3 Strike” Rule will be applied as follows: Strike One: Player not giving effort, attitude, or participating as expected by coach. Coach advises player to intensify, change, or correct his effort, attitude, or behavior. Player requires additional motivation. Strike one. Player will be removed from the practice activity or game and sent to the bench for the remainder of the practice or game. This will be treated like an unexcused absence. Tomorrow is a new day, no further consequences besides the normal unexcused absence result for this offense.  Strike Two: Player not giving effort, attitude, or participating as expected by coach. Coach advises player to intensify, change, or correct his effort, attitude, or behavior. Player requires additional motivation. Strike two. Player will be removed from the practice activity or game and sent to the bench for the remainder of the practice or game. There will be a mandatory player/parent/coach meeting prior to the player being allowed to participate normally in workouts or games. Strike Three: Player not giving effort, attitude, or participating as expected by coach. Coach advises player to intensify, change, or correct his effort, attitude, or behavior. Player requires additional motivation. Strike Three. Player will be removed from the practice activity or game and sent to the bench for the remainder of the practice or game. Player is removed from the RRHS baseball program for the remainder of the current season and expected to turn in all gear that has been checked out to him in a timely manner or they will be placed on the obligation list.


18 HANDBOOK PURPOSE: To provide a high standard of accountability for our baseball players that meets the expectations of Round Rock High School and Round Rock ISD This Handbook will: Fit hand in hand with all RRISD and RRHS policies and procedures Provide discipline procedures for athletes Encourage your son to make good decisions

19 Major Points of Emphasis

20 Extracurricular Code of Conduct
Extracurricular Code of Conduct will be enforced with all students grades 7th -12th participating in extracurricular activities: • regardless of whether school is in session; • regardless of whether the student is directly involved with the extracurricular activity at the time the prohibited conduct occurs; • regardless of whether the extracurricular activity is in-season; • regardless of where or when the conduct occurs.

21 Suspension from Participation in Athletics
Participants who receive off-campus suspension for disciplinary reasons will not be allowed to participate or practice during the length of the suspension. Participants will be eligible on the next day following the suspension. Ejection from a contest by an official, coach, or athletic director for unsportsmanlike or other inappropriate behavior. Actions punishable by the school administration which occurs outside the normal school day but while the student-athlete is involved in his/her sports season. Participants who are assigned to the RROC campus are not allowed to participate in UIL. Violation of the RRISD Athletic Code of Conduct which includes alcohol, illegal drugs, and conduct in the community.

22 Dismissal from Athletics
Violations for RRISD District and or RRHS team drug and alcohol policy where indicated. Evidence of theft from teammates. Refusal to comply after several chances on expected behavior infractions. (see 1st,2nd 3rd strike policy) UIL No Pass – No Play policy – Students not passing two six weeks cycles ARE subject to dismissal. Circumstances with discipline and participation will ALSO be considered. Anything the coach determined as having become detrimental to the program.

23 Games and Practices Profanity, vulgarity, or any other disrespectful behaviors are not acceptable toward opponents, umpires, fans, or anyone else. Behavior that draws attention to oneself rather than the team will not be tolerated. The players should not visit with opponents or anyone else outside of our dugout during the contest. Players are not allowed to leave the dugout to participate in any type of fight or fracas. There will be no bench-clearing brawls! Players who start or participate in a fight will be ejected, disciplined and/or suspended. (Parent / Fan Expectations comment) Round Rock parents / fans expected to set example for how interscholastic fans should behave. Respect inside the fence rule. Be good fans.

24 Hazing / Cyber bullying
These practices will NOT be tolerated within our program. At the very least, reaction to our players involvement in these practices would be those outlined by our district and administrative staff. Further penalty, including the possibility of removal from the team, will be explored by our coaching staff, depending upon the situation. Per the RRISD secondary handbook, “Hazing means any intentional, knowing, or reckless act occurring on or off campus directed against a student, by one person alone or acting with others, that endangers the mental or physical health or the safety of a student for the purpose of pledging, being initiated into, affiliating with, holding office in, or maintaining membership in any organization whose members are or include other students. Hazing will not be tolerated by the district. If an incident of hazing occurs, disciplinary consequences will be handled in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct. It is a criminal offense if a person engages in hazing; solicits, encourages, directs, aids, or attempts to aid another in hazing; or has firsthand knowledge of an incident of hazing being planned or having occurred and fails to report this to the principal or superintendent.”

