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MILLENNIUM BROOKLYN HIGH SCHOOL College Prep Club Samantha Thomson & Sarah Jane Gibbons Friday, February 28 th, 2014.

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1 MILLENNIUM BROOKLYN HIGH SCHOOL College Prep Club Samantha Thomson & Sarah Jane Gibbons Friday, February 28 th, 2014

2 Icebreaker Turn and talk to the someone you haven’t yet met. Ask for: a-their name b-their child’s name & grade c-what language they speak at home d-1 concern they have about the college process

3 “Parents play a major role in shaping their child’s attitudes, beliefs, and expectations about the value and importance of education.”

4 DOE Website s/default.htm s/default.htm 1.ArabicArabic 2.BengaliBengali 3.ChineseChinese 4.FrenchFrench 5.Haitian CreoleHaitian Creole 6.KoreanKorean 7.RussianRussian 8.SpanishSpanish 9.UrduUrdu

5 ELL & FELLS What is an ELL? English Language Learner What is a FELL? Former English Language Learner *These students need additional support for English language development. -NYSITELL (formerly LAB-R) -NYSESLAT

6 Facts about ELLs 41% of NYC public schools students come from a home where a language other than English is spoken. ELL students who have become proficient in English (i.e., former ELLs) graduate at a higher rate than students who are a part of the general student population


8 High School Graduation Requirements: EXAMS SubjectRegents Diploma**Advanced Regents Diploma EnglishEnglish Regents Exam Social StudiesGlobal History Regents Exam AND US History & Gov’t Regents Exam Global History Regents Exam AND US History & Gov’t Regents Exam Math1 of the following: -Integrated Algebra -Geometry -Algebra 2/Trigonometry ALL of the following: -Integrated Algebra -Geometry -Algebra 2/Trigonometry Science1 of the following: -Living Environment -Earth Science -Chemistry -Physics Living Environment AND 1 of the following: -Earth Science -Chemistry -Physics Language Other than English (LOTE) NoneLOTE Exam

9 Why is College Important? The most common reasons are: (1) Future financial security (2) Career freedom and flexibility (3) Adventure and challenge (4) Meeting new people and making connections

10 Education Pays ~2009 US Census Bureau~ Compare the median annual income against the years someone has spent in school: Did not finish high school = $18,432 Graduated from high school = $26,776 Completed some college or earned an associate degree = $31,906 Earned a four-year bachelor’s degree = $47,510 Earned an advanced degree = $62,313


12 What your child needs to do NOW to prepare for college: 1)WORK HARD & STAY FOCUSED Colleges will look at your child’s GPA for the first 3 yrs. 2)TAKE CHALLENGING CLASSES Demanding courses show that your child is prepared for the rigors of college. 3)ENGAGE IN EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES Helps your child to learn about communication & civic responsibility; they also help colleges to understand your child’s vision & abilities 4)MAINTAIN HOME LANGUAGE Bilingual skills give your child an edge over students with similar abilities

13 Strong Work Ethic 1) CREATE A HOME ENVIRONMENT that supports study practices (time management & study skills) 2) ENCOURAGE students to form good academic behaviors and turn these into habits 3) DISCUSS the importance of going to college & a plan to get there. 4) MAINTAIN HOME LANGUAGE What parents can do NOW to help children prepare:

14 What are colleges looking for? 1) Academic Readiness Transcript Senior Grades Standardized Exams > SAT > ACT > SAT II Subject Tests

15 What are colleges looking for? 2) Legal Status US Citizens/Legal Residents: proof of citizenship Undocumented Students: process varies by college; ex> in NYS eligible for in-state tuition (See: Hispanic Outlook Scholarship Fund)

16 What are colleges looking for? 3) Positive Personality Traits & Qualities Essay Extracurricular activities -NYC Department of Youth & Community Services (

17 What are colleges looking for? 4) Interest in the College Visit Attend an open house Interview w/ alumni Meet with a college rep Befriend the college on Facebook

18 Timeline for College Planning (17)

19 Public vs. Private Public: -state taxes > lower tuition for in-state students SUNY Binghamton, Brooklyn College Private: -student tuition & alumni dues NYU, Vassar College

20 2-year vs. 4-year Programs 2 Year Programs: -Associates Degree -Community Colleges -Lower tuition 4 Year Programs: -Bachelor’s Degree -Small or large college -Higher tuition

21 CUNY vs. SUNY CUNY -23 colleges in NYC -low tuition -live @ home SUNY -64 colleges in NYS -largest in US -2 Yr & 4 Yr Programs

22 Early Action vs. Early Decision Early Action -apply by fall deadline (11/1 or 11/15) -hear back during Dec break -may apply to other colleges -Flexibility to weigh FINANCIAL AID packages Early Decision -apply by fall deadline (11/1 or 11/15) -hear back during Dec break -may NOT apply to other colleges -No guarantee on FINANCIAL AID package you will receive

23 Researching College @MBHS: -Student’s Advisor -College Counselor: Sarah Jane Gibbons -Guidance Counselor: Caroline Schwarzkof -College Prep Club

24 College Selection Process Tip: Parents should have honest conversations with their children about what they can afford

25 Financial Aid Financial Aid= monetary help for meeting costs of college tuition Financial aid is offered based on a family’s financial “need” Financial “need”= Cost of college – Expected Family Contribution

26 Expected Family Contribution To determine your EFC, families must complete FAFSA (Free Application for Student Aid) Students may also have to complete a College Scholarship Service Profile Form Important factors: – Income – Assets – # of ppl in family – Family owns home & cost of home

27 Different Forms of Financial Aid 1)Scholarships/Grants: $ that is not repaid 2)Loans: $ that needs to be repaid 3)Work Study Opportunities: Students earn $ by working a job on campus

28 Sample Letter of Financial Aid

29 College Prep Club Workshops March Wednesday 3/5- Workshop #1 (3:15-5:15 p.m.) Introduction to Program & Workshops Wednesday 3/12- Workshop #2(6:30 p.m.) SAT vs. ACT - Determining which exam best fits your academic performance Thursday 3/20- Workshop #3(6:30-8 p.m.) Michael Turner FAFSA Talk @ MBHS Wednesday 3/26- Workshop #4 (3:15-5:15 p.m.) Financial Aid / Finding & Applying for Scholarships

30 College Prep Club Workshops April Wednesday 4/2- Workshop #5 (3:15-5:15 p.m.) Writing & Editing My Personal Statement Wednesday 4/4- Workshop #6(TBD) First College Visit Wednesday 4/9- Workshop #7(3:15-5:15 p.m.) Post-College Visit Discussion

31 College Prep Club Workshops May Wednesday 5/7- Workshop #8 (3:15-5:15 p.m.) Completing the Common Application & College Interviews Friday 5/16- Workshop #9(TBD) Second College Visit & Mock College Interviews Wednesday 5/21: Workshop #10 (3:15-5:15 p.m.) Post-College Visit Discussion/Summer Programs & Internships

32 Questions?

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