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D. H. Conley High School Underclassmen Parent Night September 23, 2014 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm.

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1 D. H. Conley High School Underclassmen Parent Night September 23, 2014 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm

2 Contacts Contacts Graduation Requirements Graduation Requirements Announcements/Special Programs Announcements/Special Programs College Courses College Courses Online Courses Online Courses NCVPS NCVPS PCSVA PCSVA Standardized Testing Standardized Testing NCAA Clearinghouse NCAA Clearinghouse College/Academic Progress College/Academic Progress Registering for Next Year’s Classes Registering for Next Year’s Classes Contents

3 Counselors A-D------------------Karen Pumphrey E-K ------------------Courtney Yates E-K ------------------Courtney Yates L-R------------------Kelly Wynne S-Z ------------------Colleen Roughton Seniors --------------Brad Grampa Career Development/Special Pop Coordinator -------------------------Susan Mendell Administrators Principal -------------------------Mr. Don Marr AP --------------------------------Mrs. Ashley Wheeler AP --------------------------------Mrs. Nikki Miller AP --------------------------------Mr. Reed Potts AP/Testing Coordinator -------Mr. Norman McDuffie Contacts

4 Content AreaRequired # of credits English 4 credits English 4 credits Math 4 credits Math 4 credits Science 3 credits Science 3 credits Social Studies 4 credits Social Studies 4 credits Healthful Living1 credit Healthful Living1 credit Art1 credit Art1 credit Concentration4 credits Concentration4 credits Mini - Concentration2 credits Mini - Concentration2 credits Electives5 credits Electives5 credits TOTAL28 credits TOTAL28 credits Future Ready Core

5  English I  English II (EOC)  English III/AP Language  English IV/AP Literature ◊ Each English offers an Honors level to students  All Honors & AP English classes require Summer Reading English Language Arts

6 Math I (Alg I) – EOC Math I (Alg I) – EOC Math II (Geometry) Math II (Geometry) Math III (Alg II) Math III (Alg II) Adv. Math (AFM, Precalculus, etc…) Adv. Math (AFM, Precalculus, etc…) ◊ Grade 8 Alg. I counts as a high school graduation requirement for Math - must make a level 3 on EOC ◊ Does NOT count towards students’ GPA. Mathematics

7 8 th grade Algebra I/Math I8 th grade Math ● Biology (EOC)● Earth/Environmental ● Honors Biology (EOC) ● Honors Earth/Environmental ● Chemistry● Biology (EOC) ● Honors Chemistry● Honors Biology (EOC) AND/OR AND/OR AND/OR AND/OR ● Physical Science*● Physical Science* ● Earth/Environmental ● Chemistry ● Honors Earth/Environmental● Honors Chemistry ● AP Earth/Environmental (APES) ▫ ▫ Must have passed Honors Chemistry AND Honors Biology * Will not satisfy requirements for UNC system admission Science

8 Social Studies 1. World History (Standard or Honors) – 9 th Grade 2. Civics & Economics (Standard or Honors) – 10 th Grade 3. American History I (Standard or Honors) AND 11 th Grade 3. American History II (Standard or Honors) OR 3. Honors Turning Point in American History AND 11 th Grade 3. AP US History

9 * Required for graduation * CPR Certification (will receive in course) * Pre-Req for Weightlifting and Advanced PE HEALTHFUL LIVING I Health & PE

10 Must pass 4 courses in one of the following areas:  Career and Technical Education  JROTC  Arts Discipline - (Band, Chorus, Dance, Art, Vocals)  World Languages  Advanced Placement  College Courses  English, Math, Science, Social Studies-Excludes courses that meet graduation requirements Concentrations

11 Listen for announcements!  Stay in touch with your COUNSELOR!  Check the DHC website for News  D.H. Conley Student Services website:  Be sure to read the newsletter each month! Copies are posted in each homeroom, each teacher’s room, student services, outside of cafeteria, and online.  Phone Messages will be sent out about events ANNOUNCEMENTS

12 Resources  College Resources –  College Averages of SAT Scores & Enrollment Info As Updated by NC.EDU  Financial Aid –  SAT registration –  Scholarships –  NC Dept. of Ed – Resources

