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AbroadEssay 美国留学经验交流会 Xinyu Nan- University of Florida Mike Ge- Duke University.

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1 AbroadEssay 美国留学经验交流会 Xinyu Nan- University of Florida Mike Ge- Duke University

2 Who We Are U.S. College Students AbroadEssay Team

3 Duke University #1 Biomedical Engineering Program in US #8 Ranking University in the US Internationally focused Over 600 Study Abroad Students (10%) –Undergraduate, Biology Grad, Chemistry Grad, Engineering (electrical, chemical, mechanical, biomedical, civil) Grad, Computer Science Grad, Economics Grad, Fuqua MBA, Duke Medical School, Nicholas Environmental School, Public Policy Grad

4 University of Florida Public Ivy league school Top 5 building construction program in the country (Rinker School of building construction) Well known engineering and business program Material Science 8 th, Nuclear Engineering 10 th Marketing 8 th Admission Rate : 42.1% Host more than 6000 international students each year.

5 What we will cover today Basic Admission Standard Application Process Importance of Personal Statement Writing Tips and Suggestions

6 U.S. Universities admission is based on: A)GPA B)Test Scores C)Personal Statement D)All of the Above

7 College/Graduate School Application Most colleges in China High test score=Acceptance Low test score=Rejection  Most colleges in U.S. High test score= Low test score=

8 College/Graduate School Application MIT graduate School Requirement: Applicants are evaluated by their academic records, application essays, letters of evaluation and any other pertinent data they submit. While high academic achievement does not guarantee admission, MIT expects such achievement or other persuasive evidence of professional promise.

9 What is the U.S. College Admission Standard?

10 U.S. College/Grad School Application

11 Which of the following admission part is related to academics? A) Work Experience B) GRE Scores C) Volunteer Experience

12 U.S. College/Grad School Application Academic - GPA - Standardized Test (TOEFL, GRE, etc.)

13 Graduate School Tests –GRE (grad school) Some programs may require subject tests (check department) –Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Literature, Math, Physics, Psychology –TOEFL –LSAT (law school) –MCAT (medical school) –GMAT (business school)

14 Average GRE Score Columbia Verbal: 529 Quantitative: 773 Cornell: Verbal: 607 Quantitative: 770 Dartmouth: Verbal: 561 Quantitative: 768 Harvard: Verbal: 555 Quantitative: 768 Princeton: Verbal: 626 Quantitative: 731 University of Pennsylvania: Verbal: 531 Quantitative: 753 Yale: Verbal: 522 Quantitative: 743

15 U.S. College/Grad School Application Non-Academic –Research Experience –Work/Internship Experience –Extracurricular Activities –Awards –Other Experiences (Volunteering, etc)

16 Application Cases Case 1 Major: Chemistry GPA: 3.56 GRE:1280 - Published several research papers - Invent a new nanoparticle Accepted by Harvard University Case 2 Major: Architecture GPA: 3.45 GRE: 1200+ - Internship Experience at Beijing Institute of Architecture Design -Involved in a Olympic construction projects Accepted by Berkeley, Princeton, and Columbia University

17 Mike’s Personal Example -SAT:1400+ -GPA: 3.7+ -Varsity Tennis 3 Years -Florida Academic Challenge: 2 nd Place -Math Society: Treasurer -Volunteered over 300+ hours tutor kids

18 Application Essays Most required application essays Personal statement Resume or CV Recommendation letters Other essays required by specific schools

19 How many recommendation letters do colleges usually ask for? Question

20 Application Tip Spend significant amount of time and effort on writing and editing your application essays

21 Survey What year are you in college?

22 Application Timeline Freshmen Year -Start to learn about study abroad information -Constantly improve your English Sophomore Year -Start to get involved in extracurricular activities and research/work experiences -Prepare for standardized tests

23 Application Timeline Junior Year -Finish all the standardized tests -Select the schools you will apply -Start to prepare for application materials Senior Year -Finish all the application -Make final decisions

24 Importance of Personal Statement

25 Personal Statement What is it? –Single most important writing document that college admission officers look at. How long American students spend writing it? –1-3 month (Brainstorming Writing Editing) –Ask 3-4 people to edit it (professors, peers, professional editors)

26 Personal Statement: Importance 9/10 Admission Officers from Ivy League Universities say that Personal Statement is the difference maker when 2 applicants have similar grades and test scores

27 Personal Statement Objective To demonstrate your writing ability Sell yourself and explain why you are a good match to the program Describe your experiences Opportunity to talk directly to admissions committee –Call attention to important parts that might be overlooked

28 Common Topics Academic Objectives –Why do you plan to attend grad school? –What do you plan to do with the degree? MIT –Why do you want to pursue a graduate degree in mechanical engineering? Why MIT instead of other schools?

29 Common Topics Career Plans –Where do you see yourself 10 years from now (long term/short term)? Harvard –What do you plan to do with your degree in biochemistry? Do you wish to pursue a career in industry or education? Why?

30 Survey How many people have written a personal statement before? If so, was it difficult for you?

31 Writing Difficulty & Editing Importance No set writing format nor standard Hard to prepare / no set application essays writing class Miscommunication between applicant and admission committee

32 Common Writing Mistakes Structural Misinterpret the purpose or topic –Because of cultural differences Lack of specific personal or social experiences that set the applicant apart Language used either too boastful or too humble

33 Common Writing Mistakes Technical Grammatical mistakes Poor word choice Sentence structure and word flow Excessive wording and information

34 What should you NOT include in your personal statement? A)Personal Experiences B)Excessive grades & test scores C)Your future goals and vision D)None of the above

35 Abroadessay Example Essays 修改过的例文

36 Writing Tips/Suggestions Understand topic and requirements of essay Be honest and sincere Do not apologize or bring up your faults –Never bring up failing a class, getting a bad grade on a test and explaining it Focus on your positive qualities without exaggerating Mention your future vision and plan in your field

37 Xinyu’s Medical School Personal Statement -What qualities a doctor should have? Study ability, Compassion, and Responsibility -Selected three experience to demonstrate these qualities Work in pathology lab, Volunteer in the hospital, and work for a clinical research project -Sincere and Interesting

38 Recommendation Letters Letters of Recommendation –Permits committee to think of you as a person –Quality rests on quality of relationship with professors Make good impressions Make research contacts with faculty Seek out experiences setting you apart –Letters from employers can be included Info on your duties and aptitude, motivation and quality of work relating to field of study

39 We Can Help You: AbroadEssay Website: Geared toward Chinese students Team Advisor-Dr. Lawrence Boyd from Duke University

40 We Can Help You: AbroadEssay Work Team –Editors from top universities (Harvard, Princeton, UPenn, Duke, other Ivy League Universities) Vast writing and editing experiences Understand college admissions process and writing Educational writing, scientific writing, university newspaper, recreational writing Editors with experience in many majors –Engineering, Math, Computer Science, Biochemical Sciences, Political Science, History, Economics, International Studies

41 We Can Help You: AbroadEssay Helped over more than 300 students last year to get into American Universities

42 Our Services Essay Evaluation Full Editing Service (2-5 days) –Personal Statements –Recommendation Letters –Resumes –Scholarship Essays –Research Proposals Repeat Editing Service (3X revision) Brainstorming Service

43 Advantages Native English speakers Copious editor comments with reasons justifying corrections Detailed editor reflection and suggestions for the essay

44 Contact Us Mike Ge –Duke University –Email: Xinyu Nan –University of Florida –Email:

45 Good Luck! Special Thanks To: –Beijing University –Yafa –Duke University –University of Florida –YOU

46 Q & A

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