25 SOCIAL MEDIA Because players and teams are associated with RRISD - inappropriate use of social media can be subject to discipline at school. Student Athlete’s are to refrain from using social media (ie) Facebook, Twitter, etc… in a way that is negative to a specific person or team. If a player is proven to have breached team rules in this manner can be subject to the discipline model at the athletic program.

26 Discipline Model Protocol “Strike Policy”
First Offense Meeting to include the head coach, and the student athlete and an assistant coach. Parents notified of meeting and outcome identified. Second Offense: Meeting to include the head coach, and the student athlete and a designated administrator and student-athletes parent/guardian. Student-athlete placed on behavior plan/contract pre–approved by Campus Athletic Director. Third Offense: After consultation with the Campus Athletic Director and the Principal, students who continue to find difficulty in following the extracurricular Code of Conduct may be subject of suspension or dismissal from extracurricular activity.

27 Practice/Spring Break
Players must be “dressed” for practice. Practice dress will include gray practice pants, one of the accepted Round Rock Baseball T-shirts , a Maroon or Grey long sleeve undershirt or sleeve to cover throwing elbow, blue socks, and a Round Rock baseball hat. Players are responsible for having the appropriate footwear for any possibility - spikes for field workouts, flats for gym workouts, and an appropriate running shoe for running / weight lifting. Baseball is a big commitment of time. Late Fridays and long Saturdays are likely. Again, all players are expected to be at all practices, and should call prior to missing any workout. Coach Carter , Coach Venitucci , Coach Kocurek & Coach Elizondo

28 Absences Players are expected to be at all practices and games unless ill or excused by the coach. If a player has an unexcused absence, he will not play in the following game. If he has an excused absence prior to a contest, he will not start in that game, but may play. For an absence to be excused, the player must call his coach prior to the workout or game. Illness or family emergency would be examples of excused absences. Family vacation or a date would be examples of unexcused absences. If a player is injured, he should still be in attendance at the practice or doing whatever the trainer deems necessary for rehabilitation as agreed upon by the trainer and his coach. Players who make the team who become ineligible are expected to be at all practices, as UIL rules allow and can be subject to removal from the team at the coaches discretion.

29 OFI OFI’s are not limited to the items listed above. They can also be at the coaches discretion.

30 Communication Discussion Needed
Texting Policy - s – Trust….prospects Postponement decisions are normally made by 3:00 PM. All Players s and cell numbers are registered for the coaches use. We will use these to get information to players. Parents- Please register on the website as a friend of Dragon Baseball to be added to our text and lists. We will use this for communication purposes. Please sign up Most postponements are made up the next available date.

31 Parent/Coach Meetings
Any parent who wishes to meet with a Round Rock baseball coach to discuss a player-coach playing time meeting or any other sensitive (and potentially emotional) issue will need to make an appointment to do so – there will be NO UNSCHEDULED parent/coach meetings after games or practices. All of our coaches will respond to voice mail or at our earliest opportunity. Communication during any such meeting will remain civil or the meeting will be terminated immediately. Any issues that the parent feels cannot be resolved in a meeting with our staff can be brought to the attention of our athletic coordinator, Jeff Cheatham. Coach Cheatham’s phone number is Please contact one of our coaches at any time if you feel that contact is necessary to benefit your son. Playing time discussions are normally unproductive if not counterproductive, but there are many other obstacles that come to the forefront with today’s youth where our involvement would be beneficial.

32 Trainer We are fortunate to have Trainer Nikki Vincent and Trainer Robert Cardenas (Trainer C) as our athletic trainers. If you have an injury, you should see one of our trainers. Tell one of the coaches, if they are not already aware, about your injury or discomfort prior to your training room visit, if possible. If a physician is needed, our trainers will advise you in that direction. Any player who sees a physician for any reason must have a doctor’s release prior to returning to normal activity. Treatment for any injury will be offered to baseball players just as it is any other athlete at Round Rock. You are responsible for getting into the training room at the appropriate times for treatment. The training room hours are from 7:30 am until 8:45 am and after school until 6:00 PM Monday through Friday. Class time and lunches are available only with prior approval by the trainers and treatments are not an excuse to leave class early. If you fail to get into the training room for scheduled treatment, the baseball coaching staff will assume that you lack the desire to get back on the field. You can reach our trainers at or when needed.