13  Teen Court  Teen Leadership  Distinguished Young Women/Junior Miss  NC Governors School  HOBY  UNC (Heels for Success, Project Uplift, Catalyst Conference)  Summer Ventures in Science & Math  Clemson C-Cats  Broyhill Leadership Conference  Shelton Leadership Challenge AND MANY, MANY MORE!! Special Programs

14  Unweighted GPA of 3.5  4 units of English and Math  3 units of Science  4 units of Social Studies  1 Health/PE Unit  1 Art Education Unit  4 electives in a Concentration  5 Higher level courses taken 11 th and 12 th grade to include either Honors, AP, or College Courses  2 Foreign Language Credits NC Scholars

15  Students who qualify for this special recognition:  Will be designated by the State Board of Education as an NC Academic Scholar and will receive a seal of recognition attached to their diploma.  May use this special recognition in applying to post- secondary institutions. (Candidates are identified by the end of their 11 th grade year) More information is located in the Reg. Guide on page 20 NC Scholars Cont’d

16  Students can take classes at Pitt Community College (dual enrollment)  Must be sixteen years old  Must be a Junior or a Senior  Must have transportation  Must have 3.0 GPA at time of registration Students see Mrs. Mendell Career & College Promise/PCC

17  Online program  Open to students in grades 9 – 12  Offered both semesters  Offers Standard, Honors and AP courses  AP courses are year long  Courses only available to students if:  Course is NOT available at DHC  Course is needed for graduation  Course does not fit into schedule at DHC NCVPS Courses

18  First year – Trial year  Honors level ONLINE courses  Current courses offered: AFM, Pre-Calc, American History I, American History II, Earth/Environmental, Chemistry, English III, and English IV  IF all goes well this year, more courses will be offered next year  Prefer students who have previously taken an Honors course – However, if student wishes to up their rigor, they can participate  Course can count as part of course load or can be an additional course (5 th course). Can take multiple courses at a time. Can take at home OR in lab at school. PCSVA Courses

19 What are your needs and interests? Post-Secondary Plans

20 START RESEARCHING INFORMATION ON SCHOOLS AND PROGRAMS NOW!! What should I consider?  College  Military  Community College  Workforce

21  Remember important dates, times and locations  PSAT OCTOBER  SAT ALL YEAR  ACT ALL YEAR / Given at school for JUNIORS in FEB or MAR  PLAN – OCTOBER  WORKKEYS – DECEMBER (for early grads), February (for all other grads)  WORKKEYS – DECEMBER (for early grads), February (for all other grads) KEEP TRACK OF THE CALENDAR!

22 What is the PSAT? What is the PSAT? - Practice SAT What does it test? Skills Measured: * Verbal reasoning * Math reasoning * Writing PSAT – October $ Free for ALL 10 th grade students $ -Juniors & Non-DHC Students-50 spots (JUNIORS MUST SIGN UP IN GUIDANCE) PSAT/NMSQT

23 Critical Reading Math  Expanded to cover Alg II Writing section – actual essay Scores 200-800 each section We suggest: SAT - 2 times during Junior Year 3 rd time fall semester of Sr. Year (if necessary) 3 rd time fall semester of Sr. Year (if necessary) Sign up at Cost:$51.00 SAT (4 Year College/Univ)

24 What is the PLAN? - Practice ACT What does it test? - English- Usage, Mechanics, Rhetorical Skills - English- Usage, Mechanics, Rhetorical Skills - Math- Pre-algebra, Algebra, Geometry - Math- Pre-algebra, Algebra, Geometry - Reading- Passage details, drawing conclusions, comparisons and generalizations - Science- Biology, Chemistry, Physics All 10 th Grade Students Take – October 29 th PLAN

25 English, Math, Reading, Science - All sections weighted equally Writing is optional – most colleges require that you take it Without Writing - $35.50 With Writing component - $52.50 * if taken outside of DHC March/April - All Juniors will take the ACT- FREE!!! ACT