33 Travel All players are expected to travel to and from the game with the team. In the rare occasion there is a need to deviate from this process, arrangements should be made prior to the time of travel. A Round Rock ISD form is available for this instance and must be completed and turned in to the sponsoring coach at least one day prior to the out of town trip. No player will be allowed to leave the team unless his parents are seen taking him with them. Our bus will remain clean and orderly and all those who travel with us will represent our school with exemplary behavior.

34 Equipment We will provide baseballs, helmets, catcher’s gear, a minimum number of bats, and practice and game uniforms. We are all responsible for the care and maintenance of our equipment. Some items will be individually checked out. You will be held responsible for anything checked out to you. It will be expected to be turned back in at the completion of the season. The condition of this equipment should only show normal wear and tear, or you will be expected to pay for the damaged item. Each player will be expected to purchase his own glove, spikes, and hat. You are encouraged to label your own equipment, but remember not to draw individual attention. (Names on hats should be UNDER the bill!) Any aluminum or composite non-BBCOR bat found in our dugout or around our field will be captured by our coaching staff and not returned. If you want to keep them, keep them away from here. Jewelry – WILL be pressed by the umpires. Laundry: Players will be responsible for their own laundry. Uniforms (both practice and game) should be kept clean! Please do not bleach non-whites and do not use hot washer and dryer settings for game uniforms. ****Care Instructions can be obtained from Coach Carter if necessary.

35 Recommendations for Hydration
HYDRATION TIPS AND FLUID GUIDELINES * Drink according to a schedule based on individual fluid needs. * Drink before, during and after practices and games. * Drink ounces of water or sports drinks with six to eight percent CHO, two to three hours before exercise. * Drink another 7-10 ounces of water or sport drink 10 to 20 minutes before exercise. * Drink early - By the time you're thirsty, you're already dehydrated. * In general, every minutes drink at least 7-10 ounces of water or sports drink to maintain hydration, and remember to drink beyond your thirst. * Drink fluids based on the amount of sweat and urine loss. * Within two hours, drink enough to replace any weight loss from exercise. * Drink approximately ounces of sports drink per pound of weight loss. * Dehydration usually occurs with a weight loss of two percent of body weight or more.

36 Recommendations for Hydration, Cont.
WHAT NOT TO DRINK * Drinks with Carbohydrate (CHO) concentrations of greater than eight percent should be avoided. * Fruit juices, CHO gels, sodas, and sports drinks that have a CHO greater than six to eight percent are not recommended during exercise as sole beverages. * Beverages containing caffeine, alcohol, and carbonation are not to be used because of the high risk of dehydration associated with excess urine production, or decreased voluntary fluid intake.

37 A Few Items of Business…..
Team Press Box Personnel- Keep it professional Rock Hardball Classic/ Langerhans Invitational- Gate keepers, Concession Sign up Team Portal will close tonight at midnight. Pick up handout for more info. Virtual Handbook – Handbook will be placed online. Dragon Scales- First one today- Great success- 110 kids completed Home run. Excited about its future. Handbook Signature page.- Must be signed in order to play in first game.

38 Roles Players – Play, Be a great teammate and team member, Work hard in school and on the field, Give back to your community, Maintain a great attitude, Be a tough competitor….. Coaches – Coach, Safety of Players, Plan and lead workouts, Manage teams, Work with administration, Deal with officials……..

39 Parent Roles Parents – Love your son and Support ALL players on the team in a positive manner. Volunteer to help with the booster club activities. Help with fundraising for the program. “Winning at all costs or being a breeding ground for college programs is not the ultimate goal of a high school sports program. It's about teaching kids about academic and behavioral responsibility, and sacrificing the goals of the individual for the betterment of the team.” – Scott Kaiser (Parents out of bounds; Respect for coaches waning)

40 Varsity Assistant/Pitching Coach Venitucci
Coach Carter Varsity Assistant/Pitching Coach Venitucci JV Maroon Coach Kocurek JV White Coach Elizondo

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