26 What is the WorkKeys? - Job Skills Assessment What does it test? - Reading for Information - Locating Information - Applied Mathematics ALL SENIORS MUST TAKE!!! Early grads will test in December Early grads will test in December All other seniors will be tested in February All other seniors will be tested in February Students can contact Ms. Susan Mendell for a Career 101 login to access sample tests, career profiles, learning style inventories, etc. Students can contact Ms. Susan Mendell for a Career 101 login to access sample tests, career profiles, learning style inventories, etc. Workkeys

27 College Sports Ruling Body  High School students wishing to play sports in college must register with the NCAA Clearinghouse by the end of their junior year.  Students must have a specific GPA, test scores, and number of core classes to be eligible. * Most students will have the core classes as a part of their graduation requirements here at DHC Please visit: to view the informational packet for details. To Register: Visit the NCAA Eligibility Clearinghouse: NCAA CLEARINGHOUSE


29  Register for challenging classes  Narrow down your list of colleges  Visit colleges in the summer  Start writing drafts of your college essays  Practice writing resumes  Talk to your teachers about recommendations  Take the SAT/ACT/PSAT PREPARE FOR SENIOR YEAR

30  Grades (GPA) in College Prep (Honors and AP) courses  Strength of the curriculum taken  SAT/ACT  Essay  Class Rank  Extra Curricular - Quality NOT quantity TOP 6 THINGS COLLEGES LOOK FOR:

31 3 TYPES:  SCHOLARSHIPS OR GRANTS  LOANS  WORK STUDY  College Fair – Oct. - Greenville Convention Center 100 Juniors - Must Sign Up In Student Services  Financial Aid Workshop – D.H. Conley High School FINANCIAL AID

32  Enhancing your Resume - Curriculum Choices - Grades, GPA, Class Rank - SAT, ACT, WorkKeys scores - Extra-curricular Activities - Recommendations - Resume - Volunteer/Community Work - Special Programs - Scholarships Received Student Seminar coming this year on High School Resumes Planning Ahead!

33  Junior year GPA is very critical in the college admissions process  Course selection  Extracurricular activities  Summer Programs MONITOR ACADEMIC PROGRESS

34  Review GPA, class rank, and credits earned.  Check your transcript for errors.  Contact counselor if you discover an error or need clarification. Review transcript!

35 R – Responsible A – Accountable P – Professional EMPOWERING STUDENTS TO RAP Tutoring Available: RAP - Students must have their planner signed by tutoring teacher to be able to go After School – Upon Student Request to Teachers Students need to ask their teachers where and what days tutoring is held

36 Beginning in February-March  Students will receive and fill out their blue registration card:  They will then bring it home to you to review and sign  They will then bring it to meet with the counselor  Counselors will review & make sure classes are what each student needs to remain on track for graduation  NOTE: Counselors will follow teacher recommendations for CORE CLASSES IF NOT OTHERWISE SPECIFIED BY STUDENTS AND PARENTS. Registration


38 COURSE CHANGES: We will approve changes for the following reasons: 1. Moving up in rigor 2. Student has not met the prerequisite 3. Student has already taken and passed the class 4. Teacher recommendation 5. If desired course is listed on the registration card 6. To balance schedule REGISTRATION CONT…

39  Talk to your son/daughter about their plans for the future  Track their progress regularly  Talk to teachers and counselors with any concerns  Attend Open Houses  Learn all you can about what it takes to get into college  Be supportive  Provide them with additional support or help if necessary  STAY INVOLVED!!! WHAT CAN YOU DO AS A PARENT?

40 Please contact us:252-756-3440 9 th – 11 th Grade A – D ----- Karen Pumphrey – E – K ----- Courtney Yates – L – R ----- Kelly Wynne – S – Z ----- Colleen Roughton – Seniors Brad Grampa ---- Career Development and Special Populations Coordinator Susan Mendell ---- QUESTIONS?

41  ESL – Karen Pumphrey  Special Programs – Karen Pumphrey or Brad Grampa  504 contact – Kelly Wynne  Online courses (PCSVA, NCVPS, Odyssey Ware) – Colleen Roughton  PCC courses/WorkKeys/Special Pops – Susan Mendell  Scholarships – Brad Grampa QUESTIONS?